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style snaps

Updated on January 2, 2011

style snaps

If you cannot tell I am absolutely obsessed with As Seen On TV products and I also love fashion which is why I do my quarterly fashion posts. When you combine clothes with as seen on tv products like Style Snaps then you have something I will probably end up obsessed with. So what are Style Snaps and why would you want to buy Style Snaps?

Unlike the perfect fit button, Style Snaps as seen on tv are a solution to having to have clothes tailored, hemmed or mended. While the perfect fit button only allows you to expand the waistline on a pair of pants, Style Snaps are reusable and able to be placed on pants, shirts, suits and other clothes. What they are are little plastic snaps that click together and allow you to fold up pant legs so that they don't have to be tailored.

Style Snaps are awesome because you not only save money by not having to have clothes tailored, but when you go to the store and want to buy designer clothes that only come in long legs, you now don't have to wait for them to get tailored since you can use Style Snaps as seen on tv to instantly fold the pants legs or skirt hem up so that they hang at the perfect length. What else is great about style snaps are that you can use them on a suit or button up shirt to hold the fabric flat.

When you gain and lose weight during the year and sit down, you may notice extra fabric or wrinkles or folds showing with the buttons. If you use style snaps to hold the fabric flat so that your clothes look better then you don't have to worry about your clothes showing the weight gain or loss.

Style Snaps are one as seen on tv product that I will definitely be buying once they hit retail stores. If you buy style snaps or have bought them and loved or hated them, feel free to leave a comment below about style snaps as seen on tv.


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