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Is it legal to have Snakeskin Handbags ?

Updated on August 23, 2017

Snake prints in Fashion

Man had enough of calf skins and horse skins and now it's time for snake skins. With so much dispute on which snake's skin can be legally used for commodities, snakeskin handbags are selling hot. This lens throws light on some trendy designs of snakeskin bags and purses.

Which snakeskin is legal and which is not?

The answer to this question depends on which part of the world you are from. Snakeskin bags are made from two types of snakes- python and anaconda. Anaconda is a native of South-east Asia and has various textures of scales giving a supple feel. Anaconda skin is very suitable to cover luxury products like belts, bags, hats and shoes. Python is another snake that dwells in the swamps of South America which has scales that feel like plastic.

I got this fact from a famous forum which says, " It is against California law for a retailer to sell a python bag in California or to ship such a bag to California. Python only - you can buy anaconda, lizard, crocodile, and other skins in California. It is not against the law for a Californian to buy the bag in another state and physically transport it into California (e.g. you buy the bag in Vegas and carry it with you in your car into California ! " On the contrary, Brazil protects the anaconda and bans the sale of products made from Anaconda's skin.

Faux snakeskin is always a better choice

But you don’t have to worry that snakeskin can be extracted only y killing a snake. Not all snakeskin are extracted by killing a snake. Snakes drop their hides on a periodic basis to get a new skin for the body. You can easily find these skins in forests and swamps which house snakes. If you are a person who does not prefer the poisonous reptile’s skin to hang at your hand’s reach, faux snake leathers are always there. They replicate snake prints exactly, with you having to give only half of the care that you would give for a real snakeskin. The good news is that many famous designers like Cynthia Rowley have come forward to design snakeskin bags and purses in the favor of those who don’t want real snakeskin. You get branded stuffs at half the price of real snake skin as well!

Snakeskin handbags with celebrities
Snakeskin handbags with celebrities

Cindy Crawford looks best with snakeskin tote

Of all the celebrities who were seen with snakeskin handbags, it was Cindy who looked the best. Her dusky complexion blended well with the dusky snakeskin tote. But wait! Does everyone likes to wear sunglasses with snakeskin handbags or is it just a coincidence?!

Prada Python handbag
Prada Python handbag

Desperate Housewive desperate about Snakeskin Bag

Eva Longoria of "Desperate Housewives" fame is seen carrying a large Prada Pitone Frame Bag everywhere in her world tour with her newly marries husband, Tony Parker. This bag has a frame top and braided handle. With this news creating a stir across the world, brands like Prada, Gucci and Dior are promoting more and more of over-sized bags this summer. I found a similar one on Ebay.

Katie Holmes with pythonskin purse
Katie Holmes with pythonskin purse

Katie Homes with a snakeskin purse

If you want to port an unfeminine look, authentic snakeskin purses help you a lot. Katie Homes proves it with her Fendi snakeskin purse cum cross body snakeskin bag. With rumors about Katie expecting her second child at that time, she could not have thought of a better choice to conceal her face beaming with the glow of pregnancy!

Halle Berry Pythonskin bags
Halle Berry Pythonskin bags

Halle Berry with a Snakeskin Bag

American actress,, Halle Berry was also seen sporting a casual python skin shoulder bag when she got out of her car. I could't see her shoes properly in the picture. They look like snake print shoes. Wow!

Ready for a fight?

With the rise in both false and authentic snakeskin handbags, there is both welcome and opposition from common people. While most like the trend of snake print, they say "If it is going to endanger a species, we won't buy it". How do you see this issue?

Do you welcome this snakeskin handbag trend? Do you think it will lead to extinction of the species? Or is there a safer way?

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    • PaigSr profile image


      5 years ago from State of Confusion

      You visited one of my lenses and I am checking out your site. The name alone caught my attention. I am not likely to get one but it was an interesting to check out.


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