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5 Stores Like Urban Outfitters

Updated on February 23, 2015

Stores Like Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a popular online & Brick & Mortar retailer that sells fashion as well as furniture and interior decorations. It is truly an awesome store and one of my favorite places to shop online.

There are quite a few fashion stores that also have apartment sections like Urban outfitters and I will be listing them here! Be sure to vote on your favorite store like Urban Outfitters and also feel free to suggest any other stores to add to the list!

Stores like urban outfitters - modcloth
Stores like urban outfitters - modcloth

Featured Store - Modcloth

unique vintage styles...but a little expensive

I really do love modcloth. They have some really unique styles that you probably won't find anywhere else + they only get their stock from indie designer labels which is something that I can respect.

They also have a cool "apartment" section similar to Urban Outfitters which deals with various home decor'e and furniture. Even if you find their stuff a little to expensive, it's still a nice place to browse.

stores like urban outfitters
stores like urban outfitters

Featured Store - 80's Purple

a little more expensive than urban

80's purple has been around since 2005 and has grown into quite a popular online fashion boutique.

It currently only has one physical store, which is Located in Huntington beach California--and everything is coordinated from that one spot. Which is pretty cool considering that 80's purple has a customer base that is international: with fans from places like Japan, Australia and the U.K making purchases everyday.

Anyway, i'd like to say that they list prices similar to Urban Outfitters but in reality Urban is a bit cheaper. At 80's purple you will be looking to pay anywhere between $80 - $200 for a dress. They do have free shipping over $99 however, and there is usually a %10 discount on most items.

Nasty Gal

nice vibe and affordable styles

I won't lie--Nasty Gal is no Forever 21 when it comes to cheap prices, they aren't quite as expensive as say: modcloth for example, in fact, they are pretty similar to Urban Outfitters when it comes to value.

Something that puts nasty gal ahead in my books is that they offer free domestic shipping on orders over $50 (I love it when stores do that), but to bad if you live in Canada.

They also usually have some great sales (non seasonal) and you can choose to shop by price: $10, $15, $20 and $30 bargain bins.

lf is similar to urban outfitters
lf is similar to urban outfitters

LF - LFStores

doesn't have a store online

When I was doing some research for this lens I asked some people on a forum I visit what their favorite stores like urban outfitters were--LF was quite a popular response and so that is why it made my list, because quite honestly I had never heard of it previously.

I can't really say much about this store aside from it's styles because they don't do any business online--so I have no idea what their pricing is like. And as far as styles go, you'd be better off taking a peek at their latest look books on their website. If you like what you see, check out their store locator.

h&m is like urban outfitters
h&m is like urban outfitters


affordable swedish owned fashion retailer

I'm guessing that you've probably heard of H&M, they are pretty big in the fashion world. I have to say that I have never really browsed their website prior to writing this lens (let alone bought anything) but at first glance I am really impressed with H&M.

Their styles are really quite cool and mature and edgy yet don't have the big price tag's that are usually attached to that kind of fashion. H&M looks like a great place to shop, and with similar prices to urban outfitters (cheaper actually) they've just earned a new customer (me).

If you know of a great store that you think should make my list then please go ahead and suggest it! I'd love to make this lens a top 10 list!

Suggest stores like urban outfitters?

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      I would suggest Shop Felyne! I love this store... it carries the same things as LF and Nasty Gal but it's way more affordable!