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Wear Simple Summer Collection For Women Clothing Tips

Updated on July 5, 2013

Comfortable Fabrics For Simple Summer Outfit

There are many types of summer collection for women clothing that are flattering for ladies to wear in summer season. If you cannot sew, then you will be able to get a ready to wear summer outfits from your local fashion outlets. But if you can make your own clothes or you are a dressmaker, you can make yourself some beautiful summer wardrobe.

Some types of fabrics are suitable for hot weather or to wear during summer holiday. Fabrics such as voile, soft cottons, lawn, and cheese clothes are very comfortable and cool to the body in warm season. Any plain or printed sand washed silk and microfiber polyester do not crease and you you can wash them easily. These kind of fabrics are used to make lovely dressy summer collection such as evening wear.

You can use soft linen to make the tops, short or long sarong skirts or women dress, but you should know that linen can crease easily although they look glamorous. You will need some fastener such as hook and eye for the top and dress, a matching sewing thread, the type of fabric that is suitable to sew summer dress, the size of the interfacing and zips for the top and dress.

Clothing For Summer Collection 2013

You can create your own summer women collection for 2013 by getting the patterns for these great clothing:

Summer Dress

You can use crispy fabric to sew your summer dress instead of the one that can drape. You can choose a strong color for any sundress with straps.

Long Sarong Skirt with Top and Jacket

Use cotton voile to make the long sarong skirt and a fluid polyester to make the summer jacket and top. To wear these separates and look fashionable, you can use plain colors to sew the jacket and top, and then get a print fabric material that has strong color for the sarong.

Short Sarong Skirt And Top

Create your own summer collection by wearing a short sarong skirt just above the knee to make a flattering summer outfit.

These women summer collection can make a flexible wardrobe for your summer holiday wear. The wardrobe will contain a shoulder ties dress, a top, an easy jacket and a summer sarong skirt that you can sew in two lengths, either short or long skirt. You will have to neaten the jacket sleeves with bands and band edge to the front of the jacket.

You can slit the side of the jacket to create lovely side edge for the jacket. The dress and tops can have tie straps, side bust darts and possibly zip closures for the center back. For the sarong skirts, you can make a tie to fasten at the side of the skirt.

Women Summer Clothes Pattern Pieces And Pattern Views

If you don't want to wear already sewn summer outfits, you can make your own to fit you. This is the way your pattern pieces that you will use to sew your summer clothes will look:

Dress Pattern Pieces

These are the pattern pieces for the summer dress:

  • Front of the dress and top
  • Back of the dress and top
  • Shoulder ties
  • Front facing for dress and top
  • Back facing for dress and top

Women Jacket Pattern Pieces

  • Front side of the jacket
  • Back side of the jacket
  • Band for the jacket front
  • Sleeve band

Skirt Pattern Pieces

  • Right front of the skirt
  • Left front of the skirt
  • Back of the skirt
  • Tie for the skirt
  • Loop for the skirt

These are the pattern views:

The jacket front, back side slits, center back seam and front edging band. The dress front and back, the top front, top back, side slits for the top, shoulder ties and back center zip for top and dress. You can also see the skirt front and back as well as the loop, as well as the cutting line to make a short skirt and tie fastening.


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