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Spring Fashion Trends

Updated on August 22, 2014

Womens Trendy Spring Fashions

Inspired by the Spring fashion runways, these statement looks are for real women (not size 2 fashion models) that are ultra wearable and easy on the budget. Did I hear someone say 2 Day Sale on clothes that I can actually wear out in public?! Yes, you did.

Advice on how to tweak the most current women's fashion trends to suit your individual lifestyle is also provided. Here, we'll be keeping it real with the latest styles in women's blazers and dresses to handbags and pretty shoes. Celebrate the season in style effortlessly with a chic, new look courtesy of these Spring fashion trend tips for 2014.

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Top 5 Fashion Trends for Spring

Spring 2014 trends in women's fashions are all about being adventurous. Be bold, sheek, and sexy.

Find the pieces that suit you and make you feel fashionable and stylish. Happy shopping, fellow fashionistas.

Top 5 Fashion Trends for Spring

Floral Prints: A favorite trend for Spring, floral patterns will always be popular and this year it's no different. I like to think of florals as the happy trend. Just, slip on pair of floral print capris and you can't help but to be in a great mood. Seriously ladies, try it.

Bold Prints: Turn any ordinary outfit into extraordinary by simply adding one piece with a bold print. Be careful not to over-do this trend and limit your look to just one piece.

Black and White: All over the runways this season and my personal favorite trend, black and white is a truly elegant and chic color combination. Keep it simple and get a sophisticated look by pairing black capris or skinny jeans with a crisp white top.

Stripes: No girls, stripes won't make you look larger, this is a common misconception. You just need to balance your look by pairing stripes with a solid and limiting this trend to one piece, please. We don't want anyone being accused of looking like an inmate. Choose stripes in classic colors like blue or red for a classic nautical vibe and pair them with a white or dark-wash denim.

Retro Inspired Fashions: Amp up your style repertoire with retro inspired women's fashions.

FYI still popular from Fall, Color Blocking Using 2 or 3 colors on the same piece.

Floral Inspired Spring Fashion Trends

Feel and look beautiful in floral inspired Spring fashion trends. Update your wardrobe with the fresh floral patterns of Spring that coincide with the season.

Watercolor Floral Print Dress: Get ready for all the compliments you'll hear when you wear this stunning dress! The empire waist seam and full skirt ensure you'll feel comfortable and oh-so-pretty while the wrinkle-free knit makes it ultra easy to care for.

Floral Fashions for Spring

Bring florals into your wardrobe this Spring with a high-low floral skirt, floral skinnies, a floral cardi, or a pretty floral blouse.

Spring Fashion Trend Report

What themes will be popular this Spring? How about shoes? The in color? Find fashion trends you'll want to wear now in this Spring 2014 fashion video.

Retro Spring Fashions - Vintage Fashion

The power of stunning style is apparent in retro Spring fashions this year. A fine example is this glamorous, 50's inspired dress. Adorned in its pleated, lightly padded bust and cowl drape neckline, you simply can't ask for more! Wear this plaid-printed women's dress for a anytime you want to show off your good taste in vintage fashion, just be prepared for all the admiring glances!

Retro Spring Fashion Trends for Women

I've always loved vintage fashions. Just one piece can change your entire look from boring to wow! Check out these fun retro looks.

2014 Spring Fashions - Statement Stripes

Classic black and white are eternally chic. But what's new in 2014 Spring fashions? Fresh forward-thinking patterns, prints and silhouettes that turn heads. From classic horizontals to curve-hugging diagonals, stripes are on the rise this season. Rock the stripe trend in playful dresses, tops, skirts and more bold pieces!

Brighten up the season with stripes! Lend your weekend style standout drama with this bebe top, featuring a hot asymmetric cut, ruching at hip and pop bright stripes. Try it with a pair of leggings and well-heeled boots.

Black and White Spring Fashion Trends on Amazon

One of this year's hottest Spring fashion trends, black and white. Think black and white as your go-to look. It's perfect to wear anywhere you go!

