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Best and worst shoes for petite women

Updated on December 12, 2012

Some shoes are super flattering for the petite body type while others are not so hot. Shorter women are aware of their height issue and want suitable fashion to help them looker taller than they actually are. A woman that dresses well will attract lots of positive attention from both sexes. Shoes are important pieces because they can make or break an outfit. This hub talks about the best and worst types of shoes for petite women.

What are the most flattering styles?

Basic pointy nude pumps with skinny heels – This is the ultimate pair of heels for a petite woman. High heel shoes lengthen the legs through the added height. Nude color pumps will lengthen your legs even more because they are the same color as your skin; they act as an extension of your legs. Furthermore, shoes that are pointy at the front will lengthen your whole figure even more. All of these factors together will create the ultimate illusion of a taller you. These pumps are highly recommended for petite women.

These heels are not very comfortable, but super flattering for the petite frame.
These heels are not very comfortable, but super flattering for the petite frame.

D'orasy high heel sandals – Shoes that show a lot of skin tend to elongate your figure. The classic D'orasy cut sandals are timeless and flattering for a small frame. The famous woman's shoe designer Manolo Blahnik is known for his classic D'orasy sandals in many different colors and designs. When you want to look your best for an evening event, a little black dress and a pair of D'orasy cut sandals are the safest choices.

Hidden platform pumps – Walking in heels all day is very uncomfortable for most women. Shoes that boost your height are just not as easy on your feet as tennis shoes. Hidden platform pumps decrease the steepness of high heels and make the arch a lot more tolerable for lots of women. These shoes are so much more comfortable than heels without platforms. For petite women, you can conquer new heights with hidden platforms.

Nude pointy flats without much decoration – No one can wear heels everyday; flats are cute alternatives to the rather uncomfortable heels. There are many flats on the market today that cater to petite frames. The most flattering ones would be nude pointy flats without much decoration. Again, these shoes will lengthen your body visually.

Which shoes are not so hot for petite frames?

Shoes with ankle straps – Ankle straps will make your legs look short and stumpy. The horizontal straps at the ankles defeat the purpose of heels and make you look even shorter than you actually are. These are definitely not recommended for shorter women. However, nude straps that are very close to your skin color is okay to wear. Some women prefer shoes with ankle straps because of the added stability that these straps provide.

These pumps are gorgeous, but the black ankle strap will cut the length of your legs.  However, you can create a straight line for yourself with black tights.
These pumps are gorgeous, but the black ankle strap will cut the length of your legs. However, you can create a straight line for yourself with black tights.

Booties that are cut straight at the ankles – Booties are very popular in fashion lately. It seems like every woman has at least one pair. However, these fashion darlings are not exactly flattering for a petite frame. When a light skin petite woman wears a pair of black booties that are cut straight at the ankles, these shoes will literally cut the length of her legs visually. Petite women should make their legs look as lean and long as possible. However, nude booties are okay to wear and booties that are cut at an angle exposing part of the feet are okay as well. See picture below for a better explanation.

These booties by itself will make your legs look very short.
These booties by itself will make your legs look very short.
These booties show part of your feet and are okay for petite frames.
These booties show part of your feet and are okay for petite frames.

Round toe with chunky heels – Chunky heels are very popular because they are comfortable for most women. It makes the shoes much more stable. However, it has a heavier look that weighs the wearer down. For a petite frame, anything excessively heavy should be avoided. Round toe is cute on a taller body but they don't flatter your small frame.

Gladiator sandals – Gladiator sandals are very popular for a while now. These are not exactly flattering for a small frame. These heels are mostly cut straight at the ankles. Therefore, they shorten your legs.

Tall Gladiator sandals – Tall gladiator sandals are regular gladiator sandals on steroids. They are great for a tall and lean figure. Petite women should stay away from these particular shoes.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago has the best petite sized heels for women with shoe size 3 and above

    • Matty Fernandez profile image


      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Wow I'm petite and I never paid much attention to shoes. I love high heels, but I love shoes no matter the type. I enjoyed the hub.


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