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The Attraction of Star Tattoos

Updated on June 26, 2014

Why people like star tattoos

Similar to flower tattoos, star tattoos, in general, arel not conducive to making statements by those who embrace them. There are exceptions, for example, with nautical military star tattoos. Otherwise the star tattoo design of choice is just a matter of taste, such as displaying stars as constellations on the body.

The trend for star tattoos is definitely dark lines and dark fill-in color, although you do catch an occasional set of tattoo stars which are solid colors, or those that include color in their outline, or in other images related to the stars in the tattoo.

Having said all that, for those that do attach meaning to star tattoos, there are the ones that hold a significant reason for not only having a star tattoo, but what that particular star means.

One of the unique characteristics of star tattoos is the number of points a star has, which, for those choosing it, could mean something important.

Nautical Star Tattoo

In more superstitious times, a nautical star was believed to provide guidance for those traveling on their way home from a distance, and for sailors had a lot of meaning, as well as others.

As a symbol, many sailors still have it inked on their skin as a representation of returning home from the sea.

The nautical star tattoo has also been considered a talisman of protection.

Nautical star tattoo
Nautical star tattoo

Unique Colorful Star Tattoos

star and musical note tattoo
star and musical note tattoo

The Star of David Tattoo

This is especially important to Jews and some Christians as a symbol of David at the time he defeated the giant Goliath in battle, which changed the tide of the war.

It's a tribute to the intervention of God on behalf of the Israelites against their enemies.

The star has six points, which is called a hexagram.

Star of David Tattoo
Star of David Tattoo

The septagram or seven pointed star tattoo

For those with a mystical bent, the septagram or seven pointed star tattoo is a favorite.

In a number of religious instances the number 7 is very important and symbolic, including Christianity and Hindi.

Septagram or seven-sided tattoo
Septagram or seven-sided tattoo

Pentagram Star Tattoo

The pentagram itself exists in controversy and strong feelings, so those with a pentagram tattoo will experience that as well, depending on how it is applied in the skin.

What I mean by that is when it is pointed down, as most people know, it is believed by many to be a satanic symbol. While when facing the upward direction, is connected to telling a story, having magical properties and a sign of protection.

Harmony and balance are also part of the belief concerning pentagrams.

Pentagram Tattoo
Pentagram Tattoo

Octogram Star Tattoo

In its more benign symbol, the octogram has been embraced by firefighers in America, but for the most part it's a symbol deeply rooted in ancient paganism, and portrays the idea of being filled, fulfilled or fullness.

star tattoos on woman's breast
star tattoos on woman's breast

Nanogram Star Tattoo

The nanogram is a star with nine points, and is connected to Norse mythology. Another obvious but uncertain tie is to the nine planets.

Characteristics represented in the nanogram is what we have accomplished in life and being stable. 


star tattoos on shoulder and arms
star tattoos on shoulder and arms

Shooting Star Tattoos

A popular star tattoo for those that get them for a purpose is a shooting star tattoo.

Just like when we see a shooting star in the sky, it contains the idea of something important and significant happening in your life across a broad spectrum; it could relate to anything.

This tattoo is many times inked on in response to these particular significant moments.

shooting star tattoo in ear
shooting star tattoo in ear

Star Tattoo Designs

Like I mentioned in the beginning, most star tattoos are chosen just because people enjoy stars and how they look.

But if you like stars and like to find something of meaning with them, there are a number of meanings and resultant designs connected to a variety of different star types.

Either way, star tattoos look fantastic and are a great option for those seeking a tattoo theme that can be used in combination with many other elements to create a great tattoo design.


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    • profile image


      12 years ago

      or in my case, my name actually means star. it is frustrating to get a tattoo that is significant to me and then to see so many others who have them because they're "cute"


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