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Stylish Leopard Print Baby Outfits

Updated on September 15, 2014

Leopard print clothing for babies is cute, playful and just plain fun

Leopard print baby outfits look just darling on babies of all ages. Leopard is always a popular look and designers have elaborated on the classic pattern by incorporating roses, lace and ruffles to create fashionable outfits for your baby.

I'm a lifelong fan of leopard and always have at least one piece of leopard clothing in my wardrobe at all times. Naturally I also adore dressing my daughter in leopard as well.

On this page you'll find some of the cutest outfits for babies and toddlers in leopard and cheetah print. I'll share some of my thoughts on how fashion rules are different for babies with regards to wearing leopard, what colors go best with leopard and the difference between leopard, cheetah and jaguar print.

If you're searching for adorable leopard dresses, bloomers, leggings or swimsuits, you'll find that here. There are several leopard print baby outfit sets that come with matching hats with ears (too cute!). Many of the styles come in sizes ranging from newborn to toddler (some up to 4T).

If you're looking for leopard print baby accessories such as diaper bags, nursery décor and carriers, check out Playful Leopard Print Baby Gear.

Step in to the wild and enjoy a safari of leopard print looks for babies.

Image: Rose Leopard Print Party Dress from Amazon


Leopard 'Fashion Rules' are More Relaxed for Infants

You have a little more leeway with baby outfits

When a woman chooses an outfit with leopard print, she has to think about whether or not it is work appropriate and whether it is too provocative for the occasion. Unless she is Gwen Stefani or Nicki Minaj, she can't wear more than one piece of leopard clothing unless she is combining accessories.

But dressing a little girl in leopard is very different. Babies and toddlers are so sweet and innocent that leopard, even though it is a bold pattern, is extremely adorable.

Infants can get away with wearing several pieces of leopard at the same time so long as a balanced look is achieved. When creating a look for your child, you want to make sure the eye has a place to rest. If your child is wearing leopard leggings, then her top should be plain or have leopard trim. You don't want the whole outfit to be leopard. But you can add a leopard headband or hair bow provided the prints are a close match.

Leopard print for small children can be embellished with other motifs. You'll see several instances on this page where leopard is combined with butterflies or flowers. This is a gorgeous look for little girls but is a no-no for women (perhaps excepting the rare piece with black rosettes).

Babies and toddlers can also get away with wearing shiny or sparkly leopard. As an adult, I would never wear sparkly leopard because it would look tacky on me. But, sparkly leopard shoes or sparkly leopard party dresses look oh-so-cute on little girls. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that sparkly leopard will command more attention than matte leopard, so bear that in mind when accessorizing or combining with other clothing.

Image: Leopard, Public Domain Image from Pixabay

Leopard Satin Petti Romper for Babies & Toddlers - Perfect outfit for photos

I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous outfit. It's stylish, cute and absolutely perfect for special occasions and photo sessions.

The straps are lace and the leopard ruffles are accented by a chocolate bow.

Based on customer reviews the material is very soft and comfortable.

Available for babies 6 - 12 months and for toddlers 1 - 2 years and 2 - 3 years.

Buy the Infant Leopard Lace & Satin Petti Romper from Amazon

Leopard Baby Tutu & Top - Pink Leopard Print

PanDaDa Baby Girls Tutu Skirt Leopard Lace Ballet Skirt Blouse T-shirt 1-4 Year
PanDaDa Baby Girls Tutu Skirt Leopard Lace Ballet Skirt Blouse T-shirt 1-4 Year

Pink and leopard go so well together. This tutu skirt and top would look absolutely adorable for a portrait. The outfit includes a pink leopard print tutu with pink trim and ribbon accent at the waist. The top is white with pink florettes to match the trim on the skirt. There is also a brown leopard version of this outfit. Available in 1-2 year, 2-3 year and 3-4 year sizes.


Colorful Leopard Party Dresses for Babies & Toddlers

Leopard with vibrant green, fuchsia and red

Some of these gorgeous dresses have just a hint of leopard while others have animal print as the main feature. This is great because you can choose just how much leopard you want your daughter to wear. If you've never bought leopard before and are unsure about it, you may want to start out with a dress with leopard accents or trim. Pairing leopard with bright colors became a popular fashion trend for 2013 and the popularity of this colorful combo is holding strong through 2014. These dresses have lots of eye catching color:

Leopard Print Baby Coat
Leopard Print Baby Coat

What Colors Pair Well with Leopard?

Color Coordination

Leopard print is very versatile. It's color scheme is neutral so it pairs well with pretty much any color. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Black or White: Combine leopard with black or white and you have a look that's timeless.

Red: Leopard combines beautifully with many shades of red.

Earth Tones: Leopard looks fabulous with brown, rust, olive or sky blue.

Pastels: Pastels work great with leopard and are perfect for little girls. Pink, purple, aqua, pale yellow.

Bright Colors: Leopard print combined with bright colors is a big fashion trend for 2013 (you will see this throughout this page, particularly with the dresses and swimsuits). So take your bold and bright colors (yes, including neon) and freely combine with leopard.

If the print is a colored variety, such as pink or blue leopard, then pair accordingly with that color and be sure not to include too many different colors or the outfit may get a bit busy looking.

Because kids grow so fast, you'll have plenty of opportunity to experiment with styles and colors. I usually aim to have between two and five items of animal print clothing at any stage, a few leopard and one or two zebra print.

