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Top 5 Skinny Cords

Updated on May 21, 2014

Cozy up to this cute, comfy style for fall & winter

Here in chilly Chicago, my winter wardrobe staples are cute winter boots, a long down coat, and skinny cords. Maybe it's just me, but straight-up jeans are not warm enough for the coldest months -- sometimes they even seem to conduct the cold a bit. Whereas skinny cords are cozy and comforting, more like a lounging pant that happens to have major style.

My favorite way to wear these pants is probably tucked into ankle or midcalf boots, but when the weather warms up they work just as well with flats or heels. Style tip: Pairing them with pointed toe flats makes legs look a mile long.

Here, my top five picks for skinny cords. Three of the five are in my closest, each in more than one color, and the others are styles I aspire to add :)

(photo: mine ~ Pilcro cords)

American Apparel

These were the first skinny cords I ever bought, and I collected them gradually in wine, navy & light grey. They're the warmest cords I own, so a godsend in single-digit temps. The rise on these is high, but don't be put off by the "unisex" idea -- they're great at hugging curves ;)

pilcro skinny cords
pilcro skinny cords


If you want true stretch cords, try Anthropologie's Pilcro cord leggings & other skinny cords. They've expanded from their usual fab solid shades to patchwork, paisley, and other patterned looks. Slim, stretchy, sleek & fun, these are my go-to pants for most of the winter. I'm embarrassed to admit how many I've collected these past few years, so let's just say "a few."

Liking leggings?

Anyone who says "absolutely not" is probably fighting a losing battle at this point, so let's break it down a bit...

Are leggings okay as (adult) pants?


I have these BDG cords in 2 colors, though not this year's version. Gotta admit I get a little frightened by the return of acid wash, but on the under-30 set not directly revisiting the '80s, it can look pretty cool. From my experience, the midrise is perfect -- super comfy but not frumpy. And the warmth is heavenly in the fall & winter.

modcloth skinny cords
modcloth skinny cords


Modestly priced fashion treasure-trove Modcloth offers its Team Player skinny cords in this awesome marigold color -- the shade of my fave sweater; love it with charcoal & heather grays. Or go with gray on the bottom & wear your brights on top (or on your feet :).

patterned skinny cords
patterned skinny cords

Michael Kors

On a walk yesterday a hip couple passed me with their dog, and the woman was wearing the coolest patterned skinny cords. Leave it to Michael Kors to upgrade this casual style into a trouser reminiscent of a high-end silk scarf.

For maximum flattery, look for cotton cords with a bit of stretch--3% is pretty standard, or a bit more stretch for a "leggings" vs "jeans" look. The rise is up to you, but for this style, I like it in the 8- to 10-inch range.


Do you wear skinny cords?

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    • profile image

      tebor79 5 years ago

      I've always like the way skinnys look.

    • queenofduvetcover profile image

      queenofduvetcover 5 years ago

      Gotta love skinny jeans! Nice lens! =)