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Simple Makeup Tips

Updated on December 27, 2015

However, there are many varieties of makeup and styling products that are available in the market. But there is no difficulty to study that what is the most simple makeup products and how you can use them? Using few advices and tricks you will see that how much makeup can highlight your best features and hide which is not favourable. Style your make up appearance natural. Superiority is always better than quantity. For making any recipe ingredients are necessary similarly for makeup some products are required.

Here we are giving a list of makeup things you will need:

v Good Lighting,

v Mirrors,

v Wedge Exfoliator,

v Makeup Brushes,

v Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer

v Concealer

v Powder (Loose or Pressed)

v Primer,

v Eyeliner,

v Mascara,

v Eye shadow,

v Lip-liner,

v Lipstick,

v Blush,

v Lip-gloss

v Moisturizer

Simple makeup steps:

Now, we are discussing about some makeup tricks, Keep in mind that there are so much difference between, night makeup, special occasions and day makeup. Night makeup is more strongly highlighted but at no time very heavy or covered on the stronger colors. Day makeup is bright and colored with neutral colors. Special occasions take more and special items like liquid liners, false eyelashes, and highlighting under the eyes for example look at the celebrities in the award functions.

1. Setting the foundation:

It is an optional step, but for a long-lasting makeup try using setting powder to keep your concealer and foundation at place. Use fluffy and large brush to give coverage to the whole face in the most neutral and matching setting powder. it is useful to set a foundation and take off any polish that can make your appearance look dull.

2. Apply a highlighter:

If you want your face to look even more naturally glowing brighter, then you can use highlighter and shadows to give some depth. Use a cream or powder highlighter to brighten up the deepest areas of your face:

  • The inside corners of your eyes,
  • In the center of your cupid’s bow
  • Underneath your eyebrows, and
  • On the tops or sides of your cheekbones.

You can use your fingers or a small highlighter brush to apply the highlighter.

3. Apply the Bronzer:

If you want to appear sun-kissed, apply a bronzer as well. This is mostly used during the night makeup. You must avoid using this during the day, because of poor lightening. Only large and fluffy brush is used for bronzer. Spin the brush in the product, hit the brush so some product comes off and then start with your cheeks. Sweep the brush up and down starting at the outer part of your cheek, working your way in. Repeat on the other side. Then finish with your forehead, chin, and neck.

L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush Of Light Glow Palette Sunset Glow
L’Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush Of Light Glow Palette Sunset Glow | Source

4. Apply the Blush:

Giving a blush on your face provides a youthful glow with dewy finish. Smile and apply or blush on the apples of your cheeks. Most important thing during blushing is that only use a large, dense and fluffy brush. This is the final step to preparing your face for next step. The color of the chick varies from person to person then use blush to give a pink color to your cheeks. Apricot and pink color for blush is more suited for Indian skin tone.

5. Fill in your eyebrows:

This step is optional, if you have sparse or thin eyebrows then fill your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil. Select a color of brow pencil or powder that matches with your natural hair color. Outline the edges of your eyebrows, and then fill in the center with a bit of color. Use only short strokes in the same way of your hair growth.

6. Put on your eye shadow:

For a basic eye, simply smear a base shade on the lid of the eye and then apply a darker contouring shadow in the crease. Make sure to merge it all very well. There are many ways to apply eye shadows, use of single color as an eye shadow over the eyelid is identified as most classic and basic look.

By using eye shadow brush, start from the center near your lash line and mixing outwards. You can also apply a second and darker coat for giving a most dramatic look in ‘C’ shape from the outside corner of your lash line up to the top, outer ⅓ of your eyelid crease.

  • Your eye shadow should never go all the way to your eyebrow.
  • If you use multiple colors of eye shadow, always be certain to blend them together.
  • The key to get perfect Smokey eyes is proper blending.

7. Apply your eyeliner:

The purpose of eyeliner is to provide the impression of a completer lash line; therefore, select a color is similar to your natural hair color. Apply eyeliner to lids. There are many different way to apply eyeliner. You can use cat eye, basic eye, Smokey eye and many more. You can use black, purple, brown, blue, or green color eye pencil.

  • For a basic eye, only apply liner to the upper lashes and the lower lashes.
    • For giving smudgy look, use an eyeliner pencil, or create a shiny and smooth look by using cream or liquid eyeliner.
    • Create a dashed or scattered line transversely your lash line, and then join the spots to create a full, continuous line.
    • You simply need to follow your lash line from the inside corner to the outside corner.
    • On special occasions use eyeliner to your bottom lash line to make a much darker or bolder look.

8. Finish off eye makeup with mascara:

To complete your eye makeup, mascara is required. There are several mascaras available depending on the look you want;

  • if you have short lashes, use mascara that will add length, or
  • If you have thin lashes, use volumizing mascara.

Dip the brush in the mascara once and lightly wipe off the excess onto the edge of the container or a newspaper towel. Start with the inner part of your way and work your way outward. Never drive your mascara brush in and out of the mascara, as this cause’s air pockets. You can add a coat of mascara to your bottom lashes, but this can make your eyes seems darker. Avoid more than two coats.

Trick: A) A good trick for creating your lashes look fuller is to apply a coat of baby powder between coats of mascara and this will give a bit of volume and length to your lashes.

B) Use a plastic spoon to easily apply mascara on your bottom lashes without getting any on the skin under your eyes.

9. Finish your makeup with Lips:

Last but not least! Apply lip balm, sealer or primer to give smoothness Apply lip liner. Line your lips with a liner that matches your lip color. Sharpen your lip liner, and line around the natural line of your lips. Just dab the lipstick on your bottom lip and rub your lips together for just a hunt of color. Apply lip gloss or lipstick with the use of brush on your lips of your choice. Start in the center of your lip, and blend the color outwards. With the end of your lips makeup, your look is finished!

So, these are the simple beauty and makeup tips. For getting your skin in fresh and tip top shape, follow the above makeup tips. I hope you will find this article helpful and informative.


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