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How to Prepare yourself for an Enjoyable Spa Visit

Updated on November 2, 2011

Preparing yourself for a spa visit is very important in order to get best results from spa treatments. Spa services like facial, waxing, massage, body warp etc. requires a certain level of preparation to make it effective on your skin. Unprepared skin or poor condition of skin may not provide you the best result from the treatment and even harm your skin if it doesn’t match with the desired skin condition for specific treatment.

How to prepare before visiting a spa

Before going to visit a spa, have a thorough knowledge about your desired spa treatment and the spa you are going to visit. Take a query about what kind of products are used in the treatment. Make sure your skin condition matches those products. In case of choosing the best spa for your desired treatment, consult with someone who has done this treatment before. Almost every spa in New York City provides these information in their website. So you can also surf the internet to acquire knowledge about different spas. Some spa may provide you a medical or health form to fill up in order to make sure that your current physical condition and skin type has no contradiction with the treatment they are going to provide. Mention properly about your physical condition, skin type, blood group, recent surgery, medication, pregnancy condition etc.

Day before you go for the spa treatment, clean your body thoroughly. It will help in removing the dead skins (cells) and exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation of skin pores improves your skin to response to the spa service effects. You can use a soft dry brush or a body scrub to do this.

Why preparation is needed before getting spa treatments

Skin condition depends on the moisture present in the skin. A moisturized skin is good for receiving spa treatments. Dry and dehydrated skin does not response well for spa treatments. Specially, if you are going for treatments like stream bath, sauna etc. a moisturized skin is essential. Besides, some spa treatments use body moisture to expel toxins and waste from body. You can improve your skin moisture by using moisturizing lotions or creams immediately after taking a shower. You can also use moisturizing body wash to improve you body moisture. Drinking plenty of water is another way to maintain moisture condition. Drink 10-12 glass of water and eat water based foods before the day you are visiting spa.

Eating and drinking

Avoid heavy food for at least 2-3 hours before your spa visit. Heavy foods need long time to be digested and it doesn’t let you feel relaxed and enjoy your spa visit. During food digestion body draws blood from the whole body to the digestion system. So in order to ensure sufficient blood circulation to your skin, do not let your digestion system to become busy. You can take some light and easily digestible foods which will make you feel relaxed in the spa. If you are going for a long spa session, then make sure that you do not feel hungry during the session.

Hair removal before spa visit

Some spa services requires hair free skin surface. So you need to shave your body hair (of desired treatment location) before you go for the treatment. But it is strongly recommended that the shaving should be done more than 24 hours prior to the spa visit. Spa treatments sometimes use sensitive products which may cause itch or redness to the skin. Recently shaved or waxed skins are vulnerable to these sensitive products.

Visiting a spa in NYC

People in New York City visit spas quite often. They spend a lot to take care of their skin and body. However, your spa fees can be reduced to half if you get yourself prepared before you visit spa. And also, a little preparation will make your spa visit in NYC more enjoyable. And the good news is it only takes a few minutes of preparation for most services available in spas.

Enjoying your spa visit

Making yourself relaxed and comfortable in the spa is important to enjoy the spa treatments. So wear such cloth that makes you comfortable. Don’t prioritize on how you look in the spa rather prioritize on how much comfortable you feel during spa sessions. Usually loose and soft cloths are better for spa visits.

Finally, consult with your spa correspondents frankly about your choice, skin type, preference and other concern during your booking for appointment. You also can ask them about what type of preparation is required for specific type of spa treatment. Preparing well means Zero chance for any complication or side effects.


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