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What is secret of women smile?

Updated on November 30, 2012

My Research

We all know happiness causes a smile. When we are happy, we just smile. A lot of things make us happy, but is it the real reason for the smile?

I thought about traveling back in time to ask Mona Lisa about her smile. However, there are those that say Mona Lisa is just DaVinci in drag. Maybe, so that could taint the answer. Of course it opens up a whole new line of questions I'd ask. However, it's all for nothing as the time machine hasn't been invented yet.

My next way of seeking the answer would be to as a a woman. That wouldn't work because that's a secret she will never share.Dressing up in drag wouldn't work. It's a question a woman would never ask a woman.

What It's Not

It's probably much easier to say what a woman's smile isn't about.

It's not about her man. Farting in bed and pulling the covers over her head will not make a woman smile. It's killer for us guys though.

Telling jokes might get her to laugh, but if she smiles, she is just being polite.

Shopping will make a woman smile. Only while she is shopping though. What about the rest of the time?

No more football? Yes, she will smile until she realizes her man will be around her every Sunday.

So, exactly what is the secret to a woman's smile?

The Answer I've Come Up With

I've thought long and hard about this. I've analyzed all my data. I've double, make that triple checked my numbers to come to my conclusion.

A woman's smile is connected to her bra! I'll give you a moment to think about this. When ready read on for my reasoning.

The worst article of clothing ever invented was the bra. Woman complain about it everyday. As we speak, somewhere in the world some guy is struggling to remove a girls bra so he can get down and dirty. It benefits no one, male or female.

I figure if the woman's bra is fitting well today, she is smiling up a storm. Who knows she may dancing the day away. If the bra doesn't fit well, then she isn't smiling at all. This may also explain the mood swings of women in general.

While I admit that I'm no expert, you have to admit this makes sense. However, I'm open to hearing what you think is behind a woman's smile. go ahead, leave a comment. Maybe a smiling woman will drop by and comment. Just remember, I know why you're smiling!

The A Perfect Fit bra fitting segment from the show Doctors


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      Emily40 6 years ago

      This is really

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      oji chisom emmanuel 6 years ago from NIGERIA

      love you hubs