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Sirtuins Act On Aging Skin To Reverse Skin Damage

Updated on April 19, 2018
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) | Source


Anti-aging sirtuin treatments act on skin cells to prevent and reverse signs of aging. Sirtuin activating compounds formulated into creams and serums can be applied topically (externally) to the skin to repair wrinkles, lines, and leathery-appearing or sagging skin.

Definition: What are sirtuins?

Sirtuins (sir-TOO-ins) as they relate to skin care are anti-aging protein enzymes that assist in repairing skin cell DNA damage, act to increase the length of time a skin cell is viable (able to keep alive), and act to increase the production of collagen (skin firming fibers) in the skin. The sirtuins ability to help skin cells function properly and to increase skin cells lifespan can delay or reverse signs of aging.

Ren Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream (50ml)
Ren Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream (50ml)

Sirtuin replenishing cream makes skin appear fuller, plumper, and firmer. Restores elasticity and combats premature aging. Intensively hydrates pre- and post-menopausal skin.


History: What is the origin of sirtuins?

The catalyst that prompted increased efforts over the past decade to study the effects of aging has been late-age-related conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteporosis, and cancer. Research on sirtuin protein enzymes made its appearance around 2005 and began with simple laboratory organisms (yeast). Sirtuin research progressed to the discovery that a 30-percent reduction in calories consumed in the diet actually increased the production of sirtuins which allowed cells to stand against damage and live longer. As persons may not choose to tolerate a 30-percent restriction in their diets, topical sirtuin activating creams and serums have been developed to be applied externally to the skin to prevent and reverse aging.

Body Elements: What parts of the skin do sirtuins affect?

There are seven sirtuins (SIRT1 through SIRT7) found in the human body. SIRT1 is one type of sirtuin that is known to counteract signs of aging. This sirtuin protein enzyme is found acting on the cells in the body to prevent aging, repair DNA, an improve cell metabolic functioning. Sirtuins increase the longevity and functioning of collagen-producing fibroblasts. These fibroblasts, found in connective tissues, create collagen proteins that form fibers that support and bind (or firm) the structures of the skin.

Remede Wrinkle Therapy Moistue Lift Baume-5 oz.
Remede Wrinkle Therapy Moistue Lift Baume-5 oz.

Reverses cells damage, lifts the skin, and reduces lines and wrinkles with its EGF proteins, MMPi's, and sirtuin enzymes. Restores collagen and elastin fibers. Also contains shea butter, glycerin, mango butter, white water lily extract, jasmine, sunflower seed oil, ambrette seed extract, myrtle leaf extract, and vitamin C.


Functions: How do sirtuins reverse aging?

Sirtuins heal damaged skin by repairing breaks in the DNA found in cells. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is present in every cell in the body and contains the genetic blueprints that also determine the characteristic appearance of an individual's skin. In addition, DNA has the ability to copy itself into a new cell (self-replication) and does so on a continual basis. Sirtuin protein enzymes attach themselves to the sites of damage and DNA breakage in skin cells to heal the DNA break site. This is important as defective repair of DNA, for the skin cells themselves as well as when they replicate themselves, is often the cause of premature aging.

Sirtuins will also keep cells alive for a greater length of time. Sirtuins regulate the body's circadian clock. The circadian clock is the inherent natural time clock that each person posseses to controls the body's metabolism as well as the aging (timing) process for each individual cell in the body. Keeping skin cells alive longer allows them to continue to function as they should by providing proper skin texture as well as support for skin structures.

microscopic view of collagen fibers
microscopic view of collagen fibers

Audience: Who would benefit from a sirtuin activating skin cream?

Premature skin aging results in persons due to conditions in their environment such as sun exposure (photoaging), extreme dry or humid weather exposure, air pollution exposure, smoke from tobacco exposure, and even exposure to cosmetics that have not been dermatologically tested for safety. All of these exposures can result in damage to the DNA of skin cells for which sirtuin protein enzymes are a key factor in repairing.

The loss of collagen, particularly in the face, begins around the age of 25 in the average person but becomes most apparent around the age of 50. Again, environmental factors can result in premature aging of the skin. Sirtuin protein enzymes have the ability to repair DNA damage and encourage collagen production.

Estee Lauder Time Zone Line And Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF 15 Normal And Combination Skin, 1.7 Ounce
Estee Lauder Time Zone Line And Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF 15 Normal And Combination Skin, 1.7 Ounce

Exclusive sirtuin EX1 technology and tri-hyaluronic complex reverses aging to an amazing degree, promotes cellular regeneration, vigorously reduces lines and wrinkles.


Importance: Why use a sirtuin activating skin cream?

The topical (external) application of sirtuin activating anti-aging cosmetic skin treatment creams and serums is a good choice for persons who have determined that they have a loss of collagen in the skin or that they have been exposed to environmental factors which resulted in DNA damage to skin cells. A loss of collagen is witnessed by a lack of firmness of the skin (sagging skin), wrinkles and fine lines. DNA damage by environmental factors is witnessed by skin that appears leathery or has deep creases.


Sirtuins are anti-aging protein enzymes that assist in the repair of damaged DNA in skin cells, act to keep cells viable (alive) for a greater length of time, and act to increase in the production of collagen (skin firming fibers) in the skin. All of these attributes of sirtuins keep skin cells healthy, allow for firmer skin with fewer lines and wrinkles, and can prevent or reverse signs of premature aging.

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Anew Ultimate Night Age Repair Cream
Anew Ultimate Night Age Repair Cream

Made with Pro-Sirtuin TX technology, false daisy extract, and and Japanese hop. Repairs advanced age-related skin damage and makes skin more elastic with more volume. Also reduces age spots.


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