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Shop Your Closet And Save Some Cash

Updated on May 2, 2017
Source: Bing Free to use and share
Source: Bing Free to use and share

Women's Fashion & Clothing Styles That Are Right In Your Closet

By Sharon Stajda,

Is the lagging economy racking havoc on your wardrobe? Are you finding it harder and harder to justify spending money on new trendy cloths? However, you love fashion, and are somewhat of a trendy girl. Well, you may not have to look very far for those trendy fashion outfits you crave. Plus, you don't have to spend a ton of cash to get some of this season trendy new fashion looks. First of all do you have a closet that is bursting at its seams with loads of clothes of every kind? I am sure like most women you do. I am sure you have caught yourself saying on many occasions "I don't have anything to wear". Hey, don't feel guilty like millions of other women, you are not alone in having a closet full of clothes, but feel as if you have nothing to wear. However, many women will admit to recycle the same 10 outfits over and over again. Which is sort of ridiculous, when you think about it?

Check Out The Clothes In Your Closet

When was the last time you really took a good look into your closet? I mean really started moving clothes about, and assessing what you have in that closet? Do you shop, then tuck things in your closet, and find that many fashions items you have purchased have actually never seen the light of day? I will be the first to admit. I find it very frustrating to stand in my closet which is full of clothes, yet think " I have nothing to wear." It's hard to pinpoint the problem, it comes down to one of two things. Perhaps I am wearing the same things all the time, or I shop and add more and more fashions that I just don't wear. Either way I still find myself looking at a closet full of clothes in the morning, and having no idea what to put on? Therefore, I grab one of my "regular outfits" so to say.

Are You On A Fashion Budget ?

With money tight, its hard to justify needless clothing shopping. However, I love fashion, and I am not only drawn to classic fashions, that can be worn from year to year. I love a good trend. With a reduced clothing budget, I had to come up with a solution to my dilemma. Therefore, I decided to shop my closet before I head out shopping my local stores. I made up my mind that I could 'keep up' with the latest trends in fashion, and not break the bank doing it.

Before You Organize Your Closet - Please Consider These Few Wise Fashion Tips

First , Keep any fashions that are considered as classics. Such as sheath dresses, the little black dresses, the tailored trouser, simple sweaters, turtlenecks, simple fitting skirts, you get it. Keep accessories such as belts, scarves, camisoles, and vests. These fashion staples will help in creating new trendy outfits from year to year. You may add a new item or two, and use one of your classical item's from your closet to create smashing new looks. I also suggest keeping any item's of clothing that can be easily layered,and always keep clothes that you love, and just love wearing. Usually clothes you love are your very own "signature clothes". Hey, people that love you want to see you in those clothes, they are always keepers.

Why Not Donate Your Slightly Worn Clothes ....

.. | Source

The first steps in setting up your own little closet boutique - It if does not fit, donate it to charity...

Time To Check Out Your Closet

Time to organize, downsize, and realize. Yes realize, that I had in the past made some pretty bad choices on my shopping trips. The two sizes too small cocktail dress, that I was sure would fit in a couple of months or the oh so short leather mini, that actually I pretty much knew I would never wear. You get the idea, if 'you' are buying on a dream, forget it. Buy fashions that fit, and that you are sure you will be able to pull off actually wearing. I know it's hard to part with all of those fashions that at one time or another you really thought you loved. However, donate them to a good charity.

When organizing my closet, I found to many fashion impulse buys. Therefore, I moved them out. They were just taking up space. I totally down sized by ridding my closet of thing, I just knew I was not going to wear. " I guess you might say, "wake up and smelled the coffee".


Now Sort Your Shoes

Up next, shoes, I sort of draw the line at shoes, and keep it very simple. Any shoes that are worn out, toss out. Shoes that need to be polished and cleaned, clean them up. Donate shoes that you never ever wear. Keep any shoes you love and wear.

The worst is over. You have edited your clothing, the hardest part is over so put it behind you. You are now familiarized with your stock, and then you are open for business.

Time To Make An attempt To Put An Outfit Together From Your Closet

Make an attempt to put together a couple of outfits from your closet, new looks, not something you have ever worn before. Now that all is organized you will be surprised how easy it will be to construct a couple of outfits right from the racks.

It's time to really think about your budget - Don't spend more than you can afford.

If Your Budget Permits, You May Buy A Few New Things

First comes first, can you afford a few new pieces of clothing to complete a few new combined outfits ( Combined outfit - is an outfit made up from item's from your closet, plus a brand new item of clothing). If your budget will only afford you two new combined outfits, stop and think about your lifestyle. Are you in need of cloths for a business, career or perhaps you are a stay at home mom and live in jeans? Choose new purchases carefully.

Time to do some leg work - Leg work - This is where it can get fun...

Do You Need Those Shoes


So, What Do You Really Need?

My advice to you, stop your closet, and contemplate what clothing will help your existing wardrobe. Do this before actually deciding what purchases you want to spend your hard earned cash on. Buy a couple of fashion magazines, study them well. Mark pages that you found wonderful fashions that caught your eye.

Now, have a second look at those earmarked pages ...

Consider - do you have any piece of clothing that the model is wearing in your very own closet? Not literally, but similar ( for instance, black trousers). You get the idea. Think what attracted you to the outfit in the first place, was it the pants? Most likely it was a blouse or the handbag, maybe it was the shoes?

The trick of shopping your closet - know your stock - Can I combine new and old fashion to create a new outfit !

While Shopping Really Think What You Have, And Don't Get Caught Up Buying Something Similar To What You Have

Again think, do I have a shoe that resembles the shoe in the photo , and you also may actually have a similar top. Oh yeah, I guess that leaves the handbag! Hey ladies, you have just shopped your closet, and saved out of pocket money.! You have created a great new look, just by purchasing a handbag.

The trick of shopping your closet know your stock. Only purchase fashion items that can be mixed and match, and layered with pieces you already own. Layering, mixing it up can give you your very own signature look.

Bring In A Truthful Friend

Invite a friend to help you shop - We all know when we go shopping, there is nothing better than having a friend along.

A friend which has style, and honesty you admire, and trust. A second set of eyes might just spot a few outfits in your closet that you passed over. Therefore, have a friend visit your "Closet Boutique" to help you assess your clothes. She also can help you pick out some new purchases that will enhance your existing wardrobe, and use her honesty to keep you from making old mistakes. I am talking to unrealistic clothing mistakes.


Just Curious?

Will you give closet shopping a try?

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