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Skin Care Routine

Updated on December 3, 2015

Being an esthetician, you get to see every skin type. So many people don't take the time or effort to cater to the needs of their skin, this can be for many reasons. Maybe a job is keeping you busy, then when you get home you have more responsibilities and it seems like your skin care is on the bottom of the list. Or some people just aren't aware of how important it is to have a routine and to actually spend time and effort on your skin. Both reasons are very common, and there are many others too. So I hope I can provide some insight on to why this is so important and how it can benefit you.

Before you do anything, you need to look at your face. Determine what the problem is, what do you want to fix? What is your skin lacking? What is your skin getting too much of? These are questions people don't know, or don't think to ask. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at a spa getting a facial and buying product, look here and I can provide some help with your issues!

Here are the basic steps to any facial:





There are many other steps you can add and some can be removed, but these are the basics. A simple bar of soap isn't going to cut it! So let's break it down.


It is important to cleanse always always always! Whether you are removing your makeup from the day, or just giving your face a fresh feel, cleansing removes the dirt from your pores which you wouldn't believe how built up they can get. To get a good cleanse, use enough cleanser to scrub around your face for a couple minutes. You don't want to just swish swash and rinse, you need to get in there and scrub! Focus on areas that can get built up easily or your problem areas, such as; around your nose (BIG ONE), chin, forehead, jaw line, hair line. Bring the cleanser down your neck and chest, too. Remember areas that can be sensitive or have thinner skin, such as; around your eyes (thin skin), under eyes and cheek areas. I have rosacea so my cheeks get super red and sensitive. Don't use too much pressure or scrubbing activity on these areas, but don't forget about them. Some people forget about their jaw line or hair line, which can lead to breakouts. I have this problem all the time, plus I sometimes miss the makeup in my hair line so make sure to get those areas, too. Once you have covered all areas of your face, rinse off. If you cake on the makeup, a second cleanse is a good idea to get it all out of the pores.


This is my favourite step! I'm a clean freak so I love the feeling when my face is so clean and smooth. You have to be careful exfoliating though. I like to use an exfoliant with tiny granuals and grits. Again, don't rush the process. Make sure to cover all areas, especially those problem areas where build up happens. Around the nose and chin are my big ones. Forehead sometimes too. As I said my cheeks get super sensitive because of my rosacea, so don't scrub too hard there if you're like me. Mature and aging skin love exfoliation. Essentially it's taking off the top layer on your skin, so those wrinkles will definitely benefit. Hense the smooth feeling afterwards. This is why you have to be careful, don't scrub too hard or too long. Your skin will tell you if it's too much, if it's stinging or painful, stop. Simple as that. Make sure to rinse well when you are finished, you don't want any little bits of exfoliant left over on your clean face.


Appling a mask should not be a part of your daily routine. This is a once a week or every 2 weeks step. Why, you ask? Masks are used to hydrate and lock in moisture, too much hydration will cause breakouts or other problems. It's best to do it a couple times a month or when you think your skin is in need of a boost. It's important to find a mask that is nourishing, hydrating and soothing. After you've cleansed and exfoliated, your skin is looking for all of this. Apply over the entire face, apply thicker to problem areas or the build up areas. (nose, chin, forehead etc). Every mask is different but I'd leave it on for 15-20 minutes, or until it starts to dry. (depending on the type of mask). You can remove with a warm wet towel, or wet facial sponge. The water will remove it so be patient, some can be hard to get off. It's important not to be too rough when removing. It's easy to get frustrating and start scrubbing or wiping it off too hard. Just use gentle circle motions, keep wiping with clean warm water.


Most important step. After you've cleaned out those pores and got rid of all the dead skin and build up, your face will be looking for some nourishment and moisture. If you've finished a mask, it's still important to lock in all that hydration you just gave your skin with a moisturizer. This is also where people can go wrong, and choose a moisturizer wrong for their skin, so make your choice based on your skin type. If you're oily or acneic, use a light weight cream that sets in quickly, you don't want to give too much moisture. If you're dry or mature, use a heavier weight cream that will last to give you that extra hydration. If you have rosacea or any other skin conditions, it's important to sooth the skin. A lighter weight cream would be my choice, but you'd have to try different products to see what soothes your skin. Lavender, cucumber and oatmeal are all great for soothing and cooling irritated skin.

And you're done! This should be a daily routine if you want to keep your skin under control. For the cleansing and exfoliating, I do it while I'm in the shower to make rinsing easier. Then apply moisturizer when I get out, and if it's time for a mask apply that before the moisturizer. For all of these steps, I apply with my hands. Make sure they are clean and no dirt under your fingernails. You don't want to be putting more dirt on your face when you are trying to clean it. I explained a bit about choosing an exfoliant and moisturizer, so if you want help choosing your other products see below.

Some people's main concern with skin care is the prices of the products. There are so many out there, what do you choose? For any product, the first thing you should do is read the ingredients. If there are things you can't even pronounce or have never heard of, or if the list takes up the entire back of the bottle, it's probably not a good idea. Drug store products are usually not a good idea, but I have had luck with Aveeno. It contains oatmeal and not as many chemicals, so my skin loves it. If you want to go that route, you'll have to use trial and error to find out what products work for you. But some people don't have the time or money for that. Another suggestion of mine is look for handmade products. Something local would be ideal, but Etsy has so many people selling their handmade, chemical free skin care products. A lot of them are very affordable, and your skin will thank you! Here is a list of ingredients that will help your skin type, this is only a few just to give you an idea.

Oily/ Acneic/ Problematic:

Citrus: purifying, fresh

Eucalyptus: purifying, cleansing

Tea Tree: cleansing, anti-bacterial

Dry/ Mature:

Rosewood: strengthening, calming

Sandalwood: hydrating

Rosemary: rejuvinating

Rosacea/ Skin Condition:

Oatmeal: soothing, calming

Lavender: healing, soothing

Cucumber: cooling, calming

Chamomile: soothing

Jasmine: soothing, calming

Neroli: soothing, calming

Feel free to ask questions, thanks for reading!


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