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Steampunk Fashion Tips

Updated on November 29, 2017

Tips to Follow When Dressing Steampunk

Bored with your current wardrobe? Looking for something a little different? I recommend that you take a look at some of the latest styles associated with the highly popular Steampunk fashion movement.

It's not as mysterious and far-fetched as it sounds.

What you will need to keep in mind is that Steampunk fashion is as a much about an "attitude" as it is about the clothes on your back or the hat on your head.

There are currently no set rules or guideline when it comes to Steampunk fashion, regardless of what some will lead you to believe.

The reason?

To start, most Steampunk fans are not the type to follow rules in the first place, and the whole spirit of Steampunk is one of individuality and departure from the norm.

Although there isn't any one set of rules you should go by, you should still follow some basic tips to get started.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when assembling your Steampunk wardrobe.

Solids Are Your Best Friend

Muted colors work best.

If there's something Steampunk fashionistas all share, it is a common love of solid colors. Whether you're sporting trousers, shirts, cardigans or skirts, if you want to look Steampunk you are going to want to stick mainly with solids.

Do away with the flowers and abstract designs. While there is room for a certain amount of Victorian lace or the occasional pin-striping here and there, when in doubt, it's best to go without.

Keeping these basic fundamentals in mind you'll be able to develop a distinctive and complementary wardrobe that fits your style. On top of that, Steampunk is easily integrated into a person's current wardrobe to provide a fun and stylish addition to your everyday look.

A quick list of Steampunk colors includes black, brown, gray, green, blue, and tan. The Victorians are well-known to love their bright and elegant colors, so there really isn't any shame if you wish to include reds, yellows or even purples to your wardrobe colors. Of course, you want to make certain that they are not too bold and you'll be good to go.

Steampunk Fest Roma 2014
Steampunk Fest Roma 2014 | Source

Corsets, Trousers and Other Things Steampunk

When deciding on your pants, use solid darks along with a button down shirts in airy whites. Then you simply need to include a few sci-fi or steam inspired items to thoroughly Steampunk yourself.

Ladies can expand their Steampunk attire immediately by buying a corset or two. A good place to purchase corsets is online. You can consider the big name retailers. However, your best deals, style selections, and size availability will likely be found through the smaller specialty stores found around the Internet.

If you live in an area or city that does not have a large Steampunk following, you may be tempted to walk around with gears in hand in order to try to describe it to people. Even though the temptation can there be, don't do this. You may appear like you're attempting to "sell" yourself and your beliefs. In addition, true Steampunks tend to be more concerned with expression rather than appeasing the social majority.

As an alternative, try to add gears to your accessories. By doing this, whether or not your style choices are recognized right away, adorning yourself fashionably using gears of some kind will certainly open up the chances for a conversation with those who are open-minded enough to have a purely natural curiosity.

Please remember the key principle in learning the best way to dress Steampunk: It isn't the clothing, it's about personal expression and individualism. So get imaginative and reinvent yourself!

Steampunk Couple
Steampunk Couple | Source

Backfitting One's Wardrobe to Portray Steampunk

Anything Victorian period is a great place to start.

Lengthy skirts with corsets for women and vests combined with breeches and suspenders for men are on the list of more prevalent styles of a Victorian time period.

Using brass along with wooden accouterments of ornate design is a fantastic way to accessorize.

These are remarkably forgiving materials to use, and it's also possible to create timepieces, gorgeous jewelry, and even cell phone covers to fit your garb.

Earth tones were quite common during the Victorian times. Brown and black natural leather belts, suspenders, as well as boots, totally shout 'Steampunk'.

Also, they are simple to match up with just about any kind of ensemble so they can certainly be a cost saving feature at the same time.

Lace on the ladies (and to a lesser degree on men) is yet another way to offer up a kind of Steampunk look with just the right touch.

Goggles - Are They Really a Necessity?

Not necessarily.

There's a difference between trendy and fashion-conscious. The fashion-conscious may adorn their necks with a pair of gaudy goggles and get every opportunity possible to let everyone know they're wearing them. This method tends to be entertaining and might fit in with certain situations or audiences, but could turn out to be painfully awkward when done at the wrong time or place.

An individual who is fashionable may instead find a pair of goggles and throw them in their backpack for future use. If a true Steampunker happens to be rock-climbing, drilling for oil, or powering an airship that day, they will most likely put the goggles on. In the event that their day is looking more ordinary, they'll most likely leave their goggles at home or perched on top of their head.

Steampunk Fest Roma - 2014
Steampunk Fest Roma - 2014 | Source

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Steampunk defies cookie-cutter characterization because it's many things for many differing people.

For the epitome of the Steampunk style, there are ways both for women and men to declare their particular affiliation.

Some sort of corset for the gals provides an aura associated with elegance once restricted to the upper class. However, in contrast to the Victorian time period, modern corsets tend to be worn over a blouse or dress as outerwear.

For the gentleman, a top hat may be the properly themed headwear. This is a sure method to help make an individual appear dapper, or perhaps one can appear less proper and roguish if it is put on at a jaunty angle along with a pair of goggles perched on the brim.

SteamPunk'd 2
SteamPunk'd 2 | Source

Steampunk Culture and Lifestyle

There are no stereotypes when it comes to Steampunk.

Quite a few have yet to connect with the Steampunk lifestyle, and few have had time to formulate an opinion yet. As opposed to goth, emo, preppy, or even professional, Steampunk doesn't instantly brand you to some predetermined label.

To people who don't know very well what it is, a heavily adorned style will simply appear playfully eccentric. To the people that are quite conscious of the Steampunk movement, your clothing provides for an immediate conversation piece and common ground.

Steampunk style is first about creative imagination. Use your imagination, Google 'Steampunk' for ideas, and even more importantly, have fun with the idea. It's your individuality which will, in the long run, determine whether or not it looks fantastic.

Steam Punk Costumes
Steam Punk Costumes | Source

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      Hal Gall 5 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      @lesliesinclair: Not sure what got me interested in Steampunk, but it seems pretty cool.

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      lesliesinclair 5 years ago

      sort of a restrained timeless fashion from yesteryear.