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Clan Of The Speedo Bears : Big Hairy Bear Men In Tiny Swimsuits

Updated on December 13, 2011

Bear Men Wearing Speedos

Muscular Bear Men In Speedos
Muscular Bear Men In Speedos | Source

Dare To Bear : Speedo Bear Fashion

Within any sub-culture, it's normal for factions to form to further delineate a sense of identity. Clothing and apparel choices are often visual markers of any culture - Whether it's Bad-Boy Bikers or Golfers, Cowboys or Bankers. Within the Gay Bear men's community there's a certain subset who Dare To Bare all that hair - and more when it comes to swimwear, athletic apparel and under-garment choices. Recenty, a fashion and cultural phenomenon of the Speedo Bear has emerged.

Mens Speedo Poll

Are You The Kind Of Man Who'd Wear A Speedo?

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Bare Your Bear With Speedo Swim Wear

Men's Speedo Sizes - Are You Too Big, Bear?

While many men may love the style and feel of Speedo spandex swimwear - Because Speedo is an athletic apparel company first and foremost, larger Bear men may find the size range of Speedos is too snug of a fit. In general, Speedo offers swim briefs, trunks and shorts in men's waist sizes up to 40".

If you're a Husky Bear bigger than that - and not a slave to Speedo brand-fashion : There's other great manufacturers of Lycra Spandex swim apparel that may be more fitting so to speak.

Every Body Loves Speedos

SpeedoBears : Civil Rights To Wear Spandex

In a divided America - and all around the globe - there are those who think Bear men should NOT be flaunting their big hairy Bear bodies in public. Especially at public beaches. Especially in Speedos. Hairy backs, big furry bellies, thunderous thighs should be heard - and not seen.

Indeed, the sight of ANY man wearing a Speedo was once really only kept to the Olympic world of athletics, something you only saw rarely - and in appropriate contexts. And even then it was only on slim, youthful, manscaping types the original Speedo may have been designed for.

In a brazen act of not only Fashion - but POLITICS(!) - the first Speedo Bears caused quite a ruckus literally SEIZING and wresting skimpy swimwear from the hands of their opressors and made the Speedo swim brief something ANY man could wear, no matter how big, hairy or over-weight he might be.

SpeedoBear Comments

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  • IntimatEvolution profile image

    Julie Grimes 

    4 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

    Oh my gosh! I really enjoyed this article. Too funny.

  • beefpiebear profile imageAUTHOR

    Shawn BeefPieBear Smith 

    6 years ago from USA

    I, um, had to 'UPGRADE' my Speedo bikini from a 36"W to a 38 cuz.... I eat too much, and oh my god, that 36 was soooo tight that when I was wearing it my eyballs would cross involuntarily. :) I'm doing much better now in a more 'relaxed fit'.


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