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Skeleton Pajamas for Kids and Adults

Updated on September 9, 2014

Kids and Mens and Womens Skeleton PJs

Lots of skeleton pajamas! Cute on kids and funny on adults, skeleton pajamas in pink or black are fun for Halloween or any time of the year. Lots of them glow in the dark too!

I bought my older son a pair of skeleton pajamas when he was a toddler and he wore them until he grew out of them and now my younger son is wearing them. They look so cute and they're practical too as they glow in the dark so you can easily see your child if they need you at night.

Skeleton pajamas are not just for Halloween. We'll start small with baby skeleton pajamas and work up to adult sizes.

Black Skeleton PJs

These black skeleton PJs from Carter's have a really cute design.

If you look closely you'll see an orange spider web design with a spider.

Black works for boys or girls. Comes in a choice of kids sizes.

These PJs would work well as a Halloween outfit for a boy who's not too keen on getting dressed up or who finds fancy costumes uncomformable.

Girls' Skeleton PJs in Pink

Girls can wear black skeleton pajamas but some girls will prefer these cute pink skeleton pajamas.

These pink skeleton PJs from Carter's have a very cute design. As well as the glow in the dark skeleton there's a candy corn motif on the pajama top.

Perfect for going out trick-or-treating if you want an easy and comfy option for a little girl. And she'll just be able to climb into bed afterwards too!

Skeleton PJ Halloween Costume Ideas

Skeleton PJs are a great basis for a comfy and easy Halloween costume which is great value because you get to wear the PJs afterwards.

Yes, a basic skeleton works well as a Halloween costume, but you can get a bit more specific. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a paper mache dinosaur skull and tail to become a dinosaur skeleton - cool for kids (and adults) who like dinosaurs.
  • Add some accessories to become one of the characters from Funny Bones, the children's classic series of picture books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.
  • Add a black robe and mask to become Death from the Terry Pratchett's Discworld series of books.
  • Add a suit to become Skulduggery Pleasant from the series of older children's books by Terry Lundy.
  • Add some armor and weapons to be one of the LEGO Ninjago skeleton warriors.

Adult Skeleton Pajamas - Men and Women

The Japanese style Kigurimi skeleton pajamas are popular for adults. They make a cool costume for cosplay or a Halloween aprty.

A good choice for fans of Japanese culture and manga or anime.

Carters Skeleton Pajamas

Carters Skeleton Pajamas are often available on eBay either used or new with tags (NWT).

Look out for a one-piece skeleton romper bodysuit and also two-piece PJs for toddlers and bigger kids.

Gap Skeleton Pajamas

GAP is another quality brand that makes skeleton pajamas. There have been lots of pink designs for girls as well as the traditional black style.

Gymboree Skeleton Pajamas

Gymboree skeleton pajamas are also often available. Gymboree also have plenty of pink designs for girls as well as glow in the dark black.

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Skeleton Pajamas for Kids and Adults

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    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 6 years ago

      These are the coolest. Whenever I think about skeleton pajamas, I think of the guys that beat Daniel up in the original Karate Kid movie.