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The Saree blouse

Updated on October 10, 2012
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The saree blouse is a tight-fitting top worn with a saree which extends down to the midriff or ends at the bust line and comes in many designs.

The blouse is also called a saree jacket, choli, or ravika.

The saree blouse is designed and sewn to match the style, fabric and color of the saree.

Sarees are worn mainly by women from countries like Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Women take pride in their sarees and have separate ones to wear for different occasions e.g. everyday wear, special functions and weddings.

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Sarees worn on a regular basis are made mostly from cotton fabric.

Cotton is chosen since its comfortable for every day wear and can be washed often.

Such sarees are frequently worn with a saree blouse made from a simple pattern with buttons in the center (lined in a straight vertical row from top to bottom). Saree Blouse Designs 2010

Many sarees sold in the modern day come with an extra piece of fabric for the saree blouse. But some women choose not to sew the blouse using the fabric included with the saree.

Instead they go out and buy a new sari blouse or sew one. This can pose a problem if she is not sure of which design best suits her height, complexion and figure.

The following are some tips to help such women.

Saree blouses for overweight women

  • Overweight women should avoid wearing sleeveless saree blouses, short sleeved saree blouses and puff sleeves as this will make their arms look flabbier.
  • Ideal necklines for heavy-sized women are u-shaped necklines or v-shaped necklines.

Saree blouses for slim women

High collared necklines or halter necks are suited for slim women since they have slender necks.

Saree blouses for short women

Choose a saree blouse with a neckline that is rectangular shaped or oval shaped.

Saree blouses for tall women

Choose a saree blouse with a neckline that is square shaped or round shaped.

The saree blouse comes in many designs and adds beauty and charm to its wearer.

Some designs are:

  • Stringed Back Saree Blouses
  • Spaghetti Strap Saree Blouses
  • Halter neck saree blouses
  • Long sleeved saree blouses
  • Short sleeved saree blouses
  • Puff sleeved saree blouse
  • High collared saree blouses

© 2012 Suranee Perera


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