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Silky Smooth Leg Hair (And other things people don't want, but should)

Updated on June 23, 2010

How many shampoo and body wash commercials have you seen running on Oxygen or Lifetime lately? It almost always features a woman caressing herself lovingly in the shower as the hot water runs down her naked skin while a narrator talks about how their product will make all your dreams of soft, unaged skin or hair come true.

Then there are the shaving commercials for razors that supposedly won't make women's skin corse, but will still leave them smooth and hairless.

But what's this double-standard? Does she want hair, or doesn't she? Why shampoo some of the hair just because it's on your head, and shave off the rest like it's some kind of nuisance? Why don't women want silky smooth leg hair? Why aren't there commercials for products that promise to make your leg hair soft and supple to the touch, or to help it grow stronger and undamaged?

I always thought women were really into decorating things and taking care of their beauty, like trying to find the right clothes that fit their forms, or trying to put pretty flowers in their hair. If they grow out the hair on their heads and even grow out their finger nails, why not their leg hair? If you wait long enough, leg hair could grow to the point that you could put little barretts in it or dye it all sorts of enticing colors. Why not?

In fact, while we're at it, why don't women braid their armpit hair? When it gets to a certain length, especially if a certain amount of hairiness is in your genes, you could put cute little colored rubber bands on it or maybe even manage a french braid. Wouldn't that be something?

I suppose it's all in how you look at it. People tend to view leg and armpit hair as "gross" for whatever reason and maybe this social stigma makes women want to get rid of it. Or maybe it's too itchy? But I'm sure it's only itchy when it first grows out after being shaved because that's when it's at its most prickly, so maybe it's a vicious cycle where once you've conned the woman into shaving her legs once, the itchiness keeps her from ever stopping even though it would be much more comfortable once it grew out.

So, really, what's stopping women from cultivating a forest of leg hair? Seems like it's just social convention. What a poor excuse.


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    • ldparker10 profile image

      ldparker10 6 years ago

      haha. funny hub. i hope it wasn't too serious!

    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      So true. I think more women should really consider that when they are shaving their legs and pits They are not making a choice. They think they want to shave, but really it is society that would shun them if they didn't. If men don't shave, why should we?

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