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Summer Dress Trends That Sizzle

Updated on April 29, 2018

Summer Dresses are so on trend for this summer. There not only great looking, very comfortable, they're so fashionable.

Article By Sharon Stajda

It's time to have a look at dresses, and what will be trendy on trend for next summer. Dresses continue to be popular, and very much on trend. for the summer of 2017

Summer is here, that means warm weather, and perhaps you're thinking about sprucing up your summer wardrobe? Do you have a special occasion to attend or maybe a couple outdoor cookout you will be going to this summer? If so, think of wearing a stylish dress to that summer event.

Are you the type of woman that loves to be on trend? If so, you may want to consider adding a couple new summer dresses to your wardrobe. This summer dresses are one of the absolute hottest trends in fashion. Plus, styles are so fabulous this season. The sheath style is big, as well as the A-line, and the belted shirtwaist has also resurfaced in a big way. The trend in skirt length this summer is friendly, so to say. You will see lots of longer length. Designers have worked hard to take care of us ladies that like a bit of a longer hemline.

In regards to color, I have listed the five very hottest colors just below. I have to say, there is a wide range of colors this season, something for everyone. Stripes and floral prints have held on for another season, and don't seem to be going anywhere fast. "Which I love, that means I can get another summer season out of last summers dresses."

The Classic white sundress is as always hot and seems to never go out of style, and this summer you will see lots of white dresses on the racks. So, if you love the classic look of a white fashion, you're in luck this season.

Let's talk Maxi! The maxi dress is the absolute hottest trend! The maxi sundress is not only comfortable but so stylish, this season the maxi reigns supreme when it comes to dresses. Keep in mind, Maxi's are not only be worn as casual attire but for dressier occasions too.

Hey, all of you older more mature women, and plus size gals, do you think due to your age you can't pull off a fashionable dress? Well, you are totally wrong. I have added some great tips just for you. Tips that will have you wearing dresses all summer long!

You Just Have To Check Out The Back View

Pretty In Pink

This flowing pink summer sundress is fabulous, chic, and versatile. Dress it up for a special occasion or add the perfect pair of sandals for a luncheon with friends. First Lady Melania chose this soft flowing pink dress to host the egg toll on the White House lawn.

The 5 Hottest Colors This Summer...

Summer finally here! Hey, with the warmer temperatures that come with summer, also comes new fashion trends and new fabulous colors. Time for you to sizzle in the hottest hues that will rock spring/summer runways. Check out the 5 hottest colors that you will be sure to find on all the racks this season. You can't go wrong this summer in a fabulous dress all done up in one or more of the fabulous on-trend colors.

1. Black

2. White

3. Pastels in all shades

4. Mint Green

5. Coral with a pink undertone

How About A very Mellow Yellow Dress ?

Do you have a"sunny personality, and love mini dresses? If you are lucky enough to be blessed with such a personality, you might want to pick up a yellow dress. Choose a solid yellow or maybe a pattern that has tons of yellow in the pattern.

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Wonderful Coral Sundress

Find A Perfect Coral dress At Amazon

So, you love coral. The racks this summer are full of dresses all done up in coral, from light coral to some warm darker coral shades. I am sure you will have a ball choosing the right coral shade just for you.

Tangerine It's So Sweet !

Pick Yourself A Tangerine

Oh, My! The color tangerine this season is one of the brightest shades of orange you could imagine. I think the color is perfect for a dress. They see you coming and going!

So Many Cute Patterns In Sundresses This Summer...

There are so many great patterns to choose from in dresses this summer. They're fresh, and some pretty sassy!

Kelly Green ...So Bright, and So On Trend...

Yes, believe it or not, Kelly Green has been reborn... Kelly green is a bit of a throwback to the 1060's. However it is a refreshing color, and maybe its been gone too long? As you can see by the sundresses on sale at Amazon, the designers have done a great job with making some smashing Kelly green sundresses...

Mint Green

You Can't Go Wrong In A Classic White Casual Dress

You a woman that just loves the "classic look" in fashion? If so, play it safe when choosing a new sundress. Plus, A white sundress is very easy to accessorize.

Florals Are Continuing To Hold Their Own For Another Summer Season....

You're going to be very pleased to know that last years big summer floral dress trend, is still going strong! It appears that anything floral is still on trend for this summer So, enjoy all those flowers for another summer season.

Another Classic Spring /Summer Trend, Stripes !


Stripes seem to be hotter this summer than they were last summer. Again, if you're a classic gal, think stripes.

Hot - Hot - And Hotter ! The Maxi Dress

The Maxi Is On Trend

So comfortable, so cute, you just gotta add a maxi or two to your summer wardrobe. Be it a solid, a stripe, a pattern, do yourself a favor next time you go shopping, try on a couple styles of maxi dresses. You're going to love them!

Dresses For The Voluptuous Women

A White Sundress Just Screams Elegance - Is So Classic

Everything Is Coming Up Roses Or Florals

You Really Need To Consider Adding A Maxi Dress Your Summer Wardrobe

Tangerine ! It's The Juiciest Color

I receive so many letters from older women, asking what type of summer dresses best flatter an older woman's figure? I have added a few different looks in dresses just below for all you older gals.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I bought a sundress for the first time in years last summer. So far this years I bought 2 more, so glad dresses are making a comeback.

    • profile image

      johnsonry 5 years ago

      Great lens! It's nice to see also plus size dresses that look simply amazing!

    • profile image

      HopeArcher 5 years ago

      These are really cute. I love sundresses