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Short Hairstyles For Men and Women with Thick, or Curly Hair | Ideas For A Unique Hairdo

Updated on December 1, 2013

Short, Funky Hairstyles for Men : Men's Hairstyle Tips

Short Hairstyles for Men

Short hairstyles for men come in various forms and these days it seems that it has become quite a rage with many men choosing to wear their hair cut shortly. One can say about a man and his style only by looking at his haircut and the clothes he chooses to wear. There are men choosing to wear a classic short hair while others will opt for a more unique hairstyle.

If you are still searching among the various styles not knowing which one will suit the best, you need to consider the face format and then opt for the right style. Some of the most popular short hairstyles for men are described down below. Let's take a look at them and see which one can be the best for you:

* The buzz haircut is the short hairstyle for men that presents the hair cut shortly to your scalp and for this reason it is known as skinhead. To make sure that you understand how this one looks you should see the military men who wear the same hairstyle. There are different styles to be attached to this haircut where the addition of bangs can bring a different look to your face. Fades will confer you the feeling of control over the style of your hair.

* Another short hairstyle for men comes in the form of Caesar cut which replicates the style of Julius Caesar where the hair is styled in a horizontal straight fringe. It counts among the most popular hairstyles for men who choose shortly cut style.

* Business man cut goes mostly for those men who are more for the conservative style. It comes in a tapered form at the back on the sides conferring your face a clean and decent look which is usually adequate for the working environment. However, it goes perfectly for special events as well because you can style it in various formats to accommodate your needs.

* Faux Hawk has been and still is a preferred short hairstyle for men, but it is not the choice that accommodates all face formats, so before you opt for this style you should consult with a hairstylist and find out whether is the right one for you. It comes with cutting short the hair on the sides (but not shaved as it is with Mohawk style) while allowing you to style the rest if the hair so that it looks like a traditional Mohawk. Women also choose this style especially if their face allows them to.

* Choosing the fade short hairstyle for men implies cutting the hair closely in the back and on the sides while beginning to taper upwardly. You will find this style coming under variations know as Brooklyn Fade, Philly Fade, Low Fade, Temple Fade, and the Flat Top Fade.

There you have it: several short hairstyles for men to choose from. The factors that will guide you to the right style are: face format, the length of the neck as well as the size of your chin and forehead.

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Short Hairstyles for Women

Not many women consider choosing from among the diversity of short hairstyles for women for the simple reason that they wouldn't; know how to wear this type of hair cut. On the other hand, you will find those women favoring the short cut for the reason of having their looks refreshed making them chase away a few years out of their overall appearance. It is true that short hairstyles for women will come with more suppleness of the face features making a woman look younger, so why not give it a try?

Keep in mind that an outfit can be perfectly adjusted to any type of hair cut either it is an elegant outfit or a casual one. Some of the most favorite short hairstyles are described down below:

* The Pixie Cut - it is a short hairstyle for women that made its appearance first in the late 60s when Mia Farrow appeared with her hair cut in this style. It seems that these days it has made its comeback with many celebrities favoring it. As such we see some of the most famous stars wearing the pixies: Michelle Williams, Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Kyra Knightley, and Carey Mulligan.

The beauty of this short hairstyle lies in that it can be worn both in a perfectly arranged style and in a messy style. It can go just fine on all sorts of hair textures, from thick and wavy to straight and soft. But when it comes to the face format, it is not recommended for the round face format.

* The Layers - is that type of hair cut that looks great for all sort of face formats and for any type of hair length. It can bring more volume for a thin hair texture not to mention that it is easy to maintain enabling you to go easy on your hair regardless of the moment of the day. If you favor a short hairstyle for women you can as well adjust the layers to the top and on the sides adding more texture while counting among the trendiest hairstyles ever.

* Do you know that Bob Cut is again a trend these days? It comes mostly in a slightly longer format having fringed bangs. Generally speaking, this short hairstyle for women is adjusted according to the retro look and confers a softer image of your overall aspect. Victoria Beckham is an example of a new look for bob cut wearing it in the style known as The Posh. She is the one to have brought this style to those women who are fan for bob cut style while they copy it for both their short or medium hair cuts.

