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Stick On Eye Shadow

Updated on September 16, 2014

Stick On Eye Makeup That Dazzles!

Instantly have a beautiful sultry look by just peeling your shadow off of a film backing and then put it on your lids!

Well, this does exist! Here are just some of the awesome looks. The looks here are really out there and are meant to wear for fun or fantasy but there are some everyday colors you can wear as well as the fun fantasy looks.

Sexy Pink Glitter Eyes

Sexy And Exotic Stick On Eye Makeup Looks

Get Attention with these exotic eye shadow looks!

There are so many sexy and exotic looks for your eyes with these stick on eye shadow kits! Take a look at all of the fun exotic styles.

There is the Blaze Glitter Eyes set, the sexy Passion Pink Glitter Eyes, the Xotic Eyes Ice Queen look and the Xotic Eyes Cheetah look!

Wear them with a Costume for Halloween or if you like the Gothic look it's really fun to wear with your outfits. Also wear them if you are dressing up for a party or just for fun! There's no doubt that you will get lots of attention when you wear this look on your eyes!

Personally, I would wear the blaze glitter eyes and only for a Halloween costume but you could wear these for other events like dress up parties, parades or for shows too!

Exotic Blue Glitter Jewel Eyes

Exotic Rhinestone Cat Eye Look

Exotic Ice Queen Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Sexy Goth Eye Makeup Look

Exotic Pink Cat Eyes

Color On Professional Peel Off Eye Shadow - Toned down stick on eye shadow for a more natural eye shadow look.

Each look in this collection of out-of-this-world patterns are comprised of three complimentary shades to create true professional eye shadow looks.


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