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Steampunk Jewelry Gifts

Updated on December 12, 2017

Use Retro Steampunk Jewelry to Update Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe can be fashionably upgraded by adding Steampunk jewelry and accessories that are both creative and elaborate.

Jewelry fitting in nicely together with your Steampunk attire could incorporate items like brass fittings, buttons as earrings, clock faces, cogs and gears, keys, necklaces, or pins and broaches.

Classic antique jewelry is great as well. Rings and other jewelry accessories like necklaces should gravitate towards a heavy and ornate look.

Read on for a few more tips on Steampunk style jewelry and a little about the history behind it.

Necklace With Steampunk Style Clock Pendant
Necklace With Steampunk Style Clock Pendant | Source

Steampunk Jewelry Basics

Before we discuss choosing your style of Steampunk jewelry, let me tell you a little bit about the phrase "Steampunk".

The term was first used in the 1980s and derives inspiration from the Victorian era when steam power had been invented. The era was initially governed by various beautiful art forms on one side, and technological improvements on the other. The phrase "Steampunk" was coined keeping in mind these two major developments of the era.

The popularity of this movement has been bolstered by an increase in the interest for some of the science fiction writings that were published in the Victorian era, including the likes of H.G Wells and Jules Verne.

Usually, you will discover mainly women wearing Steampunk jewelry, since it reflects strength along with femininity and intelligence. As you would likely imagine, countless designs of Steampunk jewelry get their cue from the Victorian era with the use of steam power as the driving force behind the whole lifestyle.

It's tough to imagine that jewelry created from elements of steam power can make attractive pieces of jewelry! Nevertheless, there is currently a large and growing following of men and women interested in this style of jewelry.

Nautical Steampunk Pendants
Nautical Steampunk Pendants | Source

Steampunk Jewelry - Inspired by the Victorian Era

This popular jewelry fashion began "picking up steam" around 2010 and has been building ever since.

Combining Victorian elegance and mechanical parts, almost any woman who's attracted to having different kinds of elaborate jewelry will certainly want to add some Steampunk inspired gear to her jewelry box.

Most Steampunk jewelry is generally a variety of old watch gears, small brass items, old-fashioned keys, machine parts, nuts and bolts, and other mechanical looking pieces. All of these materials give a mysterious and antique look to any jewelry piece.

Steampunk jewelry is usually a great convergence between modern and Victorian style jewelry. The look is without a doubt exciting, imaginative, and fashionable.

Creating your own jewelry can be quite fascinating and fun. Are you looking to make jewelry at home using items that have a Steampunk influence? Provided below are links to some good jewelry making books in case you would like to try it yourself.

Winged Steampunk Clock
Winged Steampunk Clock | Source

Steampunk Jewelry - A Timely Obession

Steampunk jewelry has a bit of an obsession with time. Therefore, watches of all types including wristwatches and pocket watches are usually popular. The fact is, clock parts are often used in the making of personal pieces of Steampunk jewelry. Gears and watch hands are widely-used to enhance larger pieces. Old-fashioned keys are quite popular much like pieces of antique cast-offs, like pill cases, thread cutters, and very small knives.

Steampunk jewelry attempts to reflect strength even though still appearing feminine and intelligent. The steampunk lifestyle gets its cues from the Victorian era and also speculates how the world would be different in the event that steam power had become the driving force behind our culture.

Science fiction authors including Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are very important influences inside Steampunk and its fashions. As a result, Steampunk jewelry usually has a restored, dark appearance.

Steampunk Cufflinks With Cogs and Gears
Steampunk Cufflinks With Cogs and Gears | Source

Steampunk Jewelry - Reflections of a Culture

Steampunk jewelry is created to reflect the unique fashion style of Steampunk enthusiasts. This kind of non-mainstream movement places great importance on beauty in a fairly unusual manner.

The jewelry found in the Steampunk subculture is frequently quite bold and sometimes aggressive in appearance.

Even so, designers continue to try to maintain at least a small amount of femininity within their jewelry designs.

Steampunk jewelry is often handmade and hardly ever mass-produced. As a result, it may be quite expensive, frequently $100 or higher for an individually made piece. On the other hand, you can sometimes find jewelers to create quality pieces that can be less expensive. Craft websites host several Steampunk jewelry artisans that often have offerings in a wide range of prices.

If you can't seem to find a piece that you like as well as being affordable, make it yourself. That is the great thing about Steampunk jewelry; you don't have to be a skilled jeweler to make beautiful and unusual Steampunk pieces.

Steampunk jewelry is an intriguing style that works vintage and restored pieces into something more modern and wearable. The fashion reflects a new subculture movement, cued by the invention of steam power in the Victorian era and the way it moved the world into the industrial age.

Elements of time like clock parts are featured prominently in the style. Old keys, parts of anything mechanical, timepieces ... all can be found in Steampunk. Little shiny pieces may be used and showing some age, while metals are usually darker and non-precious.

Steampunk jewelry can often be regarded as somewhat 'over the top.' This style is generally loud, esoteric, and attention-grabbing.

Steampunk jewelry has taken the imagination of beaders and jewelry makers for the past few years. It is often a style that can be characterized as romantic but edgy; industrial yet artistic. Steampunk can be described as the combination of any science-fiction book along with a romance novel adding equal parts metal and lace.

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