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Straw Bucket or Bell Hat

Updated on February 20, 2017

Straw Hats for Women

The bucket hat first appeared on the fashion scene in the 1908. It is a fitted bell shaped hat that saw popularity through the 1920s and into the early 30s. About five years ago the bell hat has reappeared on the fashion scene. The bucket hat of the 21st century usually will have a slightly turned up brim and may be made of many different materials. This showcase page will highlight the straw cloche hat for summer or tropical wear.

Please note that these are cheap straw hats and are affordable enough to buy a different cloche for each summer dress you have.

The straw cloche is a very feminine look and is an alternative to the fedora which is popular with women.

Norma's Hat Shape is Like Mine

Norma Shearer Poster by shelbysemail2

For my eyes I need a short rim, any hat with a substantial rim puts my eyes into shadow and the eyes loss all sparkle and shape.

The bell hat is the first hat that got a go ahead from my husband. I bought a bell at a water park and a 21 1/2 inch fits me without falling down to my eyes.

I am not going to get full sun coverage on my nose all the time, but getting some protection from bright sun is good for the scalp and ears.

Buy This Hat in Four Beautiful Hues

Womens 100% Paper Straw Feather Accent Cloche Bucket Bell Summer Hat
Womens 100% Paper Straw Feather Accent Cloche Bucket Bell Summer Hat

Under $20.00 in black, brown, hot pink and natural. Eligible for free shipping.

Image from
Image from

The Summer Hat Comes in Many Colors

Get one for every color you like to wear. My choice was the bright pink which goes fine with dark blues, blacks, whites, well everything except red.

The only minus is I paid about $10 more for mine, but I will get my next one from online order so it will be cheaper. This hat packed well. I put clothes inside and put it sideways and the shape did not get crushed.

For Fall 2016 I wore this hat for a #tickettothetwenties Festival and all I did to get it into like new shape was dampen the hat and stuffed it with a towel. After it was dry the shape was perfect.

Do You Care What Is On Your Head?

Am I Too Fussy, Or Should I Just Cover and Done with It?

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© 2012 Sherry Venegas

Straw Bucket Hat for the Summertime

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