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snake bites piercing jewelry

Updated on September 27, 2011
snake bites is one of the ways to make your appearance unique
snake bites is one of the ways to make your appearance unique

Body piercing has been becoming more and more popular these days. However, not a lot of people appreciate the beauty of body piercings. Body piercing is considered by an art form by a number of people while others consider it as a gross way of mutilating the body. Basically, body piercing is a type of body art which a person will either appreciate or hate. There are many types of body piercings and each one has a different term or name depending on which part of the body is being pierced. Snake Bites is one form of body piercing that involves piercings in the lip area. This article will give you an overview of the lip piercing known as Snake Bites.

Snake Bites is a term describing a method of lip piercing where the lips are being pierced on two separate locations but are on each side of the lower lips. The term Snake Bites is sort of misleading because when the piercings are fitted with body piercing jewellery they look more like the fangs of the snake rather than the snake’s bite markings. A Snake Bites lip piercing may be adorned with two CBRs which will encircle the lower lip or it can be fitted with labret studs depending on the taste of the person being pierced. You can fit your Snake Bites piercing with any body piercing jewellery of your choice however, you should be careful when choosing your jewellery since once you decide on the jewellery, it should be kept in place. Changing the jewellery for your Snake Bites piercing will not work because the holes of different jewellery are different from each other. So if you plan to choose a labret stud, then stay with a labret stud and not change it into a ring if you decide to do so in the future.

When opting to choose a Snake Bites piercing, you have to keep it in mind that you are getting two piercings at once. This means that it will be doubly painful as compared to having a single piercing. It is because of this that you have to be sure that the piercer who is going to do your Snake Bites piercing is somebody that you trust and somebody with the right credentials. Snake Bites piercings require that both piercings are symmetrically placed in reference to the center of the lower lip. An uneven lining of the piercings will make your lower lip look bad. The best way to get a symmetrical and well lined Snake Bites piercing is to have your piercer draw two spots on your lower lips first to mark where the piercings are going to be placed. Study the spots carefully with the use of a mirror and check if they are properly spaced and aligned.

When you plan to go for a Snake Bites piercing, remember that there may be complications with your decision to do so. Chipping or fracture of the teeth especially the ones that are facing the studs is a possible complication. Minor infections, allergic reactions or keloid formation are some of the other complications that may arise from Snake Bites piercing or from any type of body piercing.


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