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Woman's Guide: What to wear if you have short legs?

Updated on October 22, 2011
Hyori Lee (Korean star) openly admits that her legs are short and that she never takes off her high heels.
Hyori Lee (Korean star) openly admits that her legs are short and that she never takes off her high heels.

Lots of women have short legs. When you have short legs, your legs appear to be shorter than the upper body. It makes you look shorter than you actually are. You should try to hide this imperfection because it makes your look out of proportion. This hub is a guide to help hide your short legs by wearing the proper clothing.

High waist empire dress – high waist empire dress can create the illusion of longer legs because it creates a false waistline for you. The dress needs to be loose on the bottom because figure hugging tends to reveal your short legs.

Belting the waistline – If a dress don't have a defined waistline, it can make you look pregnant. However, this problem can be easily solved with a belt that defines a waistline for you. Most short legged girls tend to be on the shorter side as well. You should complete the look with a skinny belt instead of a chunkier one. For a tall short legged woman, you should choose a slightly chunkier belt for a more balanced look.

Short tops – shorter cropped tops are the best to elongate your frame. You can wear a cropped blazer or jean top during colder seasons.

Low, mid or high heels – heels can easily elongate your frame. If you are short legged, you should try to wear heels whenever possible. Chunkier heels are easier for women to wear because it provides better balance. The heels have more surface area which will make you more comfortable throughout the day.

Cute scarf belt with boyfriend jeans (not too loose, dark wash) – a cute colorful scarf belt can draw attention away from your legs. It tends to bring the eyes up to the scarf and not emphasize short legs. However, this is a very cute girly style. If you are not into girly clothing, you should go for something else. It is always good for chooses jeans that are not low rise because it will reveal your short legs. A pair of mid rise jeans is the best choice for a short legged lady.

No light colored pants – never wear any light colored pants, period. Here is the reason, it will make those short little legs look even bigger horizontally which will make your legs look very short. It doesn't matter if the pants are tight or loose, don't wear it. Tight pants reveal what your legs look like while loose light colored pants draw attention to your legs.


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