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Super Techno Watches: Reviews, Quality, Information

Updated on March 12, 2013

If you have stumbled across this very small corner of the vast global internet then there is a good chance that you have done so having seen a watch brand called 'Super Techno' on a major website like eBay, Amazon, or Overstock, or possibly even having seen Super Techno watches being sold on a shopping channel like QVC. You will probably be expecting to find a hugely critical article and a rant about a terrible low quality watch brand, you won't find that here. What you will however find is a criticism of the marketing techniques used to sell Super Techno watches, particularly the huge 'list prices' or 'RRP' which are typically attached to watches by this brand. It is a deceitful marketing tactic which attempts to convince gullible or uninformed shoppers that they are about to get the bargain of the century by buying a watch worth $450 for $80.

I cannot defend Super Techno against that technique, I find it distasteful, although so many low cost brands are adopting that tactic now that it may even be that they feel that they have to create the illusion of fantastic value to generate sales. What I can however defend Super Techno against is the sale prices of their pieces, which actually represent good value for money. If you are being asked to pay $60 for a Super Techno watch with an apparent RRP of $350 then a more likely true retail value would perhaps be $80 to $100, their watches are good quality. In this article I will attempt to tell you more about this new brand, the quality of their timepieces, and discuss whether your money might be better spent elsewhere.

About Super Techno Watches

It is essential that you understand first that Super Techno is not some obscure brand owned by an overseas entity who are attempting to trick you into buying low quality pieces of tack, the brand is actually owned by the hugely popular New York based brand Joe Rodeo who have been established since 1984 and have become one of the biggest designers and manufacturers of contemporary timepieces in America. The brand grew up with the hip-hop movement in the 1980's and their timepieces are now worn by celebrities, hip hop artists, and sports starts across the globe.

Joe Rodeo watches typically start at a couple of hundred dollars but their top lines can go as high as to many thousands of dollars. The one thing that all Joe Rodeo watches have in common, including their Super Techno brand, is that every single piece contains diamonds. Super Techno was launched to enable Joe Rodeo to enter the bottom end of the market without cheapening their primary brand, although the only major difference is that a Super Techno watch will contain a much lower number/karats of diamond than an affordable Joe Rodeo timepiece.

Super Techno Watch Quality & Value for Money

When spending several hundred dollars on a timepiece you should really be looking towards attempting to pick up a timepiece with an automatic self-winding movement, preferably a Swiss-made movement. The next best thing however is a Japanese movement, and despite most Super Techno watches costing less than $50 or $100 these watches use excellent Japanese Quartz movements. Most sub-$100 timepieces, even from the long established and reputable brands, will use cheaper and lower quality Chinese made quartz movements. So there is no doubt that the actual sale prices of Super Techno timepieces are great value for money (assuming that your timepiece is priced significantly less than one hundred dollars). The primary difference between a Super Techno watch and a low end Joe Rodeo timepiece ($100+) is the diamond carat count.

Joe Rodeo have long employed a very simple pricing strategy, the more diamonds the more you pay. Super Techno watches tend to have 0.10 carats of diamonds in men's watches and 0.08 carats of diamonds in women's watches. If you want a diamond watch and you don't want to spend much money then very small diamonds is what you will get, although higher end Joe Rodeo timepieces also tend to use Swiss movements. Some popular low cost Super Techno timepieces are linked immediately below. I would also recommend checking out my article dedicated to the best diamond watches for men under $100, and if you don't necessarily have to buy a diamond watch then consider checking out the best watches for men under $100.

Top Rated Super Techno Men's Watches

The current top five rated Super Techno watches for men on, the brands biggest marketplace, are linked immediately below. Reviews of Super Techno watches have generally been very good, with consumers appreciating the fact that despite the obvious misleading sales tactics (claiming an RRP of many times the true value) the price that they pay is extremely good value for money. I suggest checking out the five watches linked below and also heading over to Amazon to see all Super Techno watches for men.

Super Techno Women's Watches

Super Techno also produce a wide range of diamond watches for women, these typically contain 0.08 carats of diamond, you can see all Super Techno watches for women here.


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