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Swimsuit / swimwear – which bikini flatters your body the most?

Updated on November 8, 2011

Most women are afraid of summer because they are not confident about wearing a swimsuit. Women want to look perfect for every situation. While it is fairly easy to look beautiful in your daily life with some effort, the swimsuit will typically reveal what you want to hide. It is somewhat unforgiving because it doesn't cover a lot of your body. This hub talks about how to look your best by picking the type of swimsuit that will flatter your body the most. So don't miss the summer fun and look your best on the beach!

Big Bust – Lots of support is needed for a big busted girl. Thick straps and full coverage tops are what you need when choosing the appropriate type of swimwear. If you are going for a two piece bikini, the top piece needs to support the breasts well. Avoid top bikini styles like small bikini tops, strapless styles and those with very skinny straps.

Small Bust – You have to create the illusion of bigger bust by wearing a padded bikini top. The ones that tie at your neck can squeeze breasts together and create the illusion of bigger busts. These two things can help your breasts look a lot fuller.

Hourglass – You are very lucky because most bikini will look good on you. You have the freedom to change out your style every summer!

Straight up and down (boy like figure or athletic with little or no curves) – Like those with small busts, you want to accentuate your breasts with a padded top that ties at the neck. For your bottom piece, you should choose one with a metallic ring. Any bright color embellishments at the hips is highly recommended. They can make the hips look wider. Another thing with athletic body is to choose solid colors. It is also important to wear contrasting colored swimsuits (to your skin) to make your body look curvier. For example, those with light colored skin should avoid light or pastel colors. Darker skinned women should avoid darker colored bikini.

Pear shaped – you want to hide your hips to create a more hourglass like figure. Choose a bottom with a skirt or boy shirts to hide this part of your body. You can choose different colors for top and bottom. For the top piece, go with a brighter color to draw the eyes up while a darker color on the bottom will hide those hips.

Apple shaped – Your shoulders are slightly bigger than the hips. That makes your upper body look larger. You have to make your hips pop by wearing a bottom piece with a gold ring that draw attention to the hips. As for the top, thick straps will make your upper body appear narrower. The tankinis work well for your body.

On the larger side – For those that are on the larger side all over, it is good to choose a one piece bikini. Lots of one piece bikini have tummy control that can help slim down your tummy. This is very good for those that are particularly concerned about their belly area. It is also important to remember not to wear big flower or other bold patterns because it will make your body look even larger than it already is. Stick with darker colors.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 4 years ago

      lovely models and nice suits.

    • amandasmart2011 profile image

      amandasmart2011 6 years ago from Sanibel, FL

      I couldn't agree with these tips more. Another help in choosing the best swimwear for your body type is a Smart Sizing feature, like the one featured on Aqua Beachwear's site. It can help you compare swimwear styles and cuts that would match perfectly with your measurements and shape. Just another helpful tip to throw out there :)

    • bell du jour profile image

      bell du jour 6 years ago from Ireland

      Very useful hub, its amazing the difference it makes to find the right swimsuit for your body shape. Thanks for sharing, voted up :-)