All these short hairstyle for women are seen as the trendiest styles for all those women who want to imprint their look a fresher appearance. If you count among these women, don't be afraid to choose the style that goes perfectly for your face format consulting also with your hairstylist if you have one. If you do not have one, then choose the style that your hair can be adjusted to while giving your face a younger look.

Thick Hair

There are many women who have hard times with finding a short hairstyle for thick hair. When they finally decide to stick to one, they have hard times with dealing with that chunk of hair that seems not to find its place. This article will reveal some tips that can help you deal with this type of hair so that you will love to take care of it in the future:

* If you have thick curls, a short hairstyle for thick hair may be the solution to this type of hair so long as you have found the right style along with those products that can allow you tame the curls. At this point it will be important to find the professional who can assist into taking care of your short hairstyle. The stylist can as well choose the short hairstyle for thick hair that suits your face shape, because this is an essential factor in the choice of the hairstyle. Other factors that play a great deal of importance are: body size, height and age.

* You can always choose the hair products that are formulated to thin the texture of your thick hair in such a way that you will be better off when taking care and maintaining it properly. However, you are recommended to use these products with a lot of caution because some of them may create hair damages while with other cases, leading to balding. Again the advice of a professional hairstylist who has earned a reputation can help you with the right choice.

* Another tip related to dealing with short hairstyles for thick hair is to stay away from conditioners and waxes because they can lead to making your hair even much thicker and looking coarser.

* In the event your thick hair looks frizzy you may use the blow dry or you can consider having it ironed because in this way you can shape it out more successfully.

* You may have another option where you can grow your hair to that length that will diminish the hair thickness, have you thought about this? Yes, as unbelievably as it may seem, short hairstyle for thick hair can become at some point harder to maintain when compared to the long hair especially when this one is of a coarse texture.

* It is important to know how you will use your short hair since on this fact will depend whether or not your hair will appear as blessing or a curse for you. You just need to find the right hairstylist, the right products to tame your hair and you will be able to achieve that look that you have always been after.

Curly Hair

If you are interested into changing your looks while getting tired of that long curly locks you may want to resort to one of the short curly hairstyles available to choose from. Keep in mind that a short haircut is usually easier to maintain and take care of. Our advice however is to never consider straightening the natural curls of your hair because you can damage it very quickly.

Many people with curly hair are tempted to see their hair as a more difficult to maintain type of hair, but with the short choice you can overcome this problem. Several hairstylists can guide you into the right direction but since you are here, you can keep on reading and find out more about your choices in this respect. There is one more thing that we need to add prior to presenting your options: always make sure that your curls are properly taken care of washing and shampooing them on regular basis.

* One option of short curly hairstyle may be the one with uniform layers at the top, the back and the sides if your hair is very think in texture. It comes as a great option for an elongated or oval face. With this style you shouldn't have to worry that much even if you happen to be out there on a windy weather. It is the style that shows a natural messy hairstyle without having to bother too much, especially if you have small and tight curls.

* How about a more formal hairdo of your choice for the short curly hairstyle? You remember the way Marilyn Monroe used to wear her hair? This is indeed the type of hairstyle which confers your face a sexual and sleek look. You can take care of it by applying hair gel or mousse in order to manage it in an easier way. However, as you have probably imagined this short curly hairstyle accommodates the best a big curls type of hair or those women having wavy type of hair. It is the hairdo that goes perfectly for special occasions.

* Women with thick hair can try the layering all throughout which will set your face in softer frames while the volume of your hair along with its body are left at the upper side of your head. It comes usually as a fun style for girls who attend both formal and casual events.

* Having loose curls can as well influence the choice of your short curly hairstyle opting as such for the bob cut. Many women won't look towards this option with good eyes given the way bob cut goes smoother with the straight type of hair. But if you want to confer your look a bolder appearance complemented by a sensual touch, you can as well choose bob cut as one short curly hairstyle with the condition that your hair is of the loose curls type.

* Last, but not least, the large wavy type of curls can accommodate better a funky and sleek hairstyle. You can have the edges of the sides and back shortened in a wispy style with bangs being swept on the side. It confers a cooler aspect and for this fact is more adequate for young ladies.


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