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Slimming Pants - Shaping the Perfect Body

Updated on April 23, 2010

It was a beautiful Sunday morning, I can hear the birds chirping and see the sun begin rise from the horizon and illuminate the sky. Little to my knowledge was my entire fishing trip which I have plan a week ago will be cancel. As usual, I woke up early that morning preparing breakfast for both me and my wife; it is a routine for me to do the breakfast on Sunday. I have prepared some noodles, breads, coffee, milk and half boiled eggs, a simple and nutritious meal. After everything was done, I called my wife to come down from the bed room to have breakfast. All of a sudden, I heard my wife scream from the bed room as if she was hurt badly. So I ran towards the bed room and saw her standing on the digital weighing machine and stared at the weight measurement result. I asked her: What’s wrong with you? Are you hurt? She replied: No I am not hurt, but my weight has increase by 3kg compare to last week!

She was so upset with her current weight which has gone up and felt that her body is out of shape. She told me that she wants to search or quick fix on her weight and body shape problem. Reluctantly, I agreed with her wish. Instead of fishing, we went shopping for slimming pants.

Why Slimming Pants?
According to her, slimming pants are convenient and practical. They are as convenient as a piece of 32dd bra indeed. You can wear it anywhere and anytime. Generally, slimming pants displayed the following characteristic:
1) Burn fat
2) Body sculpturing and toning
3) Massaging
4) Enhance blood circulation

How Slimming Pants Works?
We were briefed with tones of information while searching for the suitable slimming pants for my wife. Some of the information about how slimming pants work obtained from our search is as follows:
1) Worn inside your clothes thus you get slim secretly
2) Tightly bind your body, for hips and thighs, from all sides to give you a shaping and slimmer appearance
3) Wear together with jeans, pants and trousers to give a proportionate look to your body
4) Transform you figure instantly by giving lifts and supports to the bottom, defines inner and outer thighs and make your legs look shapelier

Types of Slimming Pants
Slimming pants are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are short and some are long. They are made from material such as nylon, spandex and cotton. Slimming pants sculpt, shape, lift, firm and slenderize your body shape by using strong but light-weight fabrics. It targets the most common areas of concern for women like tummy, hips and thighs. According to a promoter, slimming pants can be categorized into modern and traditional type. Traditional type is more simple and cheaper as it only will be use during sports and doing house work. A modern style slimming pant has massaging and toning function. Massaging types use a special 3-layer fabric to develop a micro massage action that applies heat and pressure to the affected area. Another promoter advised us to select one or two size smaller when we choose for a slimming pant.

I spend the entire Sunday searching for slimming pant for my wife. Eventually, my wife bought 2 pairs of slimming pants. Even though, I will enjoy more if we went fishing but our weekend were not wasted as our knowledge about slimming pants has increase.


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