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25 Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trends to Follow

Updated on March 21, 2014

Fashion - the Phoenix Bird

Fashion is an eternal rebirth... or almost. It's the phoenix bird coming alive again out of its ashes in a totally different shape, with a new and even more spectacular look. The fashion weeks are long awaited for events not only by the media, but also by all fashionistas around the globe who want to know which are the season's fashion trends, what colors are in, which looks are out, and so on.

So, what did the spring summer 2013 fashion weeks tell us? Which are the trends to follow during this year's warm and hot seasons? Which are the looks to avoid? To help you get a clear picture, we compiled here a summary of the spring summer 2013 fashion trends as observed on the runways, together with some tips and tricks you can use to adapt them to your personal style.

All images used in this lens are picture collages I created myself assembling screenshots from different fashion shows.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #1:

Return to the 60s

If last season's trends revisited the style of the 70s and even of the 50s, now the fashion favors the look of the 60s, with all the facets this iconic decade involves: mini skirts, trapeze dresses, graphic tiles, baby dolls, delicate patterns, and bright colors... anything that can convey a sparkling fresh and carefree look.

A light and colorful spirit features the spring-summer 2013 fashion trends. Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Moschino found inspiration for this season's collections in the famous yé-yé look once embodied by Twiggy, Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin.

And if the coats and dresses featuring the typical cut of the 60s are the most popular mod, do not forget psychedelic prints, as seen for spring-summer 2013 in Versus' collection (and last fall at Prada and Miu Miu) or the Motown look (at Olympia Le Tan).

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #2:

Floral prints

Once the sunny weather sets in, our wardrobes are automatically invaded by floral prints. Is this our way of saying we love spring? So, the florally printed dress is not a unique trend for 2013. It is actually a classic.

What's new this year? Already showing up on last summer's catwalks, but also in the street, the trend of Hawaiian print was confirmed by spring-summer 2013 fashion collections. Hibiscus, whimsical hummingbirds and palm leaves featuring strong colors or Earthly chromatic tones ... tropical landscapes, but also continental flowers of incense feature this season's creations.

So, if you want to be trendy this summer, adopt the flower power style and let nature most beautiful items invade your outfits. Don't limit yourself to dresses and skirts when it comes to floral prints. They can very well feature shorts, tops, and even your shoes.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #3:

Tropical jungle prints

The wild environment of the tropical jungle seems to be a ceaseless source of inspiration for fashion designers. Paradise birds, immitations of the colorful peacock feathers, jaguar, leopard, but also snakeskin prints could be seen on spring summer 2013's runways.

We are looking at a very colorful summer, it seems. With such a rich chormatic palette, there is nothing to stop you from being trendy. Combine colors with a carefree style, and there you are! Animal prints come in different scales and suit all styles: casual and elegant, retro and modern, classic and rock'n' roll...

Kenzo's collection was all about animal prints and there is no monotony there. The talented fashion designer succeded to bring the virbant jungles' raw energy on the catwalk, featuring the most surprising color combinations: emerald, turquoise, purple, yellow. Moreover, there is a reversed version which provides the jungle prints with a unique touch. The same trend featured the runways with Isabel Marant (Hawaiian) and Jean Charles de Castelbajac (lots of vegetal motifs).

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #4:

Ethnic prints

African tribal refernces have invaded the runways during the last seasons. Asian patterns were already showcased in 2012's collections. The ethnic prints trend continues in 2013 and both influences could be seen on the catwalks.

Reinterpreting the traditional Western Asian print, Etro, Emilio Pucci and Prada's designers seem to have done a stopover in Hanoi, Beijing and Tokyo in order to come up with collections under the sign of the fascinating Asian continent. Fire dragons, lotus flowers, peony and hibiscus prints feature elegant dresses, whose cuts follow the season's trend - the return to the 60s.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #5:

Polka dots

Oh, this is yet another classic, but it's very in this year. We've seen it with Giorgio Armani, Haider Ackermann, Nina Ricci, Jason Wu ...and even Chanel. For the spring summer 2013 collections, the designers seem to have found inspiration in Audrey Hepburn's 1950s polka dot dress (you've seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, right?).

Polka dots everywhere... on your casual suit, on your cocktail dress and even on your pants. A few words of advice: combine the polka dots with a retro cut (preferably something inspired from the 60s's fashion) and you are the queen of this year's summer fashion. "The classic black and white polka dot duet is the ultimate detail for a discreet contrast in a minimalist look with an elegant edge" say the fashion critics at Vogue.

