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A style guide for short petite skinny girls / women

Updated on October 26, 2013

7 easy tips for petite girls

Salma Hayek (5'2") looks stunning in this empire waisted dress
Salma Hayek (5'2") looks stunning in this empire waisted dress

Lots of girls are not blessed with model like height or figure. This guide is for those that are on the shorter side (less than 5'4”) and on the skinner side (without the most desired hourglass shape). If dressed appropriately, a short petite girl can look very classy, cute and desirable as well. Here is list of the type of clothing that works best for your body type.

Empire waist dresses are your best friend. This give you the illusion of longer legs which most short girls are lacking. By having longer looking legs, you are also extending your height. Pair it with a cute pair of high heel shoes and the look is complete.

empire waisted wedding dress is perfect for a short girl
empire waisted wedding dress is perfect for a short girl

Shorter tees – the longer tees will make you look even smaller. A shorter tee brings the attention to your face which you need. Your tee should be a lighter color as well to give the illusion of a bigger taller body. On the other hand, a dark colored short tee must be paired with a light pair of pants to not make you look very short.

pair this short black tee with lighter color pants
pair this short black tee with lighter color pants

Big stripes – Big horizontal stripes on sweaters and tees will give the illusion that you are bigger than you actually are. However, this is only for the short and skinny girls. If you are short but with curves, DO NOT attempt this one. Get some light colors and pair it with boot cut jeans. In general, the smaller you are, the bigger the stripes should be. Also, girls that are skinny but with big boobs should not attempt the stripes sweaters or shirts.

Short shorts or short skirts – These will show off your skinny legs and make them look longer. You should only attempt these if you have straight nice legs. Those that are slightly thicker legs should wear a pair of black leggings to hid that fact and make yourself look tall overall.

short shorts are great at showing off legs
short shorts are great at showing off legs

Fitted short blazers – Choose short fitted blazers will definitely enhance your overall look. You should get the ones that are slightly shorter than average if it doesn't have a defined waistline. Petite girls have less defined waistline can get either a short blazer that fall just above the hips or one that defines the waistline. This will create a very feminine and professional look.

Heels – This one should be obvious because they are essential for enhancing your height. Choose heels that are appropriate for your feet. For example, if you have larger feet than others, choose round toed heels can make them look smaller. On the other hand, pointy toes will make the feet look longer. Those with wider feet should choose a style that is comfortable for them and hides that fact that the feet are wider than average.

Skinny jeans – These are made for skinny girls. If you are petite but on the larger side, you should not attempt this one. They are especially flattering for a girl with straight skinny legs. Instead of wearing flats with them, always wear them with heels. In the winter, wear a pair of dark skinny jeans with stilettos. And in the summer, wear a pair of light colored skinny jeans with high heels sandals.

Boot cut jeans – Out of all the jeans styles, the boot cut is most flattering on a short and skinny figure. The flare jeans should be avoided because a short figure will be not able to balance a big flare bottom. It makes you look like you are dragging extra weight. Here is one exception: if you have wide shoulders, flare can balance you out.

Sun dresses – Sun dresses are so good for summer because it is very pretty and fitting for the season. For a short and petite girl, it is so essential to choose the ones that are most flattering for you. Here are what you should look at when selecting one: small flowers, shorter length, and ruffles near the chest area and a full swingy skirt.

Oversized top – The oversized top is in right now and a lot of women are wearing them. They sometimes pair it with a pair of legging and flats. Shorter and skinny women can do the same except they HAVE TO wear a pair of heels. The oversize top is very flattering on a taller girl but can weigh the shorter girls down. You should also choose a lighter color when wearing oversized top.


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    • profile image


      3 months ago

      Some good tips and content here. However, overall I found your use of language very degrading to shorter people, and very offensive article in parts. Saying that shorter women "can be" desirable etc. Life is not all about having long legs! You should be mindful of how you write in a public forum, you can have helpful content without the underhanded tones and degrading language.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      i m vry happy aftr reading dis ol,,

      i m short and skinny, i used 2 wory abt my look, bt aftr dis, i m gona buy ol the cloths, which u hv mentiond abv,,

      thanq vry much, 4 the grt advice

    • princesswithapen profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Jin

      Great Hub! You've got some great tips for women who are not tall. However I do think that Blazers and Boot Cut Denims are not ideal shorter women. Blazers tend to give you a cramped look while boot cut denims are, well just out of vogue at the moment. Besides these two, your tips were spot on and made sense. Top tips I must say.



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