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Sister Pandora Charms

Updated on March 27, 2013

Pandora Sister Charms

Your Sister has a new Pandora bracelet but just not enough charms. At least not a Sister Pandora charm to represent you on the bracelet. Give here the memory of your time together with a Pandora Sister charm or a Pandora Sister bead to add to her bracelet of memories and beauty. She will wear it with pride and cherish it always. When she is asked about the charms on her bracelet she will happily tell them, "This one is for my Sister." If you have a sister and a Pandora charm bracelet, get yourself a charm to remind you of your sister.

Take a look at all the different ways to show your love for your sister. When you are done, drop a line in the comment section about your favorite or which one you decided to get and for whom.

Sisters Pandora Bead

Sisters Pandora Charm

Very simple, yet it says it all. Celebrate sisterhood with this Pandora sister bead for Pandora bracelets. She will love it, and it is a gift that will always be with her.

Rounded charms seem to work so much better on bracelets for active people. Rounded edges in a barrel shape make the charm turn and roll when the bracelet moves up and down your wrist. Sister by birth or sister by life, either way, this is a nice way to say thank you.

Authentic Biagi Sterling Silver Sister Engraved Charm for European Bead Bracelet

Big Sister Pandora Charm

Big Sister Little Sister Pandora Charm

Whether you are the big sister or the little sister, that bond is forever and this big sister Pandora charm will show that when you both wear your half of this two piece Pandora sister charm.

Sure, you picked on each other for most of your childhood, but that doesn't mean that you don't love one and other. It actually means that you love each other more than anyone will ever know. Yes, you taddled on her every chance you got, but this could make it up to her.

Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Big Sis Little Sis Heart Dangle Bead Fits Pandora Chamilia Troll Biagi

Pandora Sisters Charms

Pandora Sisters Beads

You do not have to be twin sisters to appreciate this sister Pandora bracelet charm. You and her side by side. Exactly wear sisters should be. This charm shows the unwavering bond you share.

This has to be the cutest of the collection. Little smiling faces that take you back to when you were little together. Help keep the memories of the best times.

Queenberry 925 Sterling Silver Sister Sis Two Little Twin Girl / Mother Daughter / Friendship / Love Bead f/ Pandora Charm Bracelets Troll Biagi Chamilia Story Jewelry

Get the Bracelet

Don't have a bracelet yet? Get this one and get started. These charm bracelets are a smash hit and go good with anything.

Sister Pandora Bracelet Charms

Sister Pandora Bracelet Beads

The most beautiful of the sister Pandora charms, this silver charm with crystals is as beautiful as it is memorable. Add a little bling to your bracelet. The crystals in this one really stand out. Anyone who sees this will know that you keep your sister close at all times no matter where she may be.

Barrel shaped to move well on the bracelet.

Queenberry Sterling Silver Sister SiS Cz Bead For Pandora Charm Bracelet Troll European Jewelry

Pandora Big Sister Charm

Pandora Big Sister Beads

This dangling Pandora Sister charm studded with pretty colored crystals will brighten up her Pandora bracelet. Add some color to her bracelet and let her know that you love your sister.

You know how mean she was when you were little, but as you grow older you grow closer. A big sister will be there for you no matter what. Show her that you appreciate all the things you learned from her growing up.

Pugster Pink Rose Crystal Big Sis Charm Beads Fit Pandora Charm Christmas Gifts For Sister

Pandora Charms for Sisters

Pandora Beads for Sisters

Either of these two Sister Pandora charms will add a nice touch to her bracelet for not a lot of money. The perfect gift for any occasion or no occasion. One stands out with the black inlay, and the other simple shiny silver. Both round charms will look wonderful on her wrist. She deserves it, right? Ok, maybe not, but it is a perfect inexpensive gift.

SS1001 tlf - Sister Band with Clear Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Silver Large...

SS1002 tlf - Antiqued Sister Band with Clear Swarovski Crystal - Sterling Sil...

Pandora Style Charms for Sisters

Pandora Style Beads for Sisters

Get the seperate big sis Pandora charms or get the split sisters Pandora Charm, either way you will bith have a charm to remind you of each other and let everyone else know that your sister is as close to you as it gets.

You have to have a pecking order. Split a charm between the two or just get labeled. You can be proud to be the younger of the two. She made it clear who was the big sister growing up, but now that age is the enemy, being the younger becomes the advantage.

Silver BIG SIS Sister Bead CHARM fits European Cable Bracelet

Big Sis and Lil Sis Sterling Silver Heart Bead Charms for European Bracelet

Silver LIL SIS Little Sister Bead Fits European Charm Bracelet

Bling Jewelry Pandora Compatible Charm Sterling Silver Hanukkah Bead Bracelet

Pandora Bracelets - How many charms do you have?

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