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Stretch Mark Removal Cream to Buy

Updated on February 17, 2013

Stretch Mark Removal Creams

Being pregnant brings plenty of changes to the body, most of which tend to return back to the way they were a while after the baby is born. One of those changes, which is the most noticeable one of all, the growing tummy, brings with it a change that often does not return to the way it was and that's the stretch marks that many pregnant women end up with when everything else returns to its regular size and shape.

For many women, this is just one of those things that happens and there seems little you an do about it. If you're gonna get them, you're gonna get them is a popular notion.

But that's not necessarily the case and there are some preventive things you can do to either reduce the likelihood of them coming or even prevent it altogether. Sure some women are more susceptible than others, same as most things as we're all built a little different to the next person. By using preventative creams, not over eating just for the sake of it, being sensible about taking some light exercise and making sure you are well hydrated by drinking lots of water are all good ways of reducing the chances of getting stretch marks.

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But when they appear, they appear. Then you can either just put up with them and accept its just a natural part of the human reproductive process, or you can seek out ways to reduce their appearance or take the final and most drastic step of surgery.

This page looks at one method of reducing their appearance without taking the more drastic and costly last resort, by using some of the very good stretch mark removal creams that are available nowadays.

Does Stretch Mark Removal Cream Work?

Post pregnancy stretch marks can be effective reduced and even removed when you use a good quality stretch mark removal cream.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are generally a post pregnancy skin problem, and one which can cause considerable distress to women that have them. Stretch marks are in actual fact linear scars, which can affect the thin upper layer of the skin. They are caused by a rapid stretching of the skin. This is mainly associated with pregnancy, although it can also be associated with obesity, when the weight gain happens fast. It can also occur during puberty growth spurts and other kinds of rapid weight gain, such as that which takes places with weight lifters and body builders.

So when these stretch marks initially show on the skin, they appear as purple or reddish uneven lines. They then begin to fade with age and will eventually change to a silvery color. Those areas of skin that are affected then appear empty and they are soft to the touch.

Treating Stretch Marks

It’s important to first be aware that the layer of skin needing to be treated is made up of three layers. These are the epidermis, or the top layer, the dermis or the middle layer and lastly the subcutaneous stratum or the inner layer.

The dermis, or middle layer is responsible for helping the skin to keep its shape. So when the skin gets stretched as in pregnancy, it becomes less elastic and the dermis becomes less supportive. This causes dermal and epidermal tearing which heal the same way any wound would heal with the creation of scar tissue.

This scar tissue is what we see and know as stretch marks. There are now some very effective creams that work extremely well in helping to heal and reduce the appearance of this scar tissue.

Stretch marks tend to appear in those areas of the body containing the highest amounts of fat storage, the most common areas being the tummy, breasts, upper arms, underarms, buttocks, hips and the outer and inner thighs. A good quality stretch marks cream is able to take care of stretch marks in all these areas and more.

Did You Use Cream to Remove Stretch Marks?

Did You Use Cream to Remove Stretch Marks?

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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks with Stretch Mark Removal Cream

There are a number of options when it comes to the effective treatment of stretch marks. The one we'll focus on here is the use of a good quality stretch marks cream.

When you're completely serious about wanting to get rid of stretch marks, you are probably best advised to use one of the guaranteed effective types of stretch mark creams specially formulated for stretch mark removal, such as Revitol stretch mark cream. This should be done under the care of a professional dermatologist or skin care professional.

They can advise you on what your best options will be. They will take your comprehensive medical history, which will include any medications you are currently taking. That's because some medications, such as steroids and some hormones, may react in a negative way, so it's always important to be honest with your doctor.

You have to be aware that the level of success of any kind of stretch mark removal treatment is going to be influenced in some way by your skin tone, your age, whether you smoke or not and your diet.

For prevention of stretch marks, there are many over-the-counter creams and treatments. These treatments include Vitamin E oil, butter lotion, coconut oil, olive oil remedy, cocoa butter and Aloe Vera products. There are a good number of stretch marks cream reviews that can be found online that praise their value to preventing stretch marks throughout pregnancy.

You may also find some relatively newly developed kinds of stretch mark cream products. These are generally only available online or by prescription from your doctor such as Trilastin or Strivectin-SD. These are valuable treatments for the removal of stretch marks, although before trying any new products, you should always first seek professional medical advice.

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