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Silk Panties

Updated on August 21, 2015

Panties are one item of clothing that are usually chosen for their comfort rather than for how they look. Most women would tell you that when their panties ride up and are uncomfortable, it can simply ruin the whole day. For day-to-day wear, a functional panty is much preferred over a wisp of cloth that threatens to fall off your body every time you take a step.

What women know as panties can also be called undies, pants, or knickers, depending on where in the world they are being worn, and are an item of clothing that is considered underwear or intimate wear. Panties are usually, but not always worn by women only. Silk panties can be comfortable, beautiful, and quite functional as well, according to those who wear them frequently.

The feel of silk against the skin can be an enormous turn-on for both women and men alike. Many women save their silk panties to wear whenever they know they will be seeing a special someone for a little intimate pleasure. Paired with a peephole bra or a matching bustier, silk panties can make one’s partner as hot as a firecracker. Others wear their silk panties underneath all their outfits, as they enjoy feeling sexy no matter what task they are trying to accomplish.

One of the few drawbacks to silk panties are the prices normally charged for them. These garments can be costly enough to be considered as a bit of a luxury by some women. There are different grades and varieties of silk, so some silk panties can be cheaper than others can.  In addition, you must know how to care for silk or that new pair of silk panties will not be fit for anything but a ragbag after they have been laundered along with other items in a washing machine.

Garments made from silk, especially silk panties, should be washed by hand in order to keep them looking good. Do not use bleach, or even regular washing detergent, as these may be too harsh for the silk fabric. Instead, use a cold-water wash liquid, or a bar of mild soap. Try not to wring out silk panties, as it can damage the fabric. Just make sure you have rinsed out all the soap and then roll the panties up in a towel to absorb any excess water that is left in the garment. Never place your silk panties in a clothes dryer! The excessive heat from a dryer has been known to ruin silk fabric, which is really quite delicate. Instead, lay the panties out flat on a clean towel to dry. This helps you to avoid having the panties come apart at the seams, or having the silk turn brittle and tearing.

Silk has an interesting history that began in the country of China. This is where silkworms were observed with strands of fibre, which they used to construct cocoons for their young. The Chinese were able to spin these strands into a beautiful, soft fabric that was cherished just as much as fine gold or silver. Today, silkworms are cultivated much like a crop of wheat or oats. The worms produce the fibres in captivity, and these fibres are turned into silk, which is used to make silk garments of all kinds, including silk panties.


Generally, when you go to a shop to purchase silk panties, you will discover that they are made out of different types of silk fabric. Crepe de chine is also known as silk crepe, and is fashioned out of tightly twisted silk yarn. This type of silk normally is available in several different weights.  Most of the silk you will see that silk panties and other silk garments are made out of is called Charmeuse. It is generally a medium weight fabric, and is chosen for its versatility and ability to wear well if cared for correctly. Another type of silk is called Chiffon. Chiffon is a soft fabric that is quite sheer, and this silk is sometimes used for certain types of lingerie.

Silk panties come in many styles, and most of these feature unabashedly sensuous styling. The bikini, thong, and g-string panty styles are probably the ones most often seen that are made of silk. You may have to do a bit of searching in order to locate a pair of silk panties in the brief style, but they do exist. Choose the colour of your silk panties with care, especially if you will be “modelling” your silk garments in front of a significant other. You want a colour that will complement your skin tone, and if possible, a colour that will match any other garments that you plan on wearing. You can get around this obstacle quite easily by purchasing your silk panties as part of a set.

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