My daughter has just outgrown last season's clothing so I've been on the prowl (sorry, pun intended!) for some new leopard clothing. I recently purchased this jacket which I think we'll get a lot of use out of. It's still a bit chilly now and it'll be perfect for cooler summer evenings. It's a somewhat subdued print and as you can tell I love pairing it with color. I think it looks fantastic with pink and purple. She also has some black leggings that will look great with it too.

Image: © Tara Wojtaszek, 2013. My daughter modelling her new clothes: a leopard print denim jacket, pink t-shirt and purple leggings. It's still a little big on her but she has plenty of room to grow this summer.

Leopard Print Baby Bloomers - Stylish Diaper Covers

If you just want a small amount of leopard, then combining a printed diaper cover with a solid colored swing top is a great way to go.

Leopard Print Baby Accessories

Animal Print Shoes, Hats, Hair Bows and Headbands

Leopard and cheetah accessories including bows, headbands, hats and shoes can add a whole new dimension to any baby outfit, but it is possible to go overboard. For a guide to accessorizing with leopard and some of the cutest baby accessories, check out:

Fashionable Leopard Print Baby Accessories
Leopard print baby accessories can be a really cute addition to a baby or toddler's outfit, but it can be easy to overdo it. On this page you'll find some t...

Coral Leopard Print Bubble Top and Leggings - Leopard Looks Great with Soft Pastels

Rare Editions Baby Baby Girls' Cheetah Print Legging Set
Rare Editions Baby Baby Girls' Cheetah Print Legging Set

Leopard also looks fabulous in different colors. This coral leopard set is adorable and perfect for summer wear. The set comes with an asymmetrical chiffon bubble top with ruffle detail and ribbon bow accent. The matching knitted pants have a coral leopard ruffle near the bottom. Available for infant girls in 12 month and 24 month sizes.


Toddler & Baby Leopard Print Swim Suits - Stylish leopard bathing suits for infants

Bunz Kids Little Girls'  Leopard One-Piece Swimsuit and Skirt Set
Bunz Kids Little Girls' Leopard One-Piece Swimsuit and Skirt Set

Two piece leopard bathing suit set with overskirt. Brown leopard print with fringe accent. Hand wash only. For toddlers from 2T to 4T.


Leopard Print Baby Sleeper

Little Me Baby Girls'  Leopard Footed Sleeper
Little Me Baby Girls' Leopard Footed Sleeper

100% cotton pink leopard footed sleeper with pink ruffled trim and heart accent. Available in 'Preemie' and 'Newborn' as well as 3, 6 and 9 months sizes.


Leopard Print Baby Outfit - Romper and Hat Set - Red and Brown Baby Milano Leopard Print Set

This matching romper and hat set would make a great gift for expectant parents. Red goes really well with leopard and the hat is reversible so you can either go completely leopard or tone down the outfit a bit with a solid colored hat. The listing described this as a baby girl outfit but I think it's gender neutral and would be fine for a baby boy. There is nothing about this outfit that screams 'baby girl'.

2 Piece Leopard Print Outfit from Amazon - Precious little leopard outfits with ears

2pc Bodysuit and Hat Set - (CHEETAH) Animal Prints Funky Baby Clothes
2pc Bodysuit and Hat Set - (CHEETAH) Animal Prints Funky Baby Clothes

Made from 100% cotton. Available in 3 - 6 month, 6 - 9 month, 9 - 12 month and 1 - 2 year sizes. Comes with a matching gift pouch.


Differences Between Cheetah, Leopard and Jaguar Print - Seeing Spots!

In fashion Leopard print is often mislabeled as 'Cheetah', especially when the spots are small and close together. Sometimes 'Jaguar' also gets labelled as 'Leopard'. But, there are differences between these patterns.

Cheetah (left): The spots on the cheetah are round, are one solid color and are evenly spaced. (Image: Public Domain Image from Pixabay)

Leopard (center): The spots are called 'rosettes' and are two-tone with a darker rim and a lighter color on the inside. (Image: by Hiasinho, used under CC 2.0)

Jaguar (right): A Jaguar's rosettes have a darker outline than a leopard's, sometimes there is a secondary color on the inside, and often there are spots within with center as well. They are also usually spaced further apart than those seen on a leopard. (Image: by HeyDanielle, used under CC 2.0)

Mud Pie Leopard Print Vest and Booties

The adorable little vest is perfect for that 'in between' weather when extra warmth is needed but it's not quite cold enough for a coat. The vest has a soft satin lining and a bejeweled snap closure at the front.

The booties are a perfect match. But, they are only available in 0 - 6 month and 6 - 12 month sizing so the combination is ideal for babies. For toddlers you can either seek out another leopard match or pair with a solid color.

Leopard Print Snowsuit for Newborn Babies

Juicy Couture Baby Baby-Girls Newborn Snowsuit
Juicy Couture Baby Baby-Girls Newborn Snowsuit

This adorable leopard snowsuit has a faux fur lined hood, zippered front and "Juicy" engraved clasp. For babies 0 - 3 months.


Find Leopard Coats and Boots for Infants:

Winter Fashion: Leopard Print Baby Coats and Boots
Leopard print baby coats and boots are fashionable items to have in your child's winter wardrobe. Whether you have one or the other, or both depends on the p...

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