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15 Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands

Updated on April 5, 2013

List of Sulphate or Sulfate Free Hair Products

If you have been looking for a Sulfate Free product within all Shampoo Brands, you will have found out the majority of shampoo's is full of chemicals.

To help you find the perfect product for your type of hair, I've put together a list of Organic, Natural, SLS free or Vegan Shampoos. All with a different focus but with one thing in common: 100% Sulfate Free.

#1. L'oreal is also an Sulphate Free Shampoo Brand

Perhaps not best known for their sulfate free shampoos, L'oreal does make them. This is an excellent 100% sulfate-free shampoo with bio-ceramide complex, natural botanicals and no harsh salts in there. The formula is designed to strengthen your hair and give it a silky feel. Suitable even for those with a vegan lifestyle.

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#2. Tigi Bed Head Superstar

Tigi Bed Head is a sulfate free product that will help keep your hair color in and give you a lot of volume. If you've had a keratin treatment this shampoo is a good choice to keep better results for longer. It smells like strawberry and for a sulfate free shampoo it produces a lot of foam.

#3. Dermorganic Sulfate Free Organic Shampoo

Dermorganic shampoo is powered by Argan oil, a moroccan natural product, which works really well for some people. It's even possible it cures seborrhea fo the scalp. The oil does add a fragrance to your hair but most people find it a pleasant smell. It feels very natural to lather your hair and you immediately experience the difference of a shampoo without chemicals compared to one that's built around them.

#4. Aveeno: Natural Shampoo against Dry Hair

Aveeno helps your hair to go back to it's optimal moisture levels. It refreshes and rebalances your hair which is apparent by the way it feels and looks. The sulfate-free formula is extremely easy on your scalp and health. A clean break from regular shampoo that helps greatly with dry hair.

#5. Joico: Sulfate Free Shampoo to Smooth your Hair

This is a smooth hair formula designed to combat curly, frizzy and coarse hair. It contains kerashield as an active ingredient which cleans your hair in a gentle way. Your hair will be soft, smooth and much more manageable.

#6. EO: SLS Free Organic Shampoo Brand

This shampoo has some of the strangest ingredients. I never heard of stuff like Gotu Kola (supposed to support healthy vibrant hair) or Quinoa protein which fortitfies, conditions and supports hair health. However it's SLS free and organic. No alcohols, parabens or silicones and at fair prices at that.

#7. It's a 10 is One of the Best: Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands

It has to be said this is not a cheap product. The "It's a 10" shampoo has a volumizing formula, which is completely sulfate free. Designed to nourish hair and deep cleanse it. Your hair will bounce with new vigour and have added shine and texture.

#8. Naturi Oil's is the 2011 Leading Personal Care Company

Thsi is a USDA certified organic shampoo. 100% botanical and sulfate free formula. It's so clean it doesn't even have a fragrance. Completely chemcial free it hydrates and revitalizes dry, damaged or stressed hair. Helps with itchy scalps and keeps your scalp in great condition without irritating or damaging it.

The proprietary Ayurvedic formula cleans your hair while it keeps it's health, volume, body and shine.

NaturOli has been honored by "Organic Spa Magazine" for its selection as a "2011 Leading Personal Care Company" in the natural & organic marketplace.


#9. No Poo Helps you Keep your Curls

No Poo is a special shampoo for those who have tender curls and want to keep them in great condition but at the same time require a sulfate free hair product. It cleans and conditions very well and helps with dry and damaged hair. It's scented with peppermint and turkish rose.

#10. Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

This is a favorite with hair stylists. Sulfate-free hydrating shampoo and conditioner set. Enjoy makes your hair smooth and silky again. It get rids of frizz and detangles hair. It's moisturizing and cleans gently with a ph value that is guaranteed to be gentle on any coloring you put in your hair.

#11. Sulfate and Paraben Free Shampoo Brand

This is a sulfate and paraben free shampoo based on Argan Oil. Agadir Argan Oil is very gentle on color treated hair because of the absence of chemicals affecting PH values. Your hair will be restored to it's natural moisturized, smooth and conditioned state. The oil has a strong pleasant fragrance that reminds me of Morocco. Great country. Worth a visit, if you ever have the opportunity.

#12. Organic Colour Vibrant Formula

Very mild sulfate free shampoo. Helps restore your hair and get in better condition. Very good product to use after a coloring service. Blue Lotus Root, EFA rich Perilla Seed Oil and Fade block complex have been added. Fade block complex is Nexxus organic proprietary formula to maintain colour vibrancy five times longer. One of the ways it works is by blocking UV from reaching your hair and bleaching it.

#13. Trader Joe Sulfate Free Shampoo Conditioner

Trader Joe is a very nourishing Spa Shampoo and conditioner pack. It has been enriched with an organic botanical formula. Your hair will be clean and protected by being moisturized and kept free of sulfates. It helps with itchy scalp and puts shine back into your hair.

#14. SLS-Free & Phthalate-Free Vegan Shampoo

This shampoo is 100% compatible with a vegan lifestyle. It's completely SLS free and Phthalate Free. It's effective because of the healing botanical ingredients like Acai Berry, and Sunflower Seeds, Jojoba, Aloe Leaf. It's not artificially colored and actually made with real beer. Always a great conversation when someone tells you, your hair smells so good.

#15. Sulfate Free Shampoo Conditoner

Sulfate Free Shampoo Conditoner based on Moroccan oil. Completely free of sulfate, phosphate and parabens. If you have your hair colored it will last longer because of Moroccanoil. The moisturizing shampoo also restores elasticity and contains kerattin fatty acids. Great formula to strenghten weak hair.

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