Women's Spring Jacket - Lace Cutout Designs

Being both dramatic and romantic, lace cutouts will be seen a lot in women's Spring fashions this year. We love the way you can take a casual outfit and glam it up instantly just by adding one lace piece. Wear it head to toe and make a bold, chic fashion statement.

This women's Spring jacket will beautifully top off any of your Spring outfits and is perfect for layering. A women's blazer with utility and a hint of femininity makes this lace blazer an essential this season and is sure to be the jacket you reach for when the Spring air is still chilly enough to need a sweater or blazer. The cotton blend shirred sleeve (which is so flattering) and lace detail will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Wear it over your favorite tank with slacks or sleeveless dress and your highest heels to go from work to a night out with the girls.

Women's Spring Jackets

From women's blazers to cropped motorcycle jackets, a light topper makes the perfect layer for days that start on the cool side. Don't be afraid to try a floral print jacket, a pastel jacket, or a light leather jacket to add a shot of Spring to any ensemble.

Spring Women's Shoe Trends - Interchangeable Women's Shoes

Women's Spring shoes for 2013 will have everyone talking and bring much attention to your feet this year. Heels, wedges, platforms and sandals, flats and embellished women's shoes, oh my! The good news is that matching shoes to your outfit is no longer in vogue. The days of wearing neutral colored shoes only are long gone. It's perfectly okay to wear green shoes with that coral dress. I'm sure fashionistas everywhere are rejoicing and certainly walking around in a more colorful world.

I've recently came upon a new pair of women's shoes that has really got me excited! To be honest, my footwear collection over the years has grown quite large and I just wanted to try to down size by throwing away some shoes to make some room in my closet (probably for more clothes). When I found out about interchangeable shoes called SwitchFlops, I thought, now that's just what I want! These women's flats or sandals have snap on embellishments that offer the wearer unlimited styles by simply changing the snap embellishment. Imagine, going to the office in the same shoes you wore to a glamorous event the night before!

Like to free up some room in your closet, too? You might want to check these shoes out:

Shop for the latest styles in women's Spring shoes:

Spring Fashion Trends 2014 - Hottest Spring Fashions

With Spring fashion shows for 2013 finally here, we are looking to this fashion season for a fresh start! Why not start by figuring out what the hottest Spring fashion trends of 2013 will be! The runways around the world have been showing off different looks from 70's inspired jumpsuits to metallic materials. Whatever your style is, 2013 is going to be a fun and funky fashion year!

What's Your Fav Spring Fashion Trends for 2014?

See results

Trendy Spring Handbag - Crossbody Bag

Swing into Spring with a crossbody bag! Just as the name suggests, cross-body bags are meant to be worn across the body. They are typically smaller in size with a zip-top or flap closure and extra long shoulder straps.

Many people prefer cross body bags because they stay out of the way and keep you hands-free while on the go. However, more recently, cross-body handbags have become very fashion forward with everyone from top designers to affordable trendy brands offering their take on this classic shape. That's why today you'll find cross body purses in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors.

Cross body bags not only make excellent everyday handbags, but they also work well as travel handbags. These trendy handbags offer styles with lots of organization designed to keep your travel essentials handy without getting in the way while you're out and about.

The Crossbody bag is one of my favorite bags for Spring. This handbag has a flap closure, making it easy to get in and out of it quickly. The pretty blue color is certain to brighten up your day, though, the bag is available in other colors, too.

Crossbody Handbags for Spring

I usually wear a crossbody bag when I know I'm going to be shopping and are going to need both hands free to carry bags. Needless, to say, I use it a lot!

Womens Spring Fashion Jewelry - Trendy Spring Jewelry

Womens Spring fashion jewelry will be irresistibly sparkly for Spring. Crystal embellished rings, earrings, bangles, and pendants are making the fashion scene in a big way this season. We're loving the Swarovski Spring collection that includes crystal earrings, crystal pendants, crystal bracelets, and even crystal sunglasses! Not into sparkle? Choose smaller pieces that can be just as attention grabbing. Bring on the sparkle!

Thanks for stopping by, kindly let me know you visited.

What's Your Take on Spring Fashion Trends?

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