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Best Snuggle Blankets : Slanket Vs Snuggie ?

Updated on February 19, 2012

Snuggie Vs Slanket: Which Snuggle Blanket Should You Buy?

Recently the snuggle blanket took the USA by storm. Several different brands of snuggle blankets, from the Snuggie to the Slanket, became so popular these snuggle blankets were featured on TV Shows from Jay Leno, to Conan O'Brian to Ellen and of course, the Today Show. Snuggie Versus Slanket, how can you choose? Below you will a review of some of the best snuggle blankets available

Snuggie - The Best Selling Snuggle Blanket

The Snuggie is the best selling snuggle blanket on the market. But that is mostly because it is highly advertised and it gets great publicity from celebrities such as Jay Leno and Ellen. But many buyers of the Snuggie complain that the material is thin and due to the design it keeps falling off. Yes, there are many people who love the Snuggie snuggle blanket and of course the price is very low. Compare the reveiws of the Snuggie vs the Slanket before deciding if this is the best snuggle blanket for you.

The Slanket Was The Original Sleeved Blanket - Slanket vs Snuggie: Slanket was first and is better quality

Although the Slanket was first to the market and is a better quality blanket, the Snuggie has more advertising and is cheaper. Watch this video about the Slanket vs the Snuggie

Slanket Snuggle Blanket - Slanket A Better Snuggle Blanket Thank Snuggie ?

The Slanket snuggle blanket tends to get MUCH better reviews from buyers. People love the Slanket snuggle blanket for its design as well as for the better quality fleece material. However, the Slanket is a more expensive snuggle blanket. Compare the reviews of the Snuggie vs the Slanket before deciding if this is the best snuggle blanket for you.

Snuggie On Today Show - Today Show Loves Snuggle Blankets

Footed Pajamas : Alternative To the Snuggie? - Footed pajamas may be better than a snuggle blanket

If you are looking for blanket which will keep you warm and allow you the freedom to use your arms, consider adult footed pajamas! Yes, that might sound strange, but wearing adult footed pajamas is like wearing a blanket. It keeps you warm from head to toes, gives you the freedom to use your arms. You can even get up from the sofa, go to the fridge, come back and stay warm. Try doing that in your snuggle blanket.

Which Are Better : Snuggle Blankets Or Footed Pajamas - Would You Rather Wear A Snuggle Blanket Or Footed Pajamas?

Snuggle blankets and footed pajamas are both recent trends. It is easy to see why. Both Snuggle Blankets and Footed Pajamas help to stay warm, cozy and comfortable while offering optimal freedom of movement. However, both snuggle blankets and footed pajamas are often laughed about. Which would you prefer to wear, Snuggle Blanket Or Footie Pajamas?

Do You Prefer Snuggle Blankets Or Footed Pajamas?

I Prefer Snuggle Blankets

I Prefer Snuggle Blankets

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    I Prefer Footed Pajamas

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      Snuggie On Ellen - Ellen Wears A Snuggle Blanket

      Super Hero Snuggle Blanket - A Fun Snuggle Blanket

      Snuggie Sutra - A Lighthearted Look at The Snuggle Blanket And The Bedroom

      Electric Snuggle Blanket - Heated Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves

      Jay Leno Jokes About The Snuggie - Snuggle Blankets Have Generated Lots Of Laughs On the Tonight Show

      Spongebob Snuggle Blanket - Looking for a Spongebob Snuggie?

      Snuggle blankets come in a wide variety of themes for kids from Superman or Wonder woman Snuggle blankets to Spongebob Snuggle Blankets (see below).

      Consumer Reports Test Of Snuggie - Consumer Reports Testing Is Not Good For Suggie

      I have not found a test of Slanket vs Snuggie

      Let us know what you think about the slanket, the snuggie or any of the snuggle blankets.

      Do you have a snuggle blanket ? - Tell us your thoughts about snuggle blankets

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        • ClassyGals profile image

          Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

          I never used either snuggie or snuggle, I just cuddle up with my soft throw on a chilly evening. Thumbs up.