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Awesome Timex Kids Watches

Updated on March 24, 2013

Learn Tell Time With A Kids Timex Watch

If your child is just starting to learn to tell the time or perhaps struggling to do so, these Timex Indiglo Watches For Kids will make it fun and easy to learn.

Why a Timex sports watch for kids?

Active kids love to run around, play in water, jump on and off things and more without thinking about damaging a watch.

Why not give them a tough durable watch that will allow them to still be kids but learn at the same time?

Having a night-light on the watch is a feature they will love.

Getting their first watch is such a big step in kids' lives and it should be a one that will give them pleasure as well as being a learning tool.

Active older kids will love the digital sport watches with time,date and day display plus features such as a timer, stopwatch, alarm and night-light. It will make them feel more independent too.

Looking for a girls sport watch or a boys sport watch?

These awesome kids Timex sports watches are great value for money and will give kids much pleasure and joy.

Timex Watches For Kids - Learning To Tell The Time Or For Outdoors

Timex Kids' Time Teacher Analog Watch
Timex Kids' Time Teacher Analog Watch

Timex Children Watches

Perfect Beginner's Watch For Kids To Learn Tell Time

These very cute flower or pink ballerina Timex Kids Watches are ideal for learning how to tell time and get used to wearing a watch.

They have a flexible, colorful and comfortable elastic strap.

Learning to tell the time is made easy by the labeled green hour hand, purple minute hand, large hour numbers and clearly defined "to" and "past" halves.

Your child will love the indiglo night light.

As it is waterproof to 30m/99feet, your child can enjoy swimming without worrying about having to find a safe place to put or losing it.

This Timex Kids' Time Teacher Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Watch makes learning fun and a great gift for their first watch.

Kids Timex Watch Review

timex kids' my first outdoor black fast wrap velcro strap watch
timex kids' my first outdoor black fast wrap velcro strap watch

Timex Kids' Outdoor Black Watch

For The On-The-Go Child

The Timex Kids' My First Outdoor Black Fast Wrap Velcro Strap Watch is a good looking analog stainless steel watch.

The canvas strap is perfect for kids on the go as it has a velcro fastener which makes it easy to put on and take off.

This gorgeous Timex Kids' Outdoor Black Watch with a white dial and black hour hand, black minute hand and black numbers makes it easy to read the time day or night as it also comes with an indiglo night light.

Swimming with this watch is not a problem as it is water resistant to 30 m/99 feet.

Great gift for a active child who loves sport or the outdoors.

Learning Tell Time

Learn Tell Time
Learn Tell Time

At What Age Did YOU Get Your First Watch?

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Timex childrens indiglo watches
Timex childrens indiglo watches

Timex Kids' Analog Elastic Strap Watch

Great For Girls And Boys

Looking for a fun and durable watch for active kids (running, playing, swimming, etc)?

This cool Timex Kids' Analog Watch for boys or girls is functional and fun.

Choose from lizards, camouflage, flowers, surfer or hearts and butterflies!

The colorful elastic band is adjustable to fit and is Scotchguard protected.

It is waterproof to 30m/99feet and comes with an indiglo night light.

A great watch at a great price.

Timex 1440 Digital Watch
Timex 1440 Digital Watch

Timex Sports Watch For Kids

Timex 1440 Digital Watch - Silver/Black

This kids Timex Digital Sports Watch is lightweight, durable, easy to use and waterproof making it perfect for swimmers, runners or any active kid.

Features of this Timex 1440 Digital Watch:


2. Day and Date,

3. 2 Time Zone Settings,

4. A Stopwatch,

5. Timer and

6. An Alarm with an indiglo night light.

The resin strap comes with a buckle and band.

This attractive unisex sports watch offers great value for money.

Great Gift idea too.

Which Watch Would You Have Chosen As Your First Watch?

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    • rattie lm profile image

      rattie lm 5 years ago

      I'm a purple girl, so the Timex one with the purple flowers would be for me. the sports watch is pretty good for boys though!