Classic, classic, but with a style... this year the best is to choose a black dress with a small white polka dots print. Black is not too practical for the summer season? Reverse the chromatic combination: white dress - black dots.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #6:

Geometrical patterns

The repetitive geometric patterns took over the runways with Marc Jacobs, Balmain and Louis Vuitton. So, if stripes are not for you (although this is the year's major trend), jump on optical geometry for a modern and sleek look.

Checks seem to be very in this spring. They feature dresses, tops and pants equally. However, there is another trend which showed up this year on the catwalks: mixing geometrical patterns with floral prints. Something that was considered lack of taste till now, this combination is very trendy in 2013.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #7:

Pastel colors

The pastel colors are the stars of the spring summer 2013. But, be careful! It's not the fluorescent version that dominated last year's collection. In 2013 the pastel colors are relaxing and inviting. Radiating a comforting sensation, this chromatic theme addresses those women who appreciate beauty, satisfaction and ease of daily life. A return to basics rather than a representation of the very latest trends, this year's pastel tones palette reflects our desire for a relaxed, enriching and informal look , for a style that we can adopt with grace.

Delicate and elegant, pink nude is by far the trendies color of the season. It is used to illuminate our outfits in spring summer 2013. Ideal for feminizing items borrowed from menswear with Vanessa Bruno, this color also suits very well sophisticated dresses with Valentino for a modern look.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #8:

Iridescent colors

Pastel colors? Yes, but if you want to add a touch of style and sparkle in the night, go for an iradescent tone. Metallic shades are very trendy this year. We've seen it at Burberry, Christian Dior and John Paul Gaultier. It can be a pastel color or a stronger tone... the shimmering effect is the one that counts.

While the iradescent outfit is in, it can also be difficult to wear in the street... unless you are a very daring woman who likes to see heads turning after her all the time. If this is not your personality type, pick a metallic look for one of the parties you are attending this year. However, the designers seem to have thought about this challenge, too and they came with estompated iradescent colors which can very well feature a casual outfit.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #9:


A classic or a trend? Both! Glamorous and provocative, the color of passion featured many runways: trench on vinyl at Valentino, other summer coats at Carven, revealing the femme fatale who slumbers in us on transparent veil dresses with Giambattista Valli, more boyish on Vanessa Bruno's pants, on elegant evening dresses at Alexander McQueen, on lace and superflu dresses with Elie Saab, combined with floral prints at Vivienne Westwood.

Do you need more arguments? It's high time you added a red dress to your spring summer wardrobe!

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #10:

Strong Colors

This spring summer trends favor entertaining and original colors. While the chromatic tones are stronger than last years, there is a tendency for simplicity when it comes to combining them.

Charming, funny and slightly childish, this palette is refreshing and brings poetry and pleasure into our lives while also putting a smile on our faces. Last years' trends were going for shades of pale blue, turquoise, teal, ultramarine blue, but for spring summer 2013 they are replaced by stronger and alive ones: dark purple, vibrant orange, blue emerald and neon green. Botanical bright, almost electric shades take the central place in the green family.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #11:

Color block

If you thought that colors within an outfit have to be in harmony, this season's collections have struggled to prove you wrong. The color blocking trend has been showing up during the last years, but now it is a dominant one. The key to success with this spring summer 2013 trend: combine opposite chromatic tones for a shocking effect and a surprisingly trendy look.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #12:

Total white

No, it's no longer reserved to brides! The totally white outfit became streetwear, but it can also be very elegant. The key is in the detail: fabric, cut, accessories. If all white is too much for you, add a touch of color with a black epaulet or a brightly colored necklace.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #13:

Black and white

Another classic! Yep, this seems to be the motto for spring summer 2013: reinventing the classics. You were still debating between color-block and pastel? Now you have the perfect alternative: black and white. It features a checkered return to the 60s with Louis Vuitton, retro style polka dots with Chanel, geometric patterns with Elie Saab. There are also options for those alergic to prints: associate black pants with a white silk top (as seen at Celine), or pick a bicolored dress (Viktor & Rolf).

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #14:


Stripes are a major trend this year. Slip or a bit wider, black and white, navy or featuring psychedelic colors, stripes are the way to be trendy this year. The designers have said it unanimously. We saw black stripes featuring Balmain's and Dolce & Gabbana's collections; red and green stripes were all over Michael Kors' items, and let's not forget about Dolce & Gabbana whose designers chose to play with stripes and African motifs this time.

No matter what type of optical geometry you are willing to create, use stripes and the effect is guaranteed. The psychedelic color combinations are in (return to the 60s, remember?) and they can very well feature a striped summer dress that you can wear at work or when going out with your friends.

