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The Best Steampunk Watch: 8 Top choices from Wristwatch to Pocketwatch

Updated on April 2, 2013

Alchemy, Gothic, Aviator Steampunk Style Wristwatches and Pocket Watches

A steampunk watch is a great piece of jewelry for, both men or women, who love the genre. It can be worn to events, as an accessory to a great outfit, but it can also be worn to work or in casual settings.

Some of these timepieces are very prolific and have a lot of style to them. There are also more subtle watches. There are timepieces with Victorian or Wild West details that look vintage or antique. From the first to the last, they are all amazing pieces for the steampunk lovers.

Which type of steampunk watches do you prefer?

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#8. Steampunk pocket watch

The one complaint I have about this timepiece and the reason it's so low on this list is that they made an error in the roman numering. They accidentally put a IIII instead of IV. It has been brought to the sellers attention but I'm not positive they fixed this issue at the time of writing. Buyer beware if that matters to you!

Otherwise this steampunk watch looks amazing. It comes with a cute chain that is about 11" and a necklace leather cord that is about "33. The watch is mechanical powered, which I love in general with watches but most of all with a steampunk watch. The watch itself is about 2" in diameter and has a pretty sturdy case.

#7. Steampunk Pocket Watch

This is a gorgeous pocket watch pendant. It doesn't come with a chain though, so you'll have to shop separately for that or use one you already have. The vintage style heart shaped watch case is adorable and this makes a truly sweet valentines or birthday gift for a girlfriend who is into romantic jewelry(hint: yeah she probably is...).

#6. Half Hunter Pocket Watch

This is a half hunter pocket watch renaissance style pocket watch. It has a skeleton dial with the roman numerals display that give it such a classic look. The see through to the golden colored mechanical movement is very cool.

The timepiece comes with a long metal chain 14.5" in length. When you receive it you have to hand wind the mechanism which adds a lot to the charm of this watch.

It's perfect as a gift to a loved one, a retirement gift or as a anniversary present.

#5. Orb Steampunk Watch

This watch has been put inside a crystal orb. It looks very cool, the orb magnifies the movement, and is attached to a long leather cord. (27.5"). Inside it tells the time by a hand wound mechanical movement. The dial looks great with roman numerals and a bronze tone case for the classic looks. Excellent gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is defintely a unisex timepiece. That can be used as a pocket watch, necklace or even as a little deskclock or hanging clock.

#4. Gothic Wristwatch

This is the most gothic style wristwatch in this line up but I wanted to feature it because of the stylish dial and the very prolific bracelet. Surely there will be many fans of the intricate bracelet. The watch is a tribute to the warriors of the North and the watch is powered with a solid quartz movement, which gives it modern reliability but a little less charm.

#3. Steampunk Pocket Watch

On the backside the watch is less appealing but if you use it as a pocket watch that is not a big deal. However on the front: Brass blades give this pocket watch it's distinct steampunk look. Meanwhile its powered by a quartz movement. The watch is sweet from the front, very detailed and with movement and a lot of steampunk style to it.

#2. Aviator Goggles Steampunk Watch

This is a no hold barred Steampunk aviator design. It looks like a pair of pilot goggles with the dual dials that feature a brass sundial and on the other an regular watch face. Powered by a quartz movement. The face of the watch is about 17mm wide and the band too. Very stylish steampunk accessory.

1#. Steam Powered Gothic Watch

Well it's not really steam powered but it had me fooled for a minute. This is an amazing piece of craftmanship. The turbine can be opened to show the watch face, that lokos like a pressure meter and even the bracelet is highly detailed. Very beautiful steampunk watch that many a fan of the genre would "kill" to wear.



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