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Accessorizing A Sheath Dress

Updated on May 1, 2017

Add A Boyfriend Jacket For A Chic Business Look


A Sheath Dress Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

Article By Sharon Stajda

Actually a sheath dress is a smart investment for any budget minded woman. If you have a sheath dress in your existing wardrobe you're one step ahead of the game, a sheath dress can provide you with a good clothing staple which to build other outfits. The sheath styled dress is a timeless classic dress style, in fact it is one of the top ten fashions that truly defy time. Therefore, if you don't own at least one sheath dress, you should consider adding one to your wardrobe.This season layering continues to be a solid fashion trend. A sheath dress provides a perfect starting point when building an outfit using the concept of layering.The sheath dress is a very classic style, and is one of the easiest dress styles to accessorize. A well placed scarf or a strand of pearls can really make a sheath dress into an especially attractive chic outfit. The runways at New York fashion week showed tons of the sheath styled dresses, layered in various ways. Lots of cute cropped cardigans in bright colors were added over simple sheaths, worn with a pair of chic cut out bootie shoes or a sassy gladiator high heel. To complete the look the models dangled over sized handbag from their fingertips.

The Little Black Dress


The Versatile Sheath Dress

The sheath dress is versatile, and can easily take you from work to a night out on the town. The sheath gone casual? Take that same sheath dress, add a flat gladiator sandal or ballerina flat. Top it with a casual big ethnic scarf, and a large tote. You are set for lunch with the girls or just a walk in the park.

Turn Your Simple Sheath Into A Smashing Outfit !

Do you have a basic solid color sheath that could use a bit of an update? Just add a print jacket/blazer or a colorful sweater . You won't believe how a simple print or colorful sweater will transform a simple sheath into a very polished outfit.

Dress Up A Simple Sheath By Adding A Print Jacket


A Sheath Dress Can Serve You Well As An Office Look ...

Want to change up your workplace look? Add a great boyfriend jacket to a sheath dress. A boyfriend jacket can be used to pull off a very chic sophisticated look.

Jackie Kennedy - She certainly new how to accessorize a classic sheath dress.


The Classic Three Strands Of Pearls

"Jackie's" favorite dress style was the simple Sheath. She had such a flare for fashion, and certainly knew how to accessorize a sheath dress. She was most often seen wearing her signature three strand white pearls.

If It Were Me - And I shopped my closet for the dress - I might just purchase a great scarf or a shawl.


How About A Smashing Scarf

As a rule I have shoes, handbag, and jewelry to add to an outfit. If I were going to spend some cash to zip up one of my sheath dresses. I might consider purchasing a smashing a scarf or shawl.

Scarfs and Shawls can be worn in so many ways. I think the purchase of a scarf or shawl would give me a bit of bang for my buck.

I Bet You Have A Few Sheath Dresses In Your Closet

Shop your closet for a sheath dress : Hopefully you have a basic sheath dress. If not, a sheath dress would be a smart expenditure.

Check Out Your Closet For....

Before you think of purchasing accessories to compilment your sheath dress, have a good look in your closet. Most women have all kinds of goodies tight in their closet that will help create a great new look for a sheath.

Cropped cardigan



A cute pair of Shoes

Oversized Handbag.

Clutch handbag

Ethnic scarf


Selection of shoes

Check out your closet inventory - Then figure out if you really even need to purchase any new fashion accessories.


Matching Shoes and Handbag Can Really Dress Up A Simple Sheath

A simple styled sheath dress can be become a very chic outfit by adding a fabulous pair of shoes and matching handbag. Also, a glitzy shoe and handbag can take you to a dressy affair.

Shoes And The Sheath Dress


Shoes And Handbags

Matching Shoes and Handbag Can Really Dress Up A Simple Sheath

A simple styled sheath dress can be become a chic outfit by adding a fabulous pair of shoes and matching handbag. Also, a glitzy shoe and handbag can take you to a dressy affair.

I find that most women have tons of shoes, and handbags in their closets. So, if you have a perfect pair of pre-owned shoes and great handbag in your closet use them. By doing this you will really save cash. Instead of purchasing a brand new pair of shoes, consider buying a scarf or cardigan. Items such as these will cost less as a rule. Much less than a new pair of shoes or a handbag.

Tip- So, if you have a sheath dress, great cardigan, and ethnic scarf, then go ahead and buy a pair of shoes or a new handbag with your allotted fashion money.


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    • Sharlee01 profile image

      Sharon Stajda 22 months ago from Shelby Township Michigan

      If you have any tips on how to accessorize a sheath dress, please share.

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