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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About The Silicone Scar Sheet

Updated on July 19, 2009

Silicone Scar Sheet

An Overview Of The Silicone Scar Sheet

A silicone scar sheet, or silicone "skin," is a thin, self-adhesive sheet that can help expedite scar healing and fading without surgery. When applied directly over clean skin, it imitates the skin organ’s natural barrier function. Properties of silicone have been observed to hydrate scar tissue, soften it, and therefore aid in reducing the healing time of scars. Presently the silicon scar sheet is being widely used for treatment of old burn scars or scars from cosmetic breast surgery. It is, however, gradually being introduced by doctors for the treatment of a wider variety of scars. It is now being considered for the treatment of acne scars, which are more visible than other wounds, causing great distress and lower self-esteem for people.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Use Of A Silicone Scar Sheet

Question: What is a silicone scar sheet?

Answer: A silicone scar sheet is made of paper coated silicone and an adhesive backing. Most sheets come in large squares, which can then be trimmed to fit over and around the scar area. There are also sheets that are shaped especially to go over certain body parts, like the breast.

Question: What kinds of scars are caused by acne?

Answer: Acne is a common problem for people with highly sensitive skin. Sometimes people resort to drastic measures of removing acne, and this leads to wounding and eventually, deeper scarring. The level of scarring could range from slight discoloration (atrophic macules), small raised lesions (follicular macular atrophy), to large, depressed valleys on the face (depressed fibrotic scars).

Question: Which scars can be healed by a silicone scar sheet?

Answer: Ideally, silicone sheets can help soften the appearance of hypertrophic (raised) acne scars or keloids. It has no established effect on depressed scars yet.

Question: How is a silicone scar sheet used for treating acne scars?

Answer: Ideally, a large sheet can be cut to fit the face, and then worn like a facemask. Sheets are usually washable and reusable for up to seven days.

Question: Is the silicone sheet applied directly over bare skin?

Answer: Yes. The area on which the sheet is to be applied has to be clean, and free from any topical product like ointments, creams, sunscreen, lotion, or makeup. Otherwise it would fail to adhere properly and administer the healing properties. It can cause slight irritation from initial use, but there are no established long-term side effects.

Question: What results can be expected from using it?

Answer: Improvement of the appearance of scars can appear within four to eight weeks depending on the gravity of the scar. Some products recommend using it up to eleven weeks for maximum results. The end results vary for different users. The effects of silicone for facial acne scars are not as documented as results for breast and burn scars, so there are no definite statistics yet. It will help in lessening the protrusion or size of the scar, but to completely erase scars, laser surgery or other procedures might be required.

Question: Can a silicone scar sheet be used on an open or healing wound?

Answer: No. The silicone sheet is only effective for scars that are dry and have healed. It can only help in lessening the disfigurement caused by a healed scar, not in healing a wound or cut.

Question: Can the silicone scar sheet be used on an old acne scar?

Answer: Yes. Silicone sheets are effective even for scars that are years old. They can help in softening the appearance and lightening the scar color to match the user’s skin tone.

Question: Is the scar sheet really safe for facial skin?

Answer: Facial skin is much more sensitive compared to the rest of the body, but silicone and the adhesive on the sheet is generally safe for use on this area. It does not contain medication, latex, gluten, fragrance, and other chemicals that can irritate the face. The slight irritation that might be caused by using it comes from heat or moisture, which can accumulate under the sheet. This can be remedied by allowing the skin to breathe at intervals before reapplying the sheet.

Question: Can this silicone scar sheet be bought at the drugstore?

Answer: Yes, the silicone scar sheets are available at the pharmacy without prescription or by order. Usually they come in boxes of several large sheets that can be cut up to fit the scar area. However, it would be a wise precaution to consult the doctor or dermatologist before using these sheets. Individuals have unique medical histories and it is necessary to fully determine whether they are safe to use, or if they will have any effect at all on the person’s acne scars.


It is essential to gather as much information as possible before attempting to use a silicone scar sheet for acne scars. Consult reputable websites, medical professionals, and read and understand the instructions on the package very well.


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    • emiliaholloran profile image

      emiliaholloran 6 years ago from New Zealand

      It's interesting, scientists don't actually know how the silicone works to reduce scars but they do know it works. Weird. Some reckon it might be to do with the 'static electricity aligning the collagen skin strands to a more even and natural positioning.' Sounds like something out of a science fiction novel I tell you.

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