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Fun, edgy, feminine short hairstyles / haircuts that rock!! - pixie, bob and more

Updated on January 13, 2012

Many women fear short hairstyles because they think that long hair defines their femininity. While it is true that long hairstyles attract more attention from the opposite sex, short hairstyles will work on some women that know how to rock it properly. For women over forty, short hair can look better and more appropriate than long hair. This hub lists several very fun, edgy and feminine short hairstyles that you can consider.

Posh spice or Victoria Beckham's blonde asymmetrical bob – This short hairstyle is great for women of all ages. It is very edgy, feminine and trendy. If you have oblong, oval, heart or diamond face shape, you can tell your barber that you want the posh spice or Victoria Beckham's trendy asymmetrical bob. Those with round faces should not attempt this hairstyle because it tends to make the face appear wider.

Super short, pixie hairstyle for a very delicate woman – This short hairstyle is very trendy but will only flatter some women. You need to have delicate small features / face for this super short pixie hairstyle. If you have wavy or curly hair, this hairstyle is more suitable because it tends to appear more feminine.

Mid length bob that frames the face – this bob is suitable for many women because it is medium short. Most women can rock this hairstyle with confidence. It frames the face very well and make you appear trendy yet feminine. However, this hairstyle tends to visually length the face which oblong face shaped girls should avoid.

Mid length bob with bangs – Mid length bob with bangs are flattering for women with oblong faces. Any hairstyle with bangs will flatter a long face. If you have an oblong face shape, the mid length bob with bangs is especially gorgeous on you.

Flat top hairstyle for a super confident women – This hairstyle is very short and is a statement all by itself. You should be very confident and assertive to wear this hairstyle comfortably. If you have oblong, oval, heart or diamond face shape, this hairstyle will be okay for you face. However, you would still need lots of confidence to rock this hairstyle properly. Don't be afraid of attention because people will look at you and your hair.

Emo side swept short hairstyle for women – Emo side swept short hairstyle is great for a rocker girl. It makes you look very edgy and appropriate for the style that you are going for. This hairstyle is very versatile as well because it flatters all face shapes.

Although this hairstyle is on a guy, but it will look very good on a girl as well.
Although this hairstyle is on a guy, but it will look very good on a girl as well.


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    • profile image

      Journey 4 years ago

      I love the hairstyle the guy has its hot

    • SopranoRocks profile image

      SopranoRocks 6 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

      I love this hub. I am more of a rocker chick looking for a different hairstyle that isn't too kiddie (I am in my 30s). I have been losing a lot of weight and really look forward to a shorter cut. I especially like the first one. Thx!

    • toys-everywhere profile image

      Rachael C. 6 years ago from That little rambunctious spot in the back of your mind :)

      I've never been brave enough to go for a short style, mainly because I have a little round face (LOL), but I always admire the women who rock them.