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Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box

Updated on March 20, 2013

Free Standing Mirror Jewelry Box

A full length mirror is a great addition to a women's bedroom. Although most men do not want to admit it but they sometimes like the mirror too. It is a easy way to make sure your looking good before going out for the rest of the day.

A stand up mirror jewelry box is more then just a mirror, it is also a place to keep jewelry hanging gracefully without using extra space you may not have. My favorite of coarse it the full sized mirror with lockable jewelry box, because us moms know that little hands just love to carry jewelry all over the house just to see if we can find it later.

Besides the large mirror there are also larger standing jewelry amoires that have more storage space and smaller mirrors on top.

Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box
Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box

How Much Does A Stand Up Mirror With A Jewelry Box Cost?

The starting range for a new stand up mirror with a jewelry box probably starts around $65 dollars. A used one a at a flee market could possibly go for a lot less. The lower the cost the more likely the mirror is made out of cheap wood material and the smaller the stand.

If your looking for a mirror stand with a good solid wood and a large mirror that has lots of useful storage for jewelry the starting cost is probably around $130 up to a couple hundred depending on the brand and style. Lockable or ones with mini drawers inside stands tend to be a bit more.

Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box With Picture Frames - Display Your Photos On Your Jewelry Box

A combo of mirrors, jewelry storage and photo frames is just a designers dream come true when decorating a bedroom. This would be a great gift for a women or why not just get it for yourself.

Lockable Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box - Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Mirror

As shown in into this is my favorite and what would be my pick if looking for a dark wooden Armorie. The lockable feature sales it for me. I also like that the mirror is sturdy and can be hooked at bottom to allow it to stay at different angles.

Belham Living Bordeaux Locking Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire
Belham Living Bordeaux Locking Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire

* Four full ring shelves

* Three open areas built specifically for bracelets and watches.

* Three separate areas for earrings.

* Two rows for necklace storage with extra storage pouch underneath.

* Has six small vertically stacked drawers for extra storage space.


Large Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Mirror - Other Styles of Stand Up Jewelry Boxes with Mirror

The larger standing jewelry boxes with mirrors do take up more space then ones that are put on the dresser but they can also give you space as well. No more clutter on the dresser, with a large standing jewelry amoire you are sure to find space for even the small items that end up on top of the dresser.

What To Know Before Buying a Jewelry Mirror Stand For Someone As A Gift

When buying a gift we always have a good mind set to find something that person will love and use. However sometimes are good intentions get the best of us. Here are few things to know when picking out a stand up mirror stand jewelry box.

  1. Does she have enough room in the bedroom for the standing mirror.
  2. Will she need room for lots of jewelry. Some have bigger storage areas then others. However, do not worry to much about this because if she has a huge amount of jewelry she probably has a secondary way of storing jewelry as well.
  3. Does she have a favorite type of wood or is her bedroom a specific color? For example if all her bedroom d├ęcor is painted white then a black floor mirror may look a little off.

Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Box Reviews

Reviews and Questions About Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Boxes

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