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snug piercing

Updated on September 27, 2011
snug piercing is another type of ear piercing
snug piercing is another type of ear piercing

Body piercings is an art form that involves piercing of the different parts of the body. This body art form has evolved significantly from the just the piercing of the ears for women. Basically, there are numerous names of the different forms of body piercings and they are named with respect to the part where the piercing is located or to the method of piercing. Sometimes, the name of the body piercing is derived from the similarity of the piercing to an object or a phenomenon. Snake Bites is a type of body piercing that was named because of the outcome of the piercing will look like the fangs of a snake.

Snug piercing is another type of body piercing. The name of this type of piercing is derived from the part of the ear that the piercing is located namely the snug. The snug is the part of the middle ear which is located just above the anti-tragus. The snug being made entirely of cartilage is a very hard part to pierce. This is why snug piercing is a very painful experience. The snug is a very sensitive part of the ear and therefore, piercing it will be extremely painful as well.

There are many problems that may arise from snug piercing especially if the piercing was done by somebody with no proper experience in piercings. Unsterilized needles that were used for piercing the snug portion of the ear may cause infections. Another cause for snug piercing complication is the fit of the jewellery that will be fitted in the piercing. When the jewellery used is not a proper or right fit for the piercing, swelling may occur. Probably the worst case that can happen during snug piercing is when the ear snug gets rip apart during the piercing process. This may occur when the piercer is inexperience and the piercing was done in a hurriedly fashion. When complications occur during the piercing of the snug, the affected area may get inflamed. When this happens, a person may develop fever and may become weak.

Snug piercing is a very sensitive process. All precautions must be taken when performing snug piercing so that infections and complications may be prevented. In order to prevent infections from piercings, these should be done:

  • Only have your snug piercing done by a certified and reputable piercer. Make sure that the piercing salon has the necessary licenses and permits to operate such a procedure. This will give you the assurance that the salon takes proper precautions when doing body piercings such as snug piercing.
  • When the jewellery is already fitted after you have had your snug piercing, do not apply alcohol or antiseptic anymore. Applying alcohol to the pierced area will inhibit the wound from naturally healing itself.
  • Be sure that you have chosen the jewellery that you are going use in your snug piercing. Once you have your jewellery fitted already, it is hard to change it since different jewelleries require different hole types.

Having your body pierced is an art form and if you really are into body piercings, make sure that you have your piercings done by a certified professional.


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