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Best Sports Swimwear

Updated on December 7, 2014

Finding The Best Sports Swimwear For You

When it comes to competitive water sports, not just any old swimwear will do. You need Sports Swimwear!

Unlike leisure swimming or lounging by the pool, water sports involve nonstop movement and activity. The appropriate swimsuit for sports would be sports swimwear. They're durable, functional and generally provide more coverage and support.

Find just the right piece of active Sports Swimwear for summer at the lowest prices. Find affordable, high quality swimwear made just for sports and active swim.

Durable, long lasting sports swimwear that's made for performance and longevity. Lifeguards, swim team, water polo and other water activities require premium sports swimwear. Find good deals on swimwear for water sports activities and more.

Speedo Sports Swimwear
Speedo Sports Swimwear

Why Sports Swimwear

You may be wondering what the differences are between a regular bathing suit and a sports swimwear. Regular swimsuits are worn for swimming and any other water based activity. They come in many styles like one-piece, bikini, tankini, and thong.

Swimsuits generally provide coverage, regardless of how minimal. Most of them are made of materials such as nylon, polyester and spandex. They can either be tight or loose fitting. Swimsuits are fashioned mainly for aesthetic purposes.

Sports swimwear is worn primarily to enhance the performance of the swimmer. They have the potential to increase speed and reduce friction against the body. In addition to nylon and spandex, some sports swimwear can also be made of rubber. These swimsuits are sometimes accompanied by a swim cap and goggles. The designs are often limited to blocked colors and solids.

One of the top selling brands in sports swimwear would have to be Speedo. They were first founded in Australia back in 1914 by Alexander MacRae, and have since established global recognition.

Speedo manufacturers and designers are always coming up with new innovations to the swimsuits. Their swimwear designs mainly focus on performance and style, making it the ideal brand for competitive swimmers and water sports athletes all around the world. In fact, you can see many of the world’s athletes wear the Speedo brand during the Olympics throughout various sports.

If you’re a competitive water sports athlete and would like to enhance your overall performance, the proper swimwear would be the best investment you can make. Whether you’re competing on national levels, or just racing against your older brother in the family pool, sports swimwear are proven to help you swim harder, longer and faster. Victory can lie in what you wear, so make it a sports swimwear.

Our Favorite Men's Sports Swimwear - Men's Racing Beach Fitted Short Trunk Jammer Swimsuit By Gary Majdell Sport

This fitted short trunk jammers swimsuit was made for the water athlete who's always looking to improve their skills and step up their game. With these shorts, you'll be able to do that and more.

It's made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It features an elastic closure, front lining, 3/8 inch leg opening for more movement, and a 4 inch seam.

Bestselling Sports Swimwear

There are some swimwears that are built to enhance your athletic performance. These are specially designed to make you swim faster, dive cleaner, and move through the water like a dolphin.

If you’re looking for something that’ll improve your performance in water sports then check out some of the best sports swimwear below.

TYR Sport Men's Solid Jammer Swim Suit,Evergreen,36
TYR Sport Men's Solid Jammer Swim Suit,Evergreen,36

This pair of swimming shorts for men comes in a jammer style swimsuit. It’s made from 80% nylon and 20% lycra which forms a special Antron Lycra fabric. This type of material allows you to move freely and comfortably while you’re in the water. It’s ideal for many different types of water sports.


TYR Sport Women's Aurora Maxback Swim Suit,Red,30

You’ll love the look and feel of this Aurora Maxback swimsuit. It’s made from 80% nylon and 20% extra life Lycra material. Lycra fibers offer beautiful, long lasting fit and it resistant to chlorine up to 10 times longer than ordinary spandex. The Maxback design offers women fuller coverage and a black lining. It also has wide straps for a more effective support on both chest and back.

TYR Sport Men's Alliance Durafast Splice Racer Swim Suit (Black/Red, 34)

Durafast is the ultimate team swimsuit that will make every athlete a stronger, faster and more efficient swimmer. It’s made from 53% polyester and 47% polyester PBT.

Its durable fabric lasts up to 20 times longer than traditional swimwear and it features a 100% colorfastness as well as sun resistance and it’s chlorine proof for 72 hours of exposure. Durafast also has integrated 4-Way Stretch Technology which lets the swimsuit maintain its excellent fit.

TYR Sport Women's Alliance Durafast Splice Diamondback Swim Suit (Black/Green, 32)

A good swimsuit is sometimes hard to find especially when you’re looking for one with style and performance.

This Durafast splice diamondback swimsuit is not only great to look at, but is super comfortable as well as durable and flexible. It’s made from 53% polyester and 47% polyester PBT. The swim suit features a diamond back cut which includes thinner straps, optimal support and great comfort.

Speedo Men's Race Endurance+ Polyester Solid Square Leg Swimsuit, Navy, 34

Improve your speed, mobility and agility with Speedo men’s race endurance solid square leg swimsuit. It’s made from 50% polyester and 50% PBT. The specially trademarked fabric is 100% chlorine resistant and can last 20 times longer than your average swimsuit. It also includes the 4 way technology which allows you to move freely and in comfort.

Featured Sports Swimwear - Best Rated Sports Swimwear You Can Buy

Active swimwear for sports is essential for speed and agility; compare and shop the best deals right here before buying.

Our Favorite Women's Sports Swimwear - Speedo Race Lycra Blend Learn to Swim Superpro Swimsuit

It’s chic, it’s sophisticated and it’s perfect for swimmers in every skill level.

This swimsuit features a high nylon content lycra blend with 86% Antron Nylon and 14% Lycra spandex fabric that’s durable and long lasting as well as comfortable and stylish. It includes wide straps for superior support and comfort and a fully lined front for the best coverage possible.

Best Sports Swimwear Video Reviews - Sports Swimwear Reviews

Very Popular Sports Swimwear - How To Find The Most Popular Sports Swimwear You Can Buy

Find a large selection of name brand sports swimwear for anyone in the family. Men, women and adolescent sports swimwear is on sale before summer starts.

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