Black and white for a classical approach? No problem! Maybe choose a dress whose print plays on different stripe widths? Just an idea... to bring a modern and unique touch to an evergreen trend.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #15:


Yes, the trends of spring summer 2013 are very revealing. If in 2012 we were watching runway shows displaying head to toes covered women, now everything is transparent. Lace and veil are ruling, and if there is no transparent fabric, then there is certainly a sexy cut.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #16:


As previously mentions, lace is everywhere any time: on the catwalks as well as in the streets, on dresses as well as on tops and pants, in the evening as well as in the morning. Don't be afraid to adopt this trend. It's sexy and elegant at the same time.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #17:


Denim is chic! This seems to be some designers' motto for spring summer 2013. They have succeeded to combine the traditional denim fabric with modern cuts. Dark and light, denim comes in the form of a coat and retro skirt with Miu Miu. Balmainimagines it as a duo bra / baggy pants. Have you imagined that the Coco Chanel classic jacket can be made of denim? But, my favorite version of all denim items presented on this season's catwalks is the one designed by Karl Lagerfeld for the same Chanel house: a simple strapless denim decorated with beads: casual chic and pure.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #18:


Charleston or Dancing Queen? Both! This year the fringes are in, but not on all outfits. This is just an evening trend. Put on your fringed dress and go out for a dance! The success is guaranteed.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #19:


Adorning a beautiful neckline, coming down on an elegant dress for a maximum effect, finishing a sleeve, or creating a beautiful optical illusion on an asymetrical skirt, ruffles are a major trend for spring summer 2013. The designers are unanimous about it.

Gucci Pret a Porter Woman Collection for Spring Summer 2013

Watch this video to get a more in depth look at Gucci's pret-a-porter woman collection for spring summer 2013. Ruffles are a leit-motif and you will certainly find a ruffled pattern you can adopt for this hot season.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #20:


Are suits out? Most certainly not... At least not this year. Don't remain blocked in preconceived ideas. Fashion changes, trends go and come back in a different form... or in the same one. So, suit up for spring summer 2013!

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #21:


Feminized by Yves Saint Laurent in the 1960s, the tuxedo is one of the dominating items in spring summer 2013 collections. Inspired by Grace Jones and Sade at Jean Paul Gaultier, the tuxedo keeps its androgynous appearance at Dior, with a simple scarf tied around his neck. Albert Elbaz at Lanvin makes it the centerpiece of his collection, putting on an evening dress or combining it with a pair of trousers. Anyway, the tuxedo will be one of the main items for the warm season.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #22:


The spring summer 2013 fashion trends are revealing in many ways: transparency, lace, veil, sexy cuts ... anything that shows the skin. The shorts were already in the streets for the last few years. We've seen them in different versions: high waist, low waist, elegant or sport... Now the doors are open. There is no rule. You can combine them in a color block outfit; you can have them on lace; they can be part of an elegant suit. The color can be strong or pastel, but they can be also printed.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #23:


The designers' trip to Japan was fruitful this year. Together with traditional Asian motifs to use on prints, they brought along items of clothing. Who would have thought that a kimono can look so trendy? It comes as a dress with Prada, in a leather version with Gareth Pugh and in a jacket - trousers suit with Haider Ackermann.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #24:


After featuring the mainstream fashion trends during the first half of the 20th century, especially during the seventies, crochet dresses, tops and jackets seem to be back in fashion, striving to detach themselves from the stereotype of being grandma's thing. Remains to see whether the fashionistas will manage to rise above the heavy burden of these handmade items, After the rage in the first half of the 20th century, and have largely democratized during the seventies, the hook now seems to want to detach from its image in the 3rd age book reserved. Remains whether the fashionistas manage to rise above the heavy burden of these colored squares, reminiscent of the cushions and blanckets crafted by our skilled foremothers.

Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Trend #25:


It is a fact, there are no more seasons. And fashion designers have understood that. So, for their spring summer 2013 collections, they have swapped from silk to soft leather. Are light dresses out? Not really, if we think about the lace...

But we can also adopt the leather dress as a suitable outfit for the hot season and it can red and a bit cowgirl with Isabel Marant or combined with lace for a very sensual effect. Rebecca Taylor brought it on the runway, too, in an urban rock style, while Proenza Schouler took an unexpected turn with its perforated leather items. Black leather pants also work for the summer if we take a look at Saint Laurent's collection.

I cherish your thoughts!

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    • Wilson Lisa profile image

      Wilson Lisa 

      4 years ago from Hong Kong

      great lense

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You really share a great lens. I think Denim Dresses will lead the trend this year.


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