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Stainless Steel Soap Bar Deodorant-Metal That Washes The Smells Away! Where To Buy Online

Updated on August 26, 2015

Stainless Steel Soap

I love to cook. Making homemade meals for my family has always been something I enjoy, but one thing I cannot stand is curling up at night to the smell of garlic radiating from my fingers as my head lays atop my hands.

Chefs and cooks like myself are all too familiar with 'smelling like their kitchen'. For fishy smell from tonight's entree or that 'touch of garlic' that now overtakes the romantic hand holding moment of a candlelight dinner.

Then I found Stainless Steel Soap.Stainless Steel Soap is a must in every kitchen.

Stainless Steel Soap is amazing as it removes the odor of fish, garlic, onions and even nicotine from your hands. Most soaps contain a fragrance that just covers up the smell, but Stainless Steel Soap is truly effective.

Use the soap bar just as you would any other. Hold the soap bar under cold water and wash as you would with a regular bar and ta-da! Clean and odor free!

But do you want to know the best part? Unlike regular soaps, this soap lasts forever!

Orka Deos

Not only is this soap known and admired for it's unique shape and design, it also includes these features:

  • Built-in nail cleaner
  • Wall-mount
  • Lifetime guarantee

Award-winning and on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art, this is a must-have for the Chef or wanna-be.

The Rub-Away bar is used with cold water to remove any odor from your hands -- great for use after working with those spicey or smelly foods! Let your food speak for itself, clear the odor away before serving and make them think you couldn't possibly have made something that great!

For More Than Food Odors

Using stainless steel with running water is a recognized method of eliminating the volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's) that cause odor. De Odor Works - Natural Deodorant Alternative is proven to work. It is effective on feet, underarms or anywhere you have odor and wetness. 

 De Odor Works is completely natural. It is non-allergenic and contains no chemicals. It lasts a lifetime and eliminates the need for antiperspirant or fragrances, therefore saving you money and time. This is really worth the investment.

Customer Review

"one night I made ginger garlic stir-fry and had an overwhelming garlic smell that would not go away. In desperation I opened this up and tried and the smell was gone! I love this little guy he is a nice shape nice size for someone who like me has smaller hands and it works perfectly!!"

Amazon Customer

Never let the smell of your grand meal be outdone by the smell of your hands. Be prepared with a Stainless Steel Soap Bar and let the meal speak for itself.  


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