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6 Top Branded Skate Shoes for Kids for Under $50

Updated on December 12, 2014

Best Selling Skate Shoes for Kids

When it comes to buying skate shoes for kids there are a couple of things you'll want to bear in mind.

Firstly, know that skate shoes will take a battering, beyond the normal wear and tear of regular shoes.

Depending on the age of your child, they'll want to try out all sorts of cool skateboard tricks such as kick flips and ollies. You really don't want to be buying replacement shoes in a couple of weeks time, so keep durability in mind while you shop.

The second thing is that the sneaks have to look the business. If your kid rocks up to the skate park in pair of 'pretend' skate shoes, they won't be taken seriously. It's pretty hard to bounce back from damaged street cred. So, look for something stylish and branded.

Now the above points don't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the perfect pair. In fact the items in this guide are all highly popular, branded shoes that meet both requirements.

Let's take a look.

DC Skate Shoes for Kids - Kids Hi Top Skate Shoes

kids skate shoes
kids skate shoes

With the high top and chunky platform soles, these DC Rebounds have an old school look about them that just oozes coolness.

They're made from leather uppers with falter-free rubber soles which offer extra padding, comfort and superb grip. The high top design provides additional stability to the foot and ankle, protecting against painful ankle twists. The stitching on the shoes is solid as are the laces that accompany them.

These shoes come in a wide range of colors to suit boy or girl skaters from small child to big kid.

Great shoes for kids but do note that with the high tops there is an element of loss of flexibility. But if you'll have to weight up what features are most important to you - greater protection of the foot vs a little less foot flexibility.

Osiris Shoes for Kids

Osiris kids skate shoes
Osiris kids skate shoes

These Osiris Skate Shoes are another hugely popular and cool brand of skate shoe sporting the ultra supportive high top design.

The vulcanised soles on the Osiris NYC 83 are hard wearing and provide maximum grip and traction both on and off the skateboard. The comfort level on these sneaks is sky high with a moulded midsole for foot support, and a tongue and collar with enhanced padding (around about 1/2 inch in thickness), providing cushioning for the ankle.

Depending on your taste some of the color combinations are a bit too in your face - personally I think they've over done the whole 'hip hop' flavor thing with some of the designs.

Nonetheless, Osiris shoes for kids are supremely sturdy and highly durable. Great for children of all ages whether they're used for skating or fashion purposes.

Vans Shoes for Kids

kids vans shoes
kids vans shoes

What better way to introduce your kid to skate shoes than to start him or her off with a classic pair of Vans!

This pair might lack to fancy coloring that some of the other skate shoes featured here have, but these bad boys will forever remain ultra cool. The uppers of the shoe are made from a toughened canvas material and feature vulcanized soles for superior grip and traction.

The understated design also means that your child can wear them to school without getting hauled ion for wearing the wrong type of shoe.

If you're looking for a stylish and versatile pair of kids skate shoes with great foot flexibility, these Vans should be at the top of your list.

Etnies Fader Shoes for Kids

children's skate shoes
children's skate shoes

The fresh and funky designs on these Etnies Faders skake shoes make them a true pleasure to be seen in. They're designed extra wide, so you your child has broad feet, they'll really appreciate the style of the shoe.

Once again, the tongue and collar on these shoes have been enhanced so what you get are ultra comfortable shoes that will firmly hold your child's feet in place.

These shoes start off in toddler sizes and are also suitable for big kids too.

One thing to note is that some reviewers have said these shoes run on the small side. Be sure to compare your child's feet measurements to the measurements of the shoe. If necessary, opt to go for a slightly larger size - it's far better to line the shoe with insoles rather than a kid with squished toes.

eS Skate Shoes for Kids

skate shoes for toddlers
skate shoes for toddlers

eS shoes are simply beautiful looking skate shoes that ooze quality and style. They're a unique brand of sneaker that have a totally original street skater look about them.

The uppers on these eS shoes for kids are made from suede and feature vulcanized soles and cushioned footbeds which offers some comfort. Extra foot support is provided in the form of a padded tongue and collar.

Despite the extra padding on these shoes are a lot 'sleeker' than other types of skate shoe. They are designed to allow a greater degree of foot flexibility which is great when skating, and as a result have sacrificed bulk for manoeuvrability. As a result, they may not offer the level of comfort that other shoes offer. But that's nothing a good pair of insoles can't resolve.

If you're looking for something different to the usual suspects when it comes to kids street footwear, you could do no wrong with a pair of eS Square Ones. Great price, great shoe!

Kids Heelys Skate Shoes

kids heelys
kids heelys

Now this guide to kids skate shoes wouldn't be complete without reference to a pair of Heelys! You know, the shoe with the wheels housed in the heel.

These Heely Infernos have a classic skate shoe look with thick rubber sole and fabric uppers. They look pretty chunky but they're surprisingly lightweight. The wheel

The thing with Heelys is that you have 2 options: you can either where them and make use of the wheel functionality or you can take the wheels out completely and wear them as funky skate shoes.

You can of course leave the wheels in and use them as regular shoes, but as the wheel does not sit flush with the sole of the shoe, if won't feel very comfortable for long.

Great skate shoes for a very reasonable price that cool enough for little and big kids alike.

What do think about this list of top skate shoes for kids? Rate it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

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