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Skull belt buckles

Updated on January 31, 2012

For everyone from pirates to teenage girls

The skull and crossbones have a long history, adorning everything from pirate ships through to motorcycles.

While they aren't everyone's cup of tea, they do hold a very special place in the annals of fashion and are a key in many indigenous art forms, particularly Central American and Mexican.

The skull's journey to fashion icon

Rumor has it that skulls were first used in the 16th century in art as a reminder of mortality.

Throughout the following centuries, skulls made their way back into fashion at various points and in various ways.

The most recent revival of the skulls in fashion was thanks to designers like Alexander McQueen, who has used skulls on a plethora of fashion items from bracelets to t-shirts to cushions.

The skull and the belt buckle

Personally I can't go past a skull belt buckle, which seems to have survived many, many fashion trends since the 1970s when they first emerged into prominence through the British punk music scene.

Given their long history, there's fair chance that skull belt buckles will be around for many years to come. maybe even centuries!

Buy bargain skull belt buckles

Skull Belt Buckle
Skull Belt Buckle

Nice looking skull belt buckle. Not too large either, so it's perfect for those that prefer a bit of subtlety with their skulls.

Aztec Skull Black Belt Buckle
Aztec Skull Black Belt Buckle

A great looking Mexican style skull belt buckle in blue.

Jeweled Skull with Crossed Swords Belt Buckle
Jeweled Skull with Crossed Swords Belt Buckle

Fancy belt buckle with swords and gleaming red eyes.

Pewter Belt Buckle - Cowboy Skull - Pewter Belt Buckle
Pewter Belt Buckle - Cowboy Skull - Pewter Belt Buckle

Part cowboy belt buckle, part punk belt buckle, but fully cool.

Pirate Skull Belt Buckle
Pirate Skull Belt Buckle

If the skull and crossbones belt buckle isn't enough to quench your desires for shenanigans on the high seas, why not take it a step further by wearing a skull and crossbones with pirate hat belt buckle?


Everyone loves skulls!


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