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Steampunk Clothes Women

Updated on October 6, 2012

Steampunk Fashion

Where to get steampunk clothes for women : all steampunk fashion, steampunk clothing.

Steampunk is a rapidly expanding sub-genre of science fiction that has enjoyed a tremendous growth of popularity in the last few years. For some though, it is more than good fiction; it is becoming a way of life. It has bled over into areas as unlikely as technology, art, music, and even fashion.

Steampunk defies definition because it is, many things for many different people. It is loosely based on an alternate history, where technological advances in victorian society (1837-1901) far outpaced the reality of the time.

Steampunk Clothes : Women

Steampunk attire for women is based on Victorian-era clothing style, but incorporates elements of the industrial. Brass gears, fittings, leather and rivets are plentiful in steampunk fashion. Certain designers have described steampunk in general as the junction of romance and technology.

Anything anachronistic and fictional are both mixed as well as matched with diverse elements. For example, it's totally acceptable for women to wear baby t-shirts with bustle skirts, goggles or corsets along with pantaloons plus riding boots. Steampunk attire can range from brown and neutral colors to deep and bold ones. It has a tendency to sport multiple layers with only a little skin exposure. Although hints of cleavage are often present, having high necklines is a must, as well as having your legs covered by stockings.


Anachronistic, Fictional, Victorian, Sci-Fi

The Clockwork Bra Corset | Handcrafted Leather Corset

The Clockwork Bra Corset | Handcrafted Leather Corset
The Clockwork Bra Corset | Handcrafted Leather Corset

Steampunk Corsets

Although these weren't introduced during Victorian times, the narrow-waisted silhouettes they give is a trademark of the era. Custom corsets cost a lot but the off-the-rack varieties are more affordable and have a wider availability. Cotton, pinstripe and velvet corsets all possess a steampunk vibe. In the modern times, corsets are often considered outerwear and in the context of steampunk, you will see them worn over blouses or shifts. Short boleros or shrugs can also be worn with corsets, acting as a way to give added coverage and to show less skin.

Black Faux Leather Fashion Boned Corset M
Black Faux Leather Fashion Boned Corset M

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Classic and gorgeous. Style lifts and supports the bust, draws in waist, flattens tummy.


Steampunk Corset International Shipping

Steampunk Corset International Shipping
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Bustle Skirts

Bustle skirts provide the other half of the characteristic female silhouette in the victorian area. These skirts could be either straight in a "pencil" style, or round and full circle with many variations in between. One modern version seen today includes miniskirts with gathered lace back pieces attached.

Steampunk Clothes Women - The Hats - Victorian-era hats

The small ladies' hat is one of the most recognizable steampunk fashion accessory. Victorian-era hats were ornate and came with beads, feathers, flowers and lace. For that steampunk look, you can add different brass fittings. Top hats also fit in quite well with it and can be accented with buckles and feathers, among other things.

Steampunk Boots

Knee or laced-up boots suggest a classic style without looking dull. Just about anything with buckles and buttons may work as well. Having stacked heels are preferred to stilettos for the steampunk look, as are flats and mid-height heels.

Steampunk Clothes Women

How to Dress Steampunk

If the open array of options haven't scared you off yet, its time to learn the basics of how to dress steampunk. Even though there is not a set list of standards to follow, you'll want to adhere to some basic guidelines to get started. Here's a quick checklist of things to remember when building out your steampunk wardrobe.

Color by COLOURlovers

Solid Colors

If there is one thing steampunk fashionistas all have in common, it's their love of solids. That means whether you are wearing trousers, shirts, cardigans or skirts, if you want to dress steampunk you are going to have to stick with solid colors. Flee from flowers or abstract designs, although there is room for a very small amount of black Victorian lace or modest pinstripes. But when in doubt, go without.

Muted Colors Work Best

A quick Cliff Notes version of steampunk colors include black, brown, gray, green, blue and tan. The Victorians have been known to love their colors as well, so there really is no shame if you want to add red, yellow or purple to your wardrobe colors. However, you just want to make sure that they're not too brash and you will be fine.

Steampunk - International Shipping

Steampunk - International Shipping
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Steampunk Jewelry

Your steampunk attire can be further enhanced with jewelry that's creative as well as elaborate. Jewelry fitting in well with your steampunk attire may incorporating brass fittings, buttons as earrings, clock faces, cogs and gears, keys, necklaces, as well as pins or broaches. Classic jewelry is good too. Rings should look heavy as well as ornate.


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