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Fashion Tips for Women

Updated on September 8, 2013

Latest Fashion Tips for Women

Looking for the latest fashion trends? Here is a list of the most recent summer trends. Featuring sexy boy shirts, drop earrings, and tailored vests - there is so many styles to choose from. With many High Schoolers setting the hottest trends, it quickly follows the real world fashion industry. This means that there is a good chance that the girl who came up with the slit prom dress idea is now styling our society of modeling. Here is a list of the most recent fashion trends coming from trendy Khaki pants to Multi-strap dresses worn in the club or modeling agencies around the world.

Vests are for Women too!

Cropped Vests add an elegant, business like appeal. Flattering for women with a smaller bust size, these snug fitting vests are sure to turn heads. If you want to accentuate your waist this summer / spring - you can wear beneath it with your favorite blouse. Why not add a leather belt, with a matching pair of boots for your outfit?

Bringing Polka Dots back!

Who says Polka Dots are past tense? You can certainly slip into a comfortable Polka Dot dress during hot Summer days. Current fashion trends feature under dress lacing and top ruffles like in this picture. These dresses are wonderful for wearing with flip flops, along with a white pearl necklace. Vintage is still popular for younger women, and more popular for older folks as well.

Boy shorts & Heels

Show off your legs for the warmer days! An off the shoulder shirt along with short shorts is definitely a trendy outfit for casual days out on the town or even parties. To pull off trends like these, make sure you get out a pair bright colored heels. You'll draw more attention to your legs this way.

The Ebony Dinner Dress

Black dresses are popular among all women. Nights are especially preferred by this fashion trend. In most clubs, you are sure to see women of 2010 adorned in the above little black dress. Add some flattering gold earrings along with a long necklace to match the attire. In this day and age, you'll see many fashion models with the sexy side slit to reveal some leg. You can wear your dress to casual dinner, at the office, a day out and just about anywhere is appropriate!

Fashion Tips for Women

Show off your Playful, girly side!

You notice all the girls in the 1850's would wear many floral dresses. Most fashion tips for women include floral. They are widely popular for these patterns. They are elegant, soft, and add a feminine touch. While wearing this with a light coral lipstick, you'll be confident to catch his attention from across the room. If you wish, stop by some small clothing shops and pick up a wide brimmed hat to complete the look!

Fashion Tips for Women - Essential Jackets

One of the current trends women like are button-up jackets. These types of jackets have a professional look to them without having to wear a suit. You could also opt for trench coats in the Winter. They have trench coats that are made of faux fur on the inside to keep you warm. Other trench coats include gold buttons which make it look very fancy. Take a look at some of the coats and jackets they have online to get an idea of what